8 Best Effective Office Gym Workout Equipments [Buyer’s Guide]

Have you ever wanted to be able to go to work and have your gym there with you? So when you have dreaded downtime you can actually put that time to work and use it to strengthen your body and find the energy you need to keep going throughout the day. Building an office gym is an easy feat if you know what you’re looking for!

Combining your health and your workspace doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. There are many tools you can use to fully turn your office into the gym of your dreams. You won’t even have to pay for a gym membership any more at this rate.

We’ve included a range of office gym equipment that will appeal to a broad range of people, no matter what your fitness level is. These office gym products are ideal for those who want a very well rounded workout routine that really pushes their body to the limits, all the while getting their work done for the day ahead.

We’ve also gone out of our way to include different sizes of equipment, because we know not everyone will be allowed to bring in a huge treadmill desk to the office, so if you’re limited on space and what you can do, you can use the smaller tools to help you take control of your body.

We even wanted to bring you the highest rated, researched, and trusted tools for your health as well, so you can feel comfortable knowing that all of these tools are unique, helpful, high quality, and perfect for any office space you may have.

In this article, we’ll be going over 8 different office gym equipment that you can introduce into your office lifestyle to make sure that you’re putting your health ahead of everything else. These products will motivate you to make use of your downtime and to also focus on how you feel when you’re working throughout the day ahead.

Let’s get started working through this list.

Best Office Gym Equipment

LifeSpan TR1200

Our Choice

Best Treadmill for your Standing Desk

Great way to keep you moving while working long hours at your standing desk

The LifeSpan treadmill desk should be added to every office gym. It is beneficial if you want to increase your daily cardio and do office work at the same time. Not only can you work out on this treadmill, but you can also include dual monitors to work with at the same time.

Because this model has a very large desktop, it makes it very easy to enjoy work without feeling frustrated because you can’t fit everything you need for work on the work surface. But with this product that shouldn’t pose a problem whatsoever.

When you purchase this product, even though it does have a high price tag, it’s a unique desk that really can make a great impact on your health when you use it regularly.

We know it can be hard to find room for this desk in an office, but talk around with people, ask your boss if they could invest in a few for more people to try it and people could pitch in and help bring in this new healthy movement.


  • This product is completely ergonomic and will help you focus more because of how easy this product is to use.
  • There are display readouts that can help you keep track of your fitness level, the distance, calories, and time spend on the machine when working out.
  • This treadmill desk also allows you to sync up your activity by using bluetooth so you can keep track of your stats. It’s very simple and easy to hook up when you receive your product.

Click here to read more about the LifeSpan TR1200.

DeskCycle Exercise Bike

Our Choice

Best Under Table Cycling Bike

If you’re sitting down all day, opt in for a under table cycling bike like the DeskCycle

This product is very popular with almost over 2,000 reviews, averaging this product to be almost 5 stars total, that’s an accomplishment, to say the least! This office gym equipment is ideal for those who want a tool that easily fits right under their desk while their working.

The DeskCycle is perfect, not only because of how small it is, but also because it’s very easy to tune out that you’re working out when you’re using this product, it’s simple to use, but you’ll just be focused on your work in no time.


  • This pedal exerciser has double the resistance levels when it comes to customizing your unique workout routine. You’ll have complete control on what you want from this tool.
  • This product is also very quiet and easy to use, meaning that you won’t disturb people next to you when using this product, no one will even notice in most cases.
  • When you use this product it will also have a display that will show you your speed, time, distance, and calories.

Check out our full review on the Desk Cycle Exercise Bike here.

Cubii Pro

Our Choice

Best Under Desk Bluetooth Powered Elliptical Bike

Perhaps an under desk elliptical is best suited instead of the cycling bike?

The Cubii Pro is another under the desk pedal system that will get your heart rate up and will make you feel energized and focused when you sit at your desk. Just like the exercise bike pedals above, it can be very easy to tune out that you’re doing this kind of exercise in the first place.

The Cubii Pro makes it seem like you’re just focused on working and using your excess energy to pedal away, burning calories and keeping your mind active and focused. This is a fantastic way to feel energized and motivated when it comes to your work.

Not to mention this product is now on sale and has a lower price than most options on the market currently. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews and it can really make a difference in your day to day.

If you want to feel better about yourself and the day ahead of you, you need to look into this amazing option for your fitness and quality of your life overall.


