Best Ergonomic Children’s Desk and Chair Set – Parents Buyer’s Guide

Not only is it important for adults to have ergonomic support when working at their desk, but it’s equally as important for children to have a workspace that provides the needed support that encourages focus, creativity, and positive health.

In many cases, we don’t always think of our children spending a long amount of time at a desk. However, as parents, it’s quite normal to not always consider the benefits for children of having proper workspace even if they don’t spend long hours at it.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best kids desk and chair set. Keep in mind that these setups are normally for kids under teenage years, they’re great for those starting to do homework, or even at an earlier stage to get them used to it. If you’re looking for desks that are for older kids, check out this list of teenage study desks.

Best Adjustable Kids Desk Set

VIVO – Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set

Best Overall Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set

  • Storage drawer that’s easy to use
  • Adjustable chair to avoid bad posture
  • 1″ tilt stopper preventing from fingers being pinched
  • High-quality materials used to help with support of the product
  • The product can grow with your child
  • Can convert from sitting to standing
  • Recommended for ages 3-10

Bottom Line: Ergonomically designed from a trusted brand that specializes in the specifications of desks and how they affect our health.

By creating a workspace that is simple without any distractions you can rest assured that your child will be able to focus on their homework or any other activity they might be doing at their desk. The tilting desktop will also encourage better posture and more range of their sight when working on any project.

This children’s desk and chair set is very adjustable so you won’t have to waste money by replacing this workspace year after year. You’ll also be able to store any supplies for your kid in the large storage drawer as well, making it easy to clean up. You also won’t have to worry about your child’s hands or fingers being pinched in any of the hinges due to the tilt stoppers that help your child stay safe.

ApexDesk – Soleil DX 43″ Kids Adjustable Desk w/ Shelf & Drawer

Best Runner Up Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set

  • Cushioned chair for added comfort
  • Added shelf for storage and organization
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • All edges are safe for children
  • The product will grow with your child
  • Adjustable desk and tilt feature
  • Can convert from sit to stand
  • The surface will not be damaged easily

Bottom Line: An extremely stable desk with added lumbar support for posture correction. The table also has a shelf for extra surface area and a built-in drawer for storage. The hand crank for this kids study desk allows for easy adjustments.

This particular adjustable children’s desk and chair set are quite a bit heavier than most options on the market, which means assembly might be a bit harder when initially putting this product together, but it will also help with stability later on while your child is using this desk at their workstation. It is a great desk for your kid’s computer too, if your child is old enough to use a computer, but the desk is spacious enough for it if its needed.

With even more stability by adding a crossbar and a drawer, this product has it all when it comes to storage and the support your child needs when doing their homework. The comfortable padded chair also has a very deep lumbar support to promote better posture, while also keeping your child comfortable as they work. This set is also great for those who want an option that is easily adjustable.

This desk set can also come with just the desk as well if you already have a chair you’d like your child to use. This does cut down the price a bit, but it still remains one of the most expensive on this list.

Mecor – Kids desk and chair set with light

Best Compact Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set

  • Compact, great for smaller spaces
  • Available in different colors
  • Comes with a light and book shelf
  • Storage
  • Affordability

Bottom line: Similar to the very popular VIVO brand children’s desk and chair set, but smaller size. Great for those that have smaller space in their bedrooms, or need the extra width of the VIVO set. This set also comes with a light and bookshelf, where your kids can get straight to studying without too much hassle on putting the set together.

An affordable children’s desk and chair set for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money. The table is about 26″ wide, opposed to VIVO’s 31″ wide. This is a great option if you don’t have too much space in your kid’s room.

This children’s desk also comes in three different colors to choose from, blue, pink, and gray. There’s also great storage space where your kids can put their books in with ease.

Mount-it! – The Simple Writing Desk School Workstation

Best Adjustable Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Set

  • Table top can be tilted in 40 degrees for ergonomic purposes.
  • The chair has added ventilation holes.
  • Under table bar for added foot rest.
  • Additional storage under table top.
  • Chair can be raised up to 17″ and desk up to 30″.

Bottom Line: A pretty standard adjustable desk set with foot rest and at a very reasonable price, for those who want something simple and easy to use and fast to adjust for comfort.

Mount-it is a brand that has prided itself on providing kids with a workspace that will motivate them to study and learn. Similar to the compact Mecor desk, this is also great for compact spaces. However, this ergonomic kids desk and chair set has a little different design and can adjust the table top.

This desk grows with your child by making sure that it stays ergonomic and suitable for the child up to nine additional inches that could be used as they get older, this will typically last for up to 3-5 years depending on how fast your child grows.

The solid steel frame keeps this desk from tilting or being uncomfortable with unstable wobbles or movements, this desk is reliable and will last you many years without needing any kind of replacement. Plus there are additional features as well, such as hooks for organizing, a shelf and even a foot rest! Overall, your child will be more healthy and motivated towards their work.

