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Lighting is key in any office space.  Whether your workspace is a personal office in your home or if you’re in a shared open plan office with coworkers. It doesn’t matter what kind of space your in, because lighting can greatly affect many different elements throughout the day.

Lighting has a ton of positives, but the important thing to remember is that not all lighting is good lighting.  Some lighting can be bad and actually will make some things worse.

Which is why we’ve curated a collection of reasons as to why there are so many benefits to having a well lit workspace and how to achieve those benefits. But we will also be diving into what kinds of lighting will not be beneficial to you or your coworkers.

Hopefully after reading this article you’ll be able to include new lighting into your workspace so you can be more productive, happy, and overall positive about the day ahead of you.  It’s never too late to make a change that will forever change you in a positive way.

You’ll Be More Active

When there is proper lighting in a workspace it will boost the individual’s mood in that space.  It will keep their eyes from straining, in turn making them feel less tired and drowsy.  You’ll most likely see the the individuals in the space want to interact more with each other.

It’s important to realize that lighting will directly affect the mood of the individuals in the office.  If there is dull lighting, you’ll notice that people will most likely go to their desk and stay away from each other, probably because they’re tired and not energized.

Keep the space bright if you want to feel awake and energized for the day ahead, this is also a great way to beat the noon slump many feel after eating lunch!

Poor Lighting Can Cause Depression

When you’re surrounded in a space with low lighting, it can cause many individuals to feel depressed and tired.  When someone can’t see properly or they’re just staring at a bright computer screen, it’s important to know that they will most likely have no energy and won’t be able to think properly.

Poor lighting can make employees feel like they dread working because of how the office makes them feel.  Someone who loves their job could easily be broken down from poor lighting and no longer want to put their best foot forward.  Which goes to show how important it is that the space have ample lighting to avoid this kind of natural effect on individuals working within the space.

Well Lit Spaces Will Reduce Strain On The Eyes

When an office space is well lit, even if their are glowing computer screens everywhere, there will still be tons of eye strain that everyone in the space will experience.  Especially because of how difficult it is to look at a computer then have your eyes adjust to the printed paper on your desk that’s not as bright as you computer.

Not only can this cause harm to the individuals in the office and their eyes, but it can also slow down the process of the work everyone is supposed to be doing. When someone has to wait for their eyes to adjust every time they go back and forth from computer to paper, it can be annoying to say the least.

Proper Lighting Will Keep The Office Safe

One of the most important reasons a large open floor plan office should be well lit is due to the safety aspect. When you have proper lighting, you’ll be making sure that people can see where they’re going.

Check out our tips for achieving perfect lighting in your workspace.

Office spaces can be chaotic to say the least, papers, cords, people, there’s stuff everywhere you look.  If you have a very poorly lit space, there are so many ways someone could trip and fall over something, which is why it’s very important that this is taken into consideration.

Well Lit Workspace Lighting Improves Performance

Of course lighting in a workspace has many advantages, but most of all it will improve the performance of everyone in the office.  This point basically sums up how all of the points mentioned above will lead to a more performance driven space.

Because they will be more active they will complete more tasks over time, and the productivity of everyone will most likely be boosted.  The office will stay safe and no one will have to worry about mysterious cords tripping them up.  Not to mention their eyesight will be fantastic!

No one will have to lower their performance because of the poor lighting causing them depression or even anxiety, instead they will fully be able to take advantage of that special energy and work hard throughout the whole day. This is key if you want your employees to really be able to put their best foot forward in the workspace.

Even when it’s just your personal space and office, lighting will make all of these differences just for you as well.

Don’t Sacrifice Lighting!

A great way to introduce more lighting into your space are to install large glass windows for the best natural light, and mix that with artificial lighting that meshes well with the natural tone of window light. This combination will lead to a balanced and well lit space that will encourage everyone or even just yourself to be the best you can be.

Overall, if you put the time and effort into making an office space the space you want to thrive in, it will pay off in the long run.  If you don’t it will reflect in your work, your mood, and everything about what you bring to the table when it comes to your job.  You should be able to put your productivity and health first at any workspace you’re taking part in, you shouldn’t have to choose between the two, ever.

Will you be introducing better lighting into the workplace?  Do you think you will benefit from the advantages mentioned above?  What are you looking forward to the most?

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