  • This product has bluetooth capabilities so you can get a very accurate reading of your stats on your phone if you keep track of your exercise with fitbit or other fitness tracking tools.
  • Very durable and sturdy to last for years to come, this product will show you that you can go as far as you want to really maximize your workout, perfect for if you want to amp it up when you take a break from work.
  • This product will be very quiet when you use it due to its ergonomic and efficient design. This way you can use this product no matter where you are and no one will be able to hear it. Even if you’re really going as fast as you can, it only whispers, that’s it.

iMovR ZipLift+

Our Choice

Standing Desk with free Anti-Fatigue Mat

Sitting all day long? Try a standing desk that comes with an anti-fatigue mat

This standing desk converter is ideal for those who want something that will support a large number of electronics that won’t wobble or tilt when being used. This safe design is ideal for those who want something cheaper than most models without sacrificing any of the quality.

This design comes with a range of benefits that will help you feel productive throughout your day while offering space for your keyboard and making the adjustment levels very easy to use and quiet.

You may want to check out the best practices of using a standing desk.


  • This desk does not require assembly, it comes together when you order it so you can start using it right away.
  • This product also comes with an anti-fatigue mat as well so you can be comfortable while standing without getting sore.
  • Having a stand up desk has many health benefits, check out our 40 reasons why you should get a standing desk.

Check out our review on the iMovR ZipLift+.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Our Choice

Balance ball to keep your core strong

Instead of an ergonomic chair, try a balance ball, helps with core muscles and posture

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is a great choice for your office gym if you want to have alternative seating that encourages core balance and health. The ball chair is ideal, especially if you already using a regular standard desk, for times where you want to sit and constantly engage your core, this ergonomic chair should be your number one choice.

This product is very easy to use and will encourage your core strength to grow over time when you use this product. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative for sitting, this is a unique and innovative way to really invest in your health without spending a huge sum of money for a great pay off.


  • This product will help you grow your core strength
  • This will help you relax and feel balanced when working
  • This gym equipment will keep you focused

Find more information about the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair.

Bowflex SelectTech

Our Choice

All-in-one dumbbells for the office

Dumbbells that saves space for your home office, 15 different weights to keep you stronger.

If you want a simple pair of dumbbells that bring as much as possible to the office gym, without even taking up that much space, this makes it very possible for you to easily store these tools under your desk out of the way, ready for whenever you want to use them throughout the day ahead.

These Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells can be adjusted by the rings, so these two dumbells are basically 15 different weights in one, making it very easy for you to switch between the kind of exercises you want to do. This will also cut back on how much space they take up, since they all come in two dumbells and that’s all you need!


  • These dumbbells are compact and allow a variety of exercises, they can go between 5 pounds and 52 pounds.
  • The unique dial system is very unique but easy to get use to so you can switch between weights without wasting any time when you take your breaks.

Yoga EVO Straps

Our Choice

Best yoga straps for your office

Set aside some time from your daily work and do some yoga stretches

The Yoga EVO Straps are perfect to store in your desk drawer until you have a break and you can stretch out your joints and muscles.

In addition to the straps, you also get an eBook, video, and carrying bag as well, what a deal! This office gym equipment is relatively cheap so it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re looking to up your yoga game when in the office. You could even use some of the exercises while sitting down in your office chair.

Overall, when you constantly are sat down at your desk all day, being able to stretch out your joints and muscles will help you not only improve your yoga skills but it will also allow you to stretch as if you had someone helping you, which is nearly impossible to do on our own without this strap tool.


  • The best thing about these yoga straps is the fact that anyone can join in. You can use these straps at any age to make you feel younger no matter what your age is.
  • This tool is made out of a special cotton blend that will last for a long time compared to this brands previous models. They listened to their customers and redesigned a powerful tool.
  • You receive over 120 min of professional workouts that you can learn to use with this strap. This is helpful, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what kind of exercises you can do with this.


Our Choice

Premium yoga mat for your office

Eco friendly and no odor yoga mat that you can set it aside in your office

This yoga mat is one of the most popular choices with many people, not only can it be durable for long periods of time for any type of exercise, but it also can be stored away very easily in an office space.

This mat offers very thick memory foam, so you can put on the wear and tear and it won’t falter ever. This mat is also extra long and wide, so it’s perfect for anyone, especially for those who want to be comfortable even when doing stretches other than yoga poses.

If you’re looking for a high quality yoga mat you would be able to store under your desk, this is the most ideal option for you without a doubt.


  • This mat is eco friendly and has no odor. The materials contain no toxic or latex traces whatsoever.
  • You can use both sides of this mat for the ultimate versatility. One side can be used to stick to any smooth surface, while the other side is soft and perfect for training, but you can also flip them as well.
  • This mat is out two times the thickness of a regular yoga mat, which means you’ll always be comfortable and you will be able to practice longer.

Are you ready for your office gym?

What exercise tools will you be adding to your office space with these amazing gym equipment? The products we’ve selected, there’s something for everyone. You can completely customize how you want to work out and you can make your office gym an essential part of your home.

Let us know by commenting or sharing, what pieces of equipment you see yourself using in the future!

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