Calico Designs – The Kids Study Zone II with Storage

Best Storage Desk with Adjustable Chair Pair

  • Lots of storage shelves.
  • Great for kids who have a computer.
  • More affordable without lacking quality
  • The chair comes with good lumbar support and is adjustable in height.

Bottom Line: A very sleek and minimal study desk with lots of storage that is modern and is something a growing child would look forward to using.

While offering great back support and stability this desk and chair combination is one of the most modern of the designs on this list, while still offering important features parents and their child will enjoy. Such as ample storage space (great for books so your child can be an arms reach to reading their favorites), the bright color of the design, the matching chair that mimics full size office chairs with fantastic lumbar support, as well as the laminated wood to help protect from spills or and other potential damages.

Overall, this option is one that happens to be at the top of my list simply because of how grown up it looks, so much so that your child will be even more excited to use a proper workspace and be excited for doing homework.

This desk works well for those who are just starting middle school, it will encourage them to focus and will give them a new sense of responsibility. The desk is also big enough for a computer for kids to get them started with technology.

Flash Furniture – Adjustable Children’s School Desk

Best Adjustable School Desk and Chair Set

  • Familiar to school’s typical desk design.
  • Desk and chair can be adjusted in the legs for taller students.
  • Large storage space for books and homework.
  • Additional hooks for backpacks or jackets on the sides of the desk.
  • Features hooks on the side for hanging backpacks and jackets.

Bottom Line: Another modern design, similar to school desks which will offer some familiarity to your child as they grow. This is also an Amazon’s choice product, which speaks volumes about it’s quality.

This student desk is a very standard desk, but because of how sturdy and stable it is, it’s perfect for a child. This desk is very straightforward and does not offer much adjustability except in the legs of the actual desk, but it is a reliable product that works well. If you’re looking for a desk that is very straightforward and offers a great solution to your child’s desk, this could be an option, but if you aren’t sold, we suggest that you look back over other options on this list to see what would work the best for you.

Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the average price of a kids computer and writing desk with chair set that is adjustable to be usable even as they grow up and get older, this typically ranges from anywhere between $150 and $300. There are a variety of options within this industry, so if you are looking for a specific price point you’re most likely going to find it.

Having a good environment where the desk and chair matches can encourage your kids to develop cognitive learning foundation. You children’s desk and chair set can have an impact to the way they want to learn.

You should always look for high-quality hardware no matter what price range you opt for, obviously depending on the price and the brand this will change from product to product, but by providing your child with a stable desk that is reliable for years to come, the more high quality and durable the better.

Just remember to stray away from very high priced products that are just trying to offer design over the actual quality of the product. When buying for my child I want the best this product can offer, these are the features I look for:

  • Adjustable features that will allow your child to grow with this desk for years to come
  • Ergonomic features that will help your child have correct posture.
  • Tilt stoppers to avoid any pinching when it comes to your children’s fingers and hands.
  • Optional storage is always a plus!

Children’s Desk FAQs

Q: Will it fit my child?

A: Depends on which desk and chair set you’re looking into. For the most part, these kids set can go up to their teenage years. Most of our reviews take into consideration of their age, which is why getting an adjustable desk and a chair is great. The table and chair can be adjusted to the kid’s height as they get older, making it comfortable throughout their childhood.

Q: Is it easy to assemble?

A: Most of these products are offered by reputable companies that will come assembled out of the box, or there will be minimal assembly. If you’re used to buying Ikea furniture, then these sets are similar to their process of putting together the furniture.

Q: Will it fit my space?

A: These desk and chair sets do not take up a lot of space. If you have a smaller study room, you can get the Mecor adjustable desk and chair set. The desk sets we have listed in this review is great in size and can fit almost any bedroom or living room space.

Q: Why would I want an adjustable and ergonomic desk?

A: Having an adjustable and ergonomic desk allows you to be comfortable while working. It is beneficial for your body and helps alleviate any strain or tension you have on your shoulders or back. You shouldn’t have to let your kids feel any pain while they’re doing homework. Helping relieve pain can keep your child focused and stay productive, and lower the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Desk Advisor’s Overview

The importance lies in the fact that a healthy positive workspace allows your child to prepare for the correct standards they should hold when working at a desk. The environment that your child is in, can help prepare them for a bright future. A quality workspace is when a child has the proper training in posture from the way a chair and desk should fit for their unique body.

By ensuring you have an ergonomic children’s workspace will positively influence them in the future. You’ll be taking the right steps with your child to make better choices and they’ll be more productive.

This list of the best children’s desk will help you better choose the right option for your kid. Each of these options have their pros and cons and we’ll be going over all of the necessary information so you can make an informed purchase. But keep in mind, these are different than the normal Ikea children’s desk and chair set, and from any other store like Walmart and Target.

Overall, there are many options on the market, so hopefully, this guide helped you figure out what product would work best for your child and their important health! You may also want to check out an adult version of adjustable stand-up desks, this way your kid can look up to you while doing work!

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