10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Ultimate Comfort – Ultimate Guide

Bean bag chairs are becoming more and more popular nowadays because aside from being practical seating solutions, these items are also known for being comfy, supportive, and cozy. They also carry numerous health benefits, especially if you decide to invest in the best bean bag chairs for adults.

One major advantage of a bean bag couch or chair is that it corrects your posture. It will also contour all parts of your body. It is the perfect solution in case you want to remove pressure from your buttocks, hips, sciatic nerve, and lower spine.

Big and small bean bag chairs are also versatile that you can use them not only in living rooms and bedrooms but also in offices and workspaces. These chairs also work in relieving back pain and providing a more relaxing environment for workers.

With that, expect to boost their morale and productivity. If you want to invest in a bean bag chair, then you may want to begin with the choices recommended in this article.

10 of the Best Bean Bag Chairs Reviewed in 2022

Sofa Sack – Memory Foam

The Sofa Sack – Memory Foam is your ultimate choice if you are after versatility. It is versatile that it has several users – once of which is to provide a convenient seating solution for your bedroom, living room, dorm room, or office space. It also works for both adults and kids.

This product is built with premium quality in mind, which you will instantly notice with its overall construction. It makes use of a sturdy and long-lasting foam stuffing, which comes enclosed with suede material.

It is made even stronger with its double stitches. This beanless bag also makes use of memory foam, a material capable of providing more give compared to other chairs filled with harder and regular beans.


  • Furniture-grade memory foam blend
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Highly durable and comfortable cover
  • 5-feet diameter
  • Soft and velvety multi-color bean bags
  • Comes in different colors and sizes

What Stands Out?

One impressive fact about this product is that it is constructed from memory foam and is built with dual stitching to improve its durability. With its double-stitching, it can handle even large adults and troublesome toddlers and kids.

It can even handle the possible wear and tear brought on by heavy use. The fact that it is built to mold and fit your natural body shape perfectly is also the reason why it is great to use even for a long period.

Jaxx Bean Bag

You will also love the Jaxx ban bag because of its multifunctional nature. It also proves to be versatile as you can use it for a wide range of activities, like watching a movie, having a relaxing talk with friends or family, and napping.

You will also notice it as a 3-in-1 item. You can use it as a crash pad once you let it lie flat on your floor. It can also turn into a comfortable and relaxing chair just by putting it against one wall.

Aside from that, you turn it on its side, so it will give you a hammock-style seating solution. Another incredible advantage of this product from Jaxx is that it is easy to set up and assemble. It features a no-mess foam fill, which contributes to its ease of setup and assembly.


  • Well-filled high-density micro-cushions
  • Comes in vibrant colors that perfectly suit various decorations
  • Removable and machine-washable nylon/cotton inner lining included
  • 3-in-1 multifunctional bean bag
  • Highly breathable and fine fabric used as cover

What Stands Out?

One unique thing about the JAXX bean bag is that it is built to be multifunctional. You will find it useful as a huge floor pillow, hammock, chair, and crash pad. It is mainly constructed from 100 percent polyester micro-suede cover, which is great as far as your comfort and the product’s durability are concerned.

It even comes with a machine-washable and removable cover, thereby making it hassle-free to use and clean. Furthermore, it seems to have a moisture-resistant inner lining made of nylon material.

Fatboy Bean Bag

There are also many things about this product from Fatboy that will surely encourage you to invest in it. One of these is the superior comfort it provides to its users. It makes use of virgin polystyrene beads as filling materials.

This filling is great as it tends to conform naturally to your body shape. With that, expect it to give you the convenience you want. It also seems to come at the right size for both kids and adults who intend to use it for various activities.

You will love using it as a cushion for watching TV, relaxing, bonding with loved ones, and reading. Furthermore, it is one of the most durable bean bags you can find in the market, thanks to its nylon cover that also has a protective coating.


