Our Honest Review of Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Whether you work from home or in an actual office, using the most comfortable and ergonomic chair is necessary for your productivity. A comfortable office chair is even more important, especially if your work involves standing or sitting behind your desk several hours a day.

If you are looking for a high-quality and comfy chair that blends well with your work station then the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is probably one of your best options. This Autonomous ErgoChair 2 review will walk you through all the things you have to learn about this chair.

By the end of this article, you will know whether it is indeed a wise choice if what you are looking for is a comfortable, easy to use, adjustable, and supportive chair that can boost your productivity and let you work smartly.

Who is Autonomous AI?

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Autonomous AI is a company offering standing desks and office chairs to its clients. It started in 2015, making it one of the newest brands in the standing desk and office chair industry. Originally, the company marketed its product as the first smart and connected office desk in the world.

It then integrated the AI system into the product’s structure as an add-on. One thing that makes this brand so popular is the fact that it uses an AI system. This system gathers information about its users then adapt it automatically, so they will be able to make the most out of the desk.

Another advantage of the brand’s product is that it allows voice-operated and hands-free command. This makes it one of the smartest products that any user can integrate into his workspace. Now, you can access the office chairs and desks from this brand.

Why Do You Need the Autonomous AI Chair?

Your comfort should be on top of your priorities when you are working. This is especially true if you spend long hours behind a desk. One benefit of the Autonomous AI chair is that it provides a high level of comfort to its users.

With such kind of benefit, all users agree on how important and beneficial this chair is. The good thing about the kind of comfort brought on by using this chair is that it also raises your productivity. It is ergonomically designed and willing to adapt to your body.

With that, you have a guarantee that it will work based on what can give you the highest level of comfort. The fact that it uses an AI system is also a big advantage because it lets you work smartly. It is also a necessity for those who have back problems as it features adjustable lumbar support designed to offer relief from the pain in that area.

The Perfect Pair with a Standing Desk

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One thing you have to remember about Autonomous AI is that it does not only offer office chairs. You can also access well-designed and comfortable standing desks from the company.

You can even further maximize the benefits of the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 if you pair it up with the brand’s standing desk. Investing in it together with the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 makes for an amazing workspace that can surely heighten your productivity.

Most users love the standing desk because even if offered at an affordable price, the quality is top-notch. It is adjustable and comes with silent dual motors. You can control the motors using a smart keypad, which is capable of remembering your standing and sitting heights.

You will also love the stability and durability of the standing desk brought on by its industrial steel frame construction combined with bamboo and wooden top. The standing desk paired up with the chair will surely make all your work hours more comfortable.

Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Review

desk advisor autonomous ai ergochair 2 office space

Now on to the actual review of the ErgoChair 2 offered by Autonomous. Everyone knows how important it is to invest in a high-quality and functional office chair – and the one offered by Autonomous is a sure hit as far as quality and functionality are concerned.

One thing that makes this smart office chair stand out is that it is accessible at an affordable price even with all the nice and cool features it is holding. It is exceptionally solid and works well not only for office workers and professionals but also for gamers.

Let us delve deeper into what this office chair can do and offer in the remaining sections of this article.


When it comes to comfort, the Autonomous Ergochair 2 will surely not disappoint. It has an ergonomic design, which is one major reason why it is so comfortable to use. The brand prioritized the comfort of users so much, assuring you that you will never feel any form of discomfort even when using it for too long.

With the features integrated into the ErgoChair 2, you do not have to worry too much about getting stuck in it and at your desk even if it is for long hours. The fact that it has a comfortable design can even help prevent your back from aching no matter how long you sit in front of your PC.

You will find it comfortable for several uses – among which are video gaming and desk work. Here are just some of the things in the ErgoChair 2 that makes it so comfortable:

Chair Cushion

One of the most comfortable features in the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is its cushion. The company prioritized the seat’s cushion by ensuring that it is wide enough to accommodate different users of all body sizes.

It makes use of soft and supportive foam, giving you as much comfort as possible. It also provides a slightly firm feel. The fabric used in wrapping the foam is highly breathable, assuring you that it will remain fresh and will not retain excessive heat.

Mesh Back for Airflow

You can also attribute the high level of comfort provided by the ErgoChair 2 to its mesh back. This material supports proper airflow and ventilation, ensuring that you will not feel too hot when sitting on it for a long time.

The Korean mesh material used in it is not only breathable but also lightweight. It is built in a way that supports a subtle stretch, cradling your body properly every time you are leaning backward. The back also has comfortable padding, making it even better to use.


The armrest integrated into the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 also contributes to eliminating discomfort even for those sitting on it for a prolonged period. You will love the fact that it is configurable depending on your body’s preferences and heights.

It lets you lower or raise it individually or slide it either backward or forward depending on which one can make you feel more at ease. You can even pivot the armrest in or out a bit. It allows you to make a few armrest adjustments based on your preference.


Another thing about this Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is that it comes with a reclining back. The good thing about this specific feature is that it is adjustable. Just like the lumbar support, armrest, tilt, and height of this chair, you can also make adjustments on the back’s reclining position.

With that, you can recline it in a way that maximizes your comfort. However, remember that it is not the most endearing feature of this chair. It is because you can’t recline it entirely at 180 degrees. You can’t recline it 100 percent but the adjustments you can make are usually enough.


As for the headrest, many of the ErgoChair’s users give it a thumbs up. It is because of the overall headrest design, which makes them feel fully relaxed. It uses a similar material as the back, which offers adequate support.

