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When it comes to exercising, it can be dreadful for busy people. Time and time again, you’ll hear excuses from peers that “there’s not enough time in the day.” Introducing the best under-desk bikes! These innovative exercising machines can be placed under the hard-working individual and start exercising throughout their busy lives! You’ll be able to now multitask and make sitting all day less deadly.

Yes, we’ve heard that sitting all day is the new smoking, but now, if you’re the type of person that is always caught up with work that says that you don’t have time or energy to squeeze in some exercise, an under table exercising machine is perfect for you.

Ergonomic chairs with lumbar support and footrests are relaxing and comfortable, but it does not take away the dangers of sitting all day. This led people to come up with standing desks. It is an excellent alternative to a traditional desk with a string of health benefits. However, it loses its appeal after a few days when people get tired of staying on their feet.

This gave rise to the bicycle desk exercise equipment called, an under-desk bike. It benefits people addicted to multitasking and health buffs who want to stay active at work. You can now stay fit from your seat using a desk bike.

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Best Under-Desk Bike

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Best Overall Under Desk Bike

  • Has adjustable legs and bicycle pedals for under desk – set the maximum pedal height to 10 inches, or drop it down to 9 inches to give you more desk clearance.
  • Uses a larger LCD display with six-functions. 
  • Great for general exercise and physical therapy.
  • Very smooth and quiet magnetic resistance so you can pedal quietly without disturbing your coworkers or family members.
  • The DeskCycle-2 will work at a desk as short as 27 inches. Persons over 5’10” will need a taller desk.
  • Uses a wide resistance range with 8 resistance levels – More than twice the resistance range of the other pedal exercisers.
  • 8 calibrated resistance settings.

The full DeskCycle Bike review

MagneTrainer Mini Under Desk Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

Best Desk Peddler For Legs or Arms

  • Sturdy, compact, and lightweight exerciser for both arms and legs.
  • Dual pulley, touch-free magnetic resistance, 7 precision sealed bearing, a smooth pedal motion that is beneficial for the joints, LCD display that shows calorie burned, time, and distance, stepless resistance dial that can be set to any level that you prefer, and more.
  • Physical therapists recommend MagneTrainer not only for its wide resistance range but also for its bidirectional feature.
  • Users can use to pedal forward and backward to help build muscle.
  • The lifespan desk bike can last you a very long time.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Under Desk Bike

Best Battery-Operated Under Table Bicycle Exerciser

  • You can take control of your workout by setting the right intensity through its 8 levels micro tension knob and track your progress through the digital display.
  • Compact and portable magnetic stationary bike that works for upper and lower body.
  • The digital monitor has a convenient scan mode if you want to save and repeat your previous settings and continue calculations.
  • It has a maximum user weight of 220 lbs and runs on AA batteries.

Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Mini Under Desk Exercise Bike

Best Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike with Non-Skid Mat

  • The pedals are foldable, and the straps are adjustable to prevent users from slipping while pedaling.
  • The multi-function LCD monitor shows calories burned, distance, cycles, time, and total repetitions.
  • There is no assembly required, and it operates on a typical 220 V with a low power consumption of 6.5W.
  • Built-in handle allows easy portability so you can just plug and play whenever and wherever you want

Platinum Fitness Folding Under Desk Exerciser Leg Machine

Best Foldable Mini Stationary Bike

  • It features a user-friendly LCD display that provides accurate feedback of your workout sessions.
  • Pedal movement is smooth and quiet.
  • The pedals have a powder coated finish that is easy to clean, integrated pedal straps, and non-marking foot pads.
  • Use anchor strap to keep your pedaler in place and prevent it from sliding as you workout.

Merax Mini Under Desk Bike Portable Arm and Leg Exerciser

Best Runner Up Under Desk Bike With Large Digital LCD Screen

  • Can be used for both arms and legs.
  • It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance that you can control through the knob to either intensify or decrease the impact of exercise.
  • You can monitor your workouts in real-time using the large LCD display.
  • This magnetic mini exercise bike is compact and lightweight.