  • Sturdy construction and sleek and fun design
  • Available in multiple vibrant colors
  • Polystyrene beads as filling
  • Features a sturdy covering with a protective coating
  • Water-resistant and stain-resistant cover

What Stands Out?

It seems to stand out among other seats and ergonomic solutions because of its fun and multifunctional nature. There are so many tasks that you can fulfill while using this chair.

The versatility of this item is also unquestionable in the sense that you can fix it upright or use it in layered spots. It also takes pride in its premium and high-quality cover, which assures users of a relaxing and sensuous external touch.

Chill Sack Bean Bag

You will also fall in love with the Chill Sack bean bag considering how stylish and comfortable it is. It makes use of a fluffier and less dense foam compared to other materials. It is the reason why it is soft to touch and does not come lumps.

The comfy nature of this product can be attributed to its ability to conform to your natural body shape or figure. Available in different colors, you also have the chance to choose which one can suit the specific space where you intend to put it.

It is also highly durable with the micro-suede fiber used in creating it as well as its double-stitching. Furthermore, you will notice that this chair is quick and easy to move from one place to another. Washing and cleaning it up is also hassle-free.


  • Constructed from 100% polymer ultra-micro fiber material
  • Soft and shredded memory foam blend for its filling
  • Removable microsuede fiber for its cover
  • Double-stitched cover, which is also machine washable and stain-resistant
  • Comes in a large size to accommodate more than one user

What Stands Out?

This product from Chill Sack is unique in the sense that it is spacious and roomy enough, allowing it to accommodate more than one person. It also provides a wide range of colors that you can choose from.

It is designed in a way that it can contour your body shape, giving you the support you need whenever you use it. Even with its quite large size, you will also be pleased to know that it remains easy to move around.


Trying to find a spacious and oversized seat? Then you may want to check out Lumaland. The good thing about Lumaland is that it provides you with the chance to comfortably sink together as a family.

You can see it being available in 8 striking colors, so you will surely not run out of choices and find the perfect fit. Upon using this product, you will immediately feel its nice feel and touch.

It is something the users can feel whether they are kids, teenagers, and adults. A lot of those who invested in the Lumaland also love the beige polyester interior cover included in its construction.


Soft and comfortable microsuede outer cover
Double-stitched seams, adding sturdiness and resistance to its structure
Easy to maintain removable cover
Huge size, allowing it to hold even a small family

What Stands Out?

The Lumaland seems to stand out because of the adequate space and huge size it provides to users. It is even capable of holding a small family. It is supportive and comfortable, making it the ideal place to relax.

Another thing that makes the Lumaland incredible is the comfortable suede finish integrated into it. This specific finish makes it capable of enveloping your body in comfort and warmth every time you use it.

Big Joe

With its classic design and amazing suede-based structure, no one can seem to find any fault in the Big Joe. The good thing about this product is that it seems to hold more structure compared to the basic beanbag. It is also more comfortable because it features armrest and a back.

Another great advantage of the Big Joe is that it is big and spacious enough that it can accommodate kids, toddlers, and even adults. It is also designed in a way that it can also work as a fantastic sofa chair. You will surely love its comfy armrest as well as the sufficient support it offers for your back.


Water-resistant and stain-resistant SmartMax fabric used
Double-stitched covers with safety locking zippers
Re-fillable covers
UltimaX beans for its filling
Built-in easy-grip handle for ease of moving in one spot to another

What Stands Out?

One thing that makes the Big Joe so distinctive is its ability to offer adequate support for the user’s back. It is even built in a way that it can accommodate different lounging and sitting positions.

Another thing that makes the Big Joe so great is the UltimaX bean filling, which lets you enjoy a comfy posture upon sitting on it. Moreover, it comes in a design, which allows it to fit all spaces considering the fact that it has multiple patterns and colors.


