Best Overbed Table Tray in 2023 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to be able to have a space you can make your own in the bedroom? A place where you can easily work on anything you desire without having to head to your office? This guide will help you find the perfect solution with these overbed tables. We’ll be helping you find the best bedside table for you!

Finding good overbed tables are ideal for the type of individual that always likes to have a workspace within reach, whether it’s a personal project their working on or work you’ve brought home from the office, it all can be amplified in a positive way with this kind of work area.

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or have any kind of condition where you need to be on bed rest the majority of the time, a bedside hospital table is an ideal solution for you that will allow you to have some control back into your life.

In this specific article we’ll be covering the best half overbed tables and best full bedside hospital tables, we’ve included a wide variety so you’re bound to find something you enjoy!

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Best Bedside and Overbed Table Trays

Vaunn Medical

Best Medical Adjustable Bedside Table with Wheels

Vaunn is a very traditional hospital overbed table, perfect for those who have hard flooring since it has wheels for easy mobility. It has a nice wooden finish, perfect for those who want a bit of older design qualities, and it’s overall very simple. The surface area is very large and can hold more than just your laptop. If you need a lot of space, this table is a better option.

There are many table positions you can choose from with this table, from many different heights and easy mobility to move it away with slight ease. This table is unique because of its durable finish, so you won’t have to worry about scratches or stains for years to come. It’s easy to clean and it will be very simple to use.

This table is one of the most popular options for doctors and hospitals as well, which should speak volumes about the quality of this product and how long it will be able to benefit you.

Platinum Health

Best Adjustable Laptop Bedside Table

This tilting option is fantastic for those who want a space for many other activities other than just electronics, whether you’re reading a book, magazine, or even working on art or handwriting.

Because of how versatile this surface is, you can split the surfaces to keep one flat and one tilted, you’ll be able to really accommodate any kind of activity with this kind of overbed table. Also, because you can turn the whole table surface vertical, when you want to store this bedside hospital table and want to stop using it, it only takes up a small amount of space.

The construction of the Platnium Health Laptop Table is ideal for wear and tear, nothing can really damage it and it uses only the best construction, materials, and casters, to ensure that you’ll be using this product for years to come.

Plus, this hospital table now comes in a new color, white birch, for those who want a more modern approach to their desk design and their space in general!


Best Simple Overbed Table with Composite Top

An extremely simple overbed table option with wheels that is durable and long lasting. This is a very popular table that can also be used alongside a sofa, making a great table to hold your drink or food.

In addition to having grooves as a cup holder, the edges are also slightly raised to help keep your items within the table. This has been a popular table amongst hospitals and good for at home nurseries.

Overall, this desk is very simple, it doesn’t stand out a ton, but it does work well and has made many individuals happy with the design and simplicity of it all. The surface area is completely waterproof so it won’t be damaged by water over time or even humidity. This desk also is wooden, but it’s sealed so it won’t start to peel or crack like most wooden desks. This table is ideal for those who live in humid areas where water damage is common.

Carex Health Brands

Best Easy Adjustable Overbed Bedside Tray

This option has a unique C shape design that allows the individual to get closer to the table without any awkward space between the individual and the product. This is ideal for those who also are left handed as well since it has an easy to use adjustments for this kind of customization.

The most important aspect of this table is how easy and helpful the C shape design is. This oddly enough is hardly ever present in overbed tables today. This subtle design difference will make it very easy for you to use the Carex Health Brand Overbed Table while feeling comfortable and without having to constantly adjust the table from scooting away because it’s at an awkward angle.

This table is also very easy to assemble, with hardly any time needed to really waste on hours of assembly. When you get the delivery of this overbed table you can easily put it together within a few minutes.

Drive Medical

Best Affordable and Non-Tilt Overbed Table

A very standard option that has a very cheap price tag. Making this one of the top purchased items at still 4 stars, this is a very durable and reliable option. Drive Medical Overbed Table is fantastic for those who just want to have a very cheap and easy product for a short amount of time, as if you’re healing from an accident or illness.

This product can be raised or lowered in any position between 28” to 45”, meaning that you’ll be able to customize every adjustment to this desk so it can work for you and how you want to use it.

The Drive Medical table will not wobble or tip over, it has a very important strong base that is weighted so you won’t have to worry about putting too much weight on the surface. You can also lock the casters as well so you can ensure that the table won’t move without you wanting it to.


Best 360-degree Bedside Adjustable Table

This is one of the most modern and high quality items on this list, simply because of the diverse ways you can use this product. You can use many different levels and surfaces, a tilting surface for your laptop and another for your TV dinner tray, the possibilities are endless.

What’s not to love about this bedside table with vanity. It’s one of the highest reviewed option on this list with over 204 reviews, it’s also Amazon’s Choice product, which should tell you right away that customers love this Sharper Image 360-degree Overbed Table.

For the features that come with this adjustable bedside table with wheel, such as the three sixty turning, the multiple levels of function, and how large the product is for surface space, it’s amazing how cheap they’ve made the price. Out of all the products on this list, we suggest you take a closer look at this one. This product is ideal and it very stable as well for only having minimal support.

Little tree

Best Overall Large and Adjustable Over Entire Bed Table

A very modern design that will fit with most decor. It is also important to note that the Little Tree Overbed Table works well in any space even if there isn’t a need for it in most cases. This design overall is one of the most modern and it’s also a very reasonable price for a product in the medium price range. It has a tilt board also built into the product so you can either leave it flat for laptop use or you can tilt it upwards if you want a space where you can read or use a tablet without having to use a stand.

The Little Tree overbed table is ideal for those who want a very lightweight product that can fit any size bed with reliability and lifelong promise of working as it should. This desk can hold up to 350 pounds, and can hold almost anything you test it with.


Best Adjustable Overbed Laptop Tray

This specific product is a bit dated but it does work well, it is slightly cheaper than most full overbed tables, which is reflected in its quality and design, but it’s great for when you’re in a pinch. If you don’t mind the dated design in your bedroom space, you can really make this full size overbed table work for you. This kind of product is ideal for laptops and anything else you can enjoy with a flat work space.

You will also be able to fully adjust the Unicoo Overbed Table to reach the height you want it to. If you’re also worried about the mobility of the product, some individuals have complained that it’s a bit frustrating to move forward and back from the bed, but it’s something that you just get use to over time. This investment might not last as long as some of the other options on this list, but it is an option.


Best Queen Size Overbed Table

This is a great investment for those who have a very traditional decor in their home, it is a spotlighted piece that will stand out in a very design worthy way. A must if you love to work in bed!

A highlighted feature of the Tribesign Overbed Table is the fact that it’s made to last with a heavy duty steel frame and very thick wooden boards that are meant to last not only years but a lifetime. This desk can even hold up to 350 pounds without any wobbling or making it hard to move up and down on the bed. This desk even also has a back to it, so when you place items on the workspace, they aren’t going to just fall off the back when you move the table back and forth.

This table can be used in many different circumstances and you won’t have to worry about it breaking or not moving smoothly, because that’s one of the main points of focus this brand wanted to make a highlight in this product.

What You Should Look For In An Overbed Table Tray

When purchasing an overbed table of any kind you should always make sure that the product is from a trusted brand. You should also be aware of features you’re looking for. If you want a surface to have storage, how big you want the product, to even how the product moves and how adjustable it is.

Overbed tables are all very unique, so it’s important to do your research before you make a rash investment that you might not be happy with in the long term.

At the end of the day, you have to make the choice when it comes to what kind of product is most suited for your space and how you live your life.

What desk stood out to you the most? We’d love to know what you’re looking for in an overbed desk!

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