The headrest is also impressive as it lets you make some quick adjustments on the chair. You can use it to lay back your head or prop it forward. It is also removable, so you can choose to use the chair without it.

Lumbar Support

This chair also provides a flexible lumbar support system. The kind of lumbar support it offers helps lessen fatigue by ensuring that your body receives full support. It plays a crucial role in positioning your body in the best way possible.

You will be in a position, which supports proper spine and back health. With that, expect your sitting position to be even more comfortable. This system even gives you full control of the exact amount of lumbar support you can get from an ergonomic chair.


When it comes to adjustability, the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 seems to excel if you compare it to the other office and ergonomic chairs currently in the market. It is highly adjustable. It has parts and features that you can conveniently and easily adjust based on what you think can maximize the support and comfort it offers.

This chair comes with several adjustment settings, giving you the chance to set it up based on your body type. With such a high level of adjustability, you will surely be able to find the most comfortable setup for you. Here are just some of the specific parts and features of the ErgoChair 2 that you can adjust for your convenience:

Chair Height

What can make you feel even more at ease when sitting on a chair than setting its height based on your preference and body? This kind of adjustability is what you can expect from the ErgoChair 2. You can adjust its height to specifically fit yours.

The height adjustment is also easy to do. You can begin it at the base with the help of a level, which activates using hydraulics. It is possible to start from a height of at least 18 feet to below 21 feet then set it up from 26 to 31 ½ feet.


You will also surely love the high level of adjustability guaranteed by this chair’s armrest. It allows you to adjust this armrest up and down. Also, you can push the armrest either in or out.

You can position it in a way that it can offer additional comfort and width for your arms. It gives you flexibility in terms of angle, height, width, and depth. It also comes with armrest pads that you can move quickly and easily from the ideal lateral position.


You will also be glad to know just how adjustable the headrest of the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is. It is so adjustable that users will no longer feel about severe neck pain, especially if they spend several hours in front of their PC while sitting on the chair.

You can make adjustments on both the tilt and height of the headrest. With that, you can expect it to contribute to giving you a more convenient experience when sitting on the chair, free from possible strain, pain, and pressure.

Lumbar Support

The kind of lumbar support provided by the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is also top-notch. Combine that with the adjustability of the brand’s patented lumbar system and you will surely be able to receive as much support and comfort from this ergonomic chair.

You can easily make adjustments on the chair’s adjustable lumbar system with the help of a user-friendly handle. You can use this handle in unlocking the proper amount of pressure and lumbar support needed to develop a pain-free and healthy posture. It does so no matter what your body type is.

Things to Consider

Do you think that the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is the best chair that you can use whether at work, for gaming or any other purpose? Then it would be best to continue researching about all the features and parts of this chair first, so you can figure out if it is indeed the most appropriate item for you.

The comfort and adjustability of most of its parts should give you more motivation to give this chair a try. However, you also have to consider some other areas and aspects of this chair to ensure that you will make the right investment.

Among the valuable things you have to consider when deciding if the ErgoChair 2 is the perfect choice for you are:


Of course, you need to learn about the warranty for this furniture item before buying it. It is because knowing about its warranty will let you decide if your investment will be well-protected.
One impressive fact about this chair, as far as its warranty is concerned, is that the coverage is for 2 years. This 2-year warranty coverage will help you file for a claim whenever you face issues with the product within that duration.

It also has a 30-day free trial, allowing you to try the product first. If you are unsatisfied, you can get a refund provided that you file your claim within the 30-day trial.


Another nice thing about this chair is that it is very easy and quick to assemble. You can even complete the assembly and setup process in as little as thirty minutes. The good news is that buying this chair will also let you gain access to its setup instructions.

This means you will have a guide when it comes to assembling it. The steps and instructions are clear, so expect to be able to complete the setup within a few minutes. However, it would be much better to have someone to help you with the assembly instead of doing it on your own.


You will also be amazed by the number of color choices provided by this chair. With its several color choices, you will be able to pick one that fits your home or office the most.
The colors that you can choose from include all black, black and white, gray, green, red apple, and blue. All these colors are nice and refreshing, so picking any of them will surely add to the warm and relaxing feel in your environment.


You will also love the wheels and casters integrated into the ErgoChair 2. It has a base with a 5-spoke design – with each one having its wheel. The wheels and casters can move smoothly on various floor materials.

They can withstand different types of floors, including tiles and hardwood. However, some say that it would be even better to integrate rollerblade style wheels into this chair. It is because this style will allow the chair to glide and move smoothly even on carpeted floors.

Our Final Thoughts

Everyone knows how important it is to use the right chair when spending time in front of a desk or PC for several hours. Whether you are working, studying, or gaming, using an ergonomic chair, such as the Autonomous ErgoChair 2, is advisable.

You need the most supportive, comfortable, and ergonomically designed chair in the market right now. It can make every task involving sitting in front of a desk for a long time much more tolerable and convenient. It can also save you from pain and pressure, especially that affecting your neck and back.

Just make sure that you pick the right chair for you. The most highly recommended one is the Autonomous ErgoChair 2.

Why Is It Good?

The adjustability and high level of comfort provided by the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 are probably among the major reasons why it is a good buy. It will surely relieve the stress and pressure associated with prolonged sitting. It can even save some parts of your body, like your back and neck, from pain by correcting your posture.

Why It Might Not Be a Perfect Match for You?

However, take note that this chair from Autonomous also has its share of flaws. It might not be the most suitable match for you if you do not want a chair with mostly plastic construction. Also, take note that the armrest of this chair does not seem to lock laterally in place.

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