Vive Pedal Under Desk Exerciser

Best Runner Up Under Desk Bike With Large Digital LCD Screen

  • The bike displays the RPM, time, speed, distance and calories burned with the touch of a button.
  • It comes with non-slip rubber feet so your pedal exerciser can stay in place on any surface, including any tabletop, carpet or hard floor surfaces.
  • Offers a low profile design that keeps the under desk bike exerciser from wobbling and sliding while in use.
  • You can easily adjust the resistance level with turning a knob.
  • It is compact and designed to be 12.5” high, easily fitting under a desk or in a cubicle.

Vaunn Medical Under Desk Exerciser For Arms And Legs

Best Affordable Under Desk Bike for Physical Therapy Use

  • Built with stability and practical functionality in mind. It is made with high-quality triple-layered chrome-plated heavy-duty steel.
  • Offers low impact exercise helps in muscle toning and strengthening of the joints during physiotherapy.
  • The adjustable strap can accommodate shoe/feet size with a circumference less than 9 inches.
  • You can adjust the tension based on your therapy requirements just by turning the knob clockwise for increased tension, and counter-clockwise for decreased tension.

Benefits of an Under-Desk Bike

Exercising while sitting is not the same as getting your whole body pumped up in the gym or when you go out for a run. However, it is still some form of exercise that will do your body some good. Here are some of the benefits of exercising while sitting.

  • Even the mildest form of exercise can reduce stress, improve focus, and promote positive mood. This is why some schools are putting desk bikes in the classroom for their students.
  • Exercising increases energy improves brain power and memory and boosts creativity.
  • Research shows that exercising at work may improve your productivity and job performance. Most companies know this is either encouraging their employees to take a break for some quick workout or improve the workplace by replacing old-fashioned desks with top-rated adjustable desk converters for standing up. That way, employees can quickly switch from sitting to standing position and even do some quick exercise such as chair pushes and foot alphabet while working.
  • Simple leg lifts while answering emails can improve muscle tone and avoid blood clotting. Walking from your desk to the copy machine several times during your work shift is already enough to keep your blood circulation healthy.
  • It burns calories and helps maintain your weight. Some desk exercise bike even has a monitor that shows you how much calories you burned just by pedaling while sitting.

Exercising while sitting should not replace your trips to the gym. It is not a big calorie burner, but it saves you from the dangers of stillness in sitting for a long time.

How to Choose an Under-Desk Bike – Buyer’s Guide

Adding desk exercise equipment in the workplace keeps you from being sedentary. Even if you are too caught up with work, merely bumping the desk pedals will remind you to move a little to keep you away from the damaging effects of sitting all day.

Finding the best one out there may be a little tough. With all the choices and brands claiming their product is better than others, how do you know the perfect one for you? Here are some factors to consider in choosing a desk cycle.

  1. The size – Do you want something compact and lightweight that would fit your workspace?
  2. The technology – Do you want features like Bluetooth or capability to sync with your Fitbit?
  3. Essential features – Do you need something adjustable or something that is already attached to a standing desk?
  4. Color and style – Is the one you are eyeing for fits the look of your workspace?
  5. The price – How much are you willing to spend on a desk bike?

To help you out, here are our top picks for the best under-desk cycling bikes available in the market today.

Under Desk-Bike FAQs

Does under desk bike work?

Yes. If you’re looking to stay active and burn calories, then an under desk bike definitely works, especially if you’re a busy person and can’t leave your desk. But it will depend on your will power. Only you can determine how many calories or how active you will be at a desk.

Just like going to the gym, without actually going, you’ll need to put in actual work get the results you want.

Is the under desk bike better than an under-desk elliptical?

Both are great workout equipment that you can use for the office, however, they both differ in working out different muscle groups. But aside from working out different muscles, they both equally keep you active throughout the day.

How long should I bike for?

If you’re trying to go for weight loss, then biking for 60 minutes a day is the perfect amount, five times a week. But when you’re starting out, try to bike 30-45 minutes and then kick up a notch to 60 minutes. You don’t need to do all 60 minutes in one sitting, you can break it up, but if you can do it without stopping, more power to you!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. If you want to have greater health benefits and your goal is to lose weight, then double your aerobics to 300 minutes per week!

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