Best Under Desk Treadmill for Losing Calories While Working

It’s tough to stay active during work hours, especially when you’re always busy on your computer. But technology nowadays has gone a long way so you’ll be able to stay active more frequently, due to the invention of the under desk treadmill. These are small treadmills that go “under the desk,” hence the name.

We’ve gone through and research some of the best selling under table treadmills to give you a better understanding and hopefully provide you better options.

What is an Under Desk Treadmill?

An under desk treadmill is a more compact treadmill than your typical larger format treadmills that you find at the gym. These larger formats have armrests where you can rest your arms while running and jogging. The control panel is larger as well and is attached to the treadmill. On the other hand, the under desk treadmill does not have a larger control panel nor does it have armrests. Its a lot smaller, and it’s controlled by a smaller remote console that you can place on your desk, and the treadmill itself is small enough to be placed under your desk, hence the name.

Best Under Desk Treadmill 2022

Titan Fitness Under Desk Treadmill

Best Affordable & Overall Under Desk Treadmill

  • Affordable under desk treadmill, under $600.
  • Overall width: 25-inches, Overall length: 65-inches
  • Belt width: 18-inches, Belt length: 53-inches
  • 8-inch total height
  • Max speed 4 mph
  • Max user weight 250 lbs
  • Weighs 114 lbs
  • Step up height: 6″

Rebel Desk Under Table Treadmill 1000

Runner Up Under Table Treadmill

  • Overall width: 24-inches, Overall length: 63-inches
  • 10-inch total height
  • Max weight of 250 lbs
  • Retain stats for up to 20 minutes after stop walking
  • Step up to 4.5″ height
  • Max speed 2 mph

LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

Best Under $1000 Priced Under Desk Treadmill

  • Overall width: 28.5-inches, Overall length: 63-inches
  • Belt width: 20-inches, Belt length: 50-inches
  • 7.25-inch total height
  • Max speed 4 mph
  • Max user weight: 350 lbs
  • Step up height: 4.6″

Desk Advisor’s Under Desk Treadmill Ratings

These devices can be expensive, and we understand that pricing can be a big factor in determining whether one should get the treadmill or not. In addition to this, we also used other criteria in our rating system to find the best overall value:

  • Motor
  • Noise
  • Space
  • Console and controller
  • Customer Ratings
  • User weight capacity
  • Warranty & Customer Service

Benefits of Using an Under Desk Treadmill

There are many benefits of using a treadmill while working. First and foremost, it gets you up and walking without leaving your important work behind. This already gets into an active lifestyle. But here’s a list of important reasons why walking is beneficial:

  • Regularly walking can help stop metabolic syndrome and even reverse the damage. However, the intensity is the key to revving up your metabolism. When using the treadmill, try to use max speed when you can.
  • Regularly walking on a treadmill can help boost mood and increase your happiness. A university hospital study shows that walking relieves depression.
  • Walking can also help you be more productive and creative. It helps promotes new connections between brain cells, increases memory, and stimulates the growth of new neurons. A Standford study shows a 60% increase in creativity.
  • Regularly walking can also improve posture and removes any undue pressure exerted on joints and muscles.
  • Walking also helps with blood circulation.

There are plenty of more health benefits when walking, these are just some that we think are important to your day to day lifestyles. We hope that some of these benefits will help you consider in doing more regular walks, whether it’s on a treadmill or a stroll around the building.

How to use an under table treadmill desk

When using an under desk treadmill, it is best to pair with a standing desk converter or an adjustable standing desk. Working while walking will help with your active lifestyle, and prevent you from being stuck in a sedentary state.

It’s recommended that you walk 1-2 mph while working. Of course, if its too easy and you want to challenge yourself, you can increase the speed. Keep in mind, most of these treadmill desks can only go up to 4 mph, and this is speed walking.

If you start increasing your speed, be cautious that you might start sweating, and for some, this might not be ideal.

Use comfortable shoes that won’t damage the belt, also it will affect your posture and help prevent any aches in the future.


Can you run on these under the table treadmills?

These under desk treadmills are not built for running. They don’t have the stability or the quality for the constant press and push on the platform. The highest speed these treadmills go is 4 mph. This speed is usually just a brisk walk.

Do treadmill desks work?

Depends on what your goal is. If your goal to get shredded and lose lots of weight, there are alternative methods to doing so. But if your goal is to stay active while working, then yes, these under-desk treadmills do in fact work, and that is what these are built for.

Is it safe?

Although it might take a little bit getting used to, walking while working on the computer, these machines are safe to use and be quiet in the office.

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