You may also want to invest in this convertible bean bag chair from CordaRoy’s. It is convertible since you can also turn it into a full-size bed, giving you two functions in just a single product. It works for both kids and adults by providing a nice and comfortable sleeping and seating solution.

This product from CordaRoy’s also comes in a versatile design, making it possible for it to fit various parts of your home, like the guest room, basement, kid’s room, and living room.

Most users are also pleased to know that this product is constructed only from premium materials. It even makes use of the dimpled and plush microfiber cover, which enhances its softness and durability.


Convertible into a full-size bed
Polyester blend construction
Premium and soft shredded foam filling
Safe-lock zippers
Dryable, washable, and replaceable microfiber cover

What Stands Out?

One distinguishing quality of this product is that it is convertible. It has a foam inside, which also functions as a mattress, giving you a full-size bed anytime you need one.

Converting it into a bed is also very easy in the sense that your kids will have an easier time doing it. It also makes use of a fabric, which tends to continue looking great regardless of the number of times you wash it. This proves how sturdy and long-lasting it is.

Ultimate Sack

You will also find this product from Ultimate Sack a great addition to your home, office, or any other spot where you think you can take advantage of a bean bag. Some of its users even love the high level of comfort this item provides.

It provides more than enough space for a couple of people, allowing them to sit without any discomfort. It makes use of 100% shredded virgin foam to fill it up, which plays a huge role in ensuring that you will always feel at ease. It also features an outer cover, which is both removable and washable, thereby promoting ease in cleaning it up.


Multiple sizes available
40 to 70 lbs. in weight depending on your chosen size
Comfy removable and washable exterior cover
Double stitching for the seams
Footstool with a washable cover and inner liner

What Stands Out?

One amazing fact about this product is that it seems to have two of the most vital qualities that a bean bag chair must-have – durability and comfort. It can provide comfort by letting the 100% shredded virgin foam filling and the soft and machine-washable cover work together.

It also has a high level of strength and durability, thanks to the materials known to handle wear and tear. This product is further strengthened with its double-stitched seams. Moreover, it has a bonus footstool, which is a very relaxing feature.

Big Joe Foam Filled

Another fantastic choice is the Big Joe Foam Filled. Sitting in it is so convenient that you will surely be able to relax after a long day of work. It is created in a way that it fits anything that you want to do while sitting on it – ex. gaming, napping, reading, watching TV, or just simply relaxing.

It also perfectly matches all home décor, making it suit several places in your home, including bedroom, living room, recreation room, and den. This chair is also guaranteed to never go flat, thanks to the patented shredded foam filling. You will not also have problems cleaning it up since it is washable.


Soft and luxurious yet soft fabric designed to last for a long time
Virgin shredded foam filling
Built-in handles
Around 4 feet in length

What Stands Out?

You will surely love this bean bag chair because of its many unique qualities and features. It has a patented shredded foam fill, which is guaranteed not to get flat. You just have to re-fuf it and redistribute the filling.

Another unique feature is the sustainable foam. It makes it environmentally friendly. Aside from that, it makes use of a cozy and sturdy fabric for its cover, which promotes ease in cleaning it up.

Cozy Sack

Lastly, there is this 6-feet bean bag chair offered by Cozy Sack. Sitting on it is so relaxing that it will surely be the highlight of your day after long hours of work. It is so soft that you will feel truly at ease every time you get the chance to sit on it. It is also created in a way that it can easily go back to its original shape.

Constructed out of CertiPUR-US certified foam, you will not face any problem regarding its durability and ability to deliver comfort. It also features dual-stitching, which further makes it strong and sturdy. It is also safe to use as its overall construction does not contain any harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and phthalates.


Premium shredded foam used for its filling
Highly durable yet comfortable structure
Durable protective liner
Colorful microsuede fabric used for its cover

What Stands Out?

One of the reasons why the Cozy Sack stands out is that it has a truly unique design, which ensures that you will not experience lumpy and uncomfortable spots. Note that these spots might appear because