In-Depth ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk Review

Are you looking to better your life, your energy, and overall work ethic? Have you ever wondered how you could do so without interrupting your day to day lifestyle? What if we told you there was actually a very simple solution you could invest in to help you stay productive, less sleepy, and more motivated throughout work?

The ApexDesk Elite Series standing desk is one of a kind, easy to use electric stand up desk that is chic in design and stands out against the rest of the competition. Not to mention the decent price tag has really caught some eyes of those in the industry, including the consumer.

The ApexDesk brand is a very well known company in the stand-up desk industry, it’s a very reliable brand that puts quality over quantity. We’ll be going over an in-depth review of the ApexDesk Elite Series, including the features it comes with and what people are saying.

This brand does offer many different models, but because the Elite standup desk is one of the highest-rated products in the market, we just had to give you the rundown on this product to really give you the insight you need when it comes to this brand and what it has to offer you.

When reading through this article, we hope to give you the tools needed to show you if this product will fit in with your lifestyle. We’re here to help you better understand this product so you can make an informed investment that really works for you and what you want out of your work experience.

After you read through this walkthrough, let us know what you think about this product. Do you see yourself using this particular model yourself?

You Might Like The ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ If…

  • You want an effortless electric standing desk: This standing desk is ideal for those who are in the market for an easy to use electric standing desk where you don’t have to rely on cranks or manual labor to change the height of the desk.
  • You want a larger desktop: This specific product has a much larger desktop than other standing desks, you’ll have enough room to lay your work out in front of you and work however you want to.
  • You want stability & quality hardware: If you want a reliable product, this 71″ elite series makes sure to use the very best hardware so you won’t have to worry about the product shaking back and forth as you use it.
  • You want easy assembly: This product is extremely easy to put together, it can be assembled in less than 45 minutes. As soon as it’s fully put together the electronics will be functional and you can start being more productive each day.
  • You want to boost productivity: Introducing a stand-up desk into your life will encourage you to be more productive and energized throughout the day as you already most likely know if you know anything about the benefits of standing desks.
  • You want an ergonomic desktop: One of the highlighted features of the ApexDesk elite 71″ is the fact that it does have an ergonomic desktop so it flows with your body.

You Might Not Like The ApexDesk Elite If…

  • Want to not deal with assembly: Because this desk does have to be assembled, if you’re looking for something that’s a bit easier, this might not be the choice for you.
  • You are extremely tall or short: The elite series desk does not have many options in terms of the adjustability, which should be kept in mind if you’re below 5’2 or taller than 6’0.
  • You don’t want to replace your sitting desk: If you rather have a more practical stand up an attachment that you can use with your desk you already own, this will not be the best choice for you.
  • You want a cheaper alternative: This desk is quite pricey which is to be expected with many stand up desks, but if you’re not ready for this investment, we wouldn’t advise this purchase.

ApexDesk Elite 71″ Product Overview

A great standard desk that has the capabilities of converting from a sit-down position to a standing position with an easy touch of a button. 71″ of desk space where it’s large enough to accommodate dual monitors and your laptop.

The shape of the desk makes it more ergonomic, allowing you to go towards the center of the table, and no crossbar on the frame, allowing you to place an exercise bike/treadmill if you desire so.

Colors available Yes
Dimensions 71″ W x 33″ D
Height Adjustment 29″ to 48″ (at 1.3″/second)
Lifting Capacity 225 lbs
Product weight
160 lbs
Comes with memory or standard.
Two years on moving parts – motors and control box. Five years on all other parts.
Where to buy

ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ Product Features

Motorized Steel Frame

This product comes with a heavy-duty motorized steel frame that helps to stabilize the desk so it won’t shake and wobble around while you’re working. It helps with the smooth height adjustment as well, ensuring that your electronics will be safe and unharmed when you adjust the height of the desk.

Custom Colors

This desk comes in six different colors to ensure that you’re going to have a desk that really matches the decor of whatever environment it’s existing within. This product will blend in seamlessly with any environment without distractions or taking up any more space than a typical desk.

Ergonomic Tabletop

The ApexDesk 71″ tabletop is carved in a way that will flow with the natural position of your body when sitting at the desk. It’s crafted to make you feel more comfortable, while also being much closer to the desk so you won’t feel awkward or far away from your workspace when standing or sitting at this desk.

The high-quality products used in the ApexDesk elite series ensure that not only will the tabletop last for years to come, but so will the electronics within this product.

Overall, we’ve really enjoyed this very simple touch in the design, it’s simple, yet holds a huge purpose that many other stand up desks don’t actually include in their ergonomics. We believe this is why so many people have enjoyed this product so much.

Electronic Controller

The electronic controller has a size button programmable controller, where four of them is a customizable preset. This allows multiple desk heights per the user’s desire.

Two other buttons are the manual up and down, where you can easily adjust.

This provides an easy and convenient way of switching from sit to stand throughout the day.

ApexDesk Elite 71″ Video Review

Final Thoughts of the ApexDesk Elite Series

The ApexDesk brand and their Elite product line works best for individuals who want something a bit more streamlined with the easy to use electronics built in without adding any bulk. If you’re looking for a desk that perfectly blends in with any work space, this is a great product for you to choose from.

We hope we were able to give you the tools you need with this research to help you find a worthwhile product that works for you and your lifestyle. Let us know your thoughts! We’d love to know if you think this product would work for you.

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