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If you’re trying to upgrade your workspace, then having a monitor arm is a great investment. It’s not too costly but will be an effective way for productivity and comfortability. There are plenty of benefits when using a monitor arm, which we’ll discuss later. This article we’ll be going over the best monitor arms, and computer desk mount, and will cover from single to quad arms, premium, and budget-friendly, based on our research and other user reviews. We hope that you’ll find this article informative.

Why Use a Monitor Arm?

Using a monitor arm can provide many benefits to your desk setup. It can help eliminate clutter and provide more surface area for your office desk by holding up your monitors. Another purpose for a monitor arm is to make your monitor adjustable so you can have sit properly and have a more ergonomic work environment. Having multiple monitor arms can be another benefit feat.

Best Monitor Arms

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Arm

Best Overall Dual Monitor Arm

  • Simple dual monitor arm back by Amazon support.
  • Easily adjustable arm – can tilt, swivel, and raise monitors to your liking.
  • Cable-management system keeping all LCD monitor cables tucked neatly under the arm for safe use and a tidy appearance.
  • Can hold monitors up to 27″, but have used it up to 34″ (I’ve seen other people use up to this size as well).

EleTab Dual Monitor Arm

Runner Up Dual Monitor Arm

  • Holds up to 32″ monitor size with a max weight of 19.8 lbs each arm.
  • Max height of 19.8″ and max extension of 23.8″, perfect for any study desks.
  • Sleek design, will look great with any workspace.
  • Easily reduce or increase the tension of each arm so it doesn’t swivel out of control.
  • Can customize your monitor setup in many different ways.

VIVO Dual Monitor Arm

Budget Friendly Dual Monitor Arm

  • An easy to use, best monitor arms for the value.
  • Height can be adjusted along the center pole.
  • Can fit screens up to 27″ in size and 22 lbs on each arm.
  • Is compatible with VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm backside mounting holes.
  • Very heavy duty material to keep your monitors in place.
  • Arms can be adjusted 90-degrees tilt, 180-degrees swivel, 360-degrees rotation.

Varidesk Full Motion Dual Monitor Arms

Best Premium Dual Monitor Arms

  • Ability to have a full 360 degree motion.
  • Can stack monitors vertically or horizontally.
  • Fully adjustable monitor arms
  • A great addition to the Varidesk standing desk.
  • Backed by a strong company with warranty and customer support.

Mount-it! Triple Monitor Arm

Best Overall Triple Monitor Arm

  • Keeps you connected within reach with the integrated USB and audio ports.
  • Center arm’s height can’t be adjusted.
  • Full motion versatility on the two monitor arms.
  • Compatible with VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounts.
  • Ability to hold up to 22 lbs on each arm.
  • Perfect for a gaming desk so you can add more of your USB powered tech.

Monitor Arm Buying Guide

Stand vs Clamp

  • Stand – Freely places on your desktop while holding your monitors. Usually, the weight is placed on the base of the monitor mount. This type of monitor mount can be a little scary, but it is very secure. Sometimes you’ll have to ensure that your monitor isn’t placed far from the base of mount because it relies on the center of gravity to keep it in place.
  • Clamp – Uses screws to clamp on the edge of your desk to keep it secure. These are more secure because you won’t have to worry too much about knocking over the monitor stand, however, this type of monitor arm can scratch the edge of the desk as it is using it to counterbalance the monitors. One way to prevent scratching is to add some type of cloth when securing it.

Monitor Arm Sizes

Monitor stands come in different sizes:

  • Single
  • Dual
  • Triple
  • Quad

The most are the quad monitor stand which you’ll be able to hold up four monitors at the same time. Most people only need a monitor mount that can hold two monitors. The more monitors, the more expensive the mount becomes because it requires more strength to hold up a heavy load.

Monitor Arms with Keyboard Holder

There are monitor arms that also come with a keyboard tray, that you may want to look into. We personally don’t like using these types of monitor stands because of how sturdy it is. When you’re typing, you’re causing vibration to the monitor, and you’re putting extra weight to the arm.

One of the biggest benefits of using this type of monitor mount is space saving. Sometimes you’ll need to use this if you don’t have room on your desk and need that extra space for other work. There are variations of this type in dual and triple arms:

Dual monitor stand with keyboard and desk tray

Triple monitor stand with keyboard tray

Our Best Monitor Arm Ratings

When deciding the best monitor arms, we’ve gone through these criteria:

  • Sturdy – when going through the top monitor stands on the market, we want to make sure that it’s sturdy and secure so it won’t topple over or fault on the arm joints because it’s holding up very expensive equipment.
  • Movement of the Arm – How flexible is the monitor arms, and if it can move your monitors in desired positions for better ergonomics and viewing.
  • User Reviews – How are people liking the monitor mount? We’ve read through other reviews and compared them to our testings.
  • Customer Service – Is there anyone behind the monitor arms? Will there be any support if something breaks?

We’ve considered some of these in order to determine the top monitor stands on the market, and how it can affect your buying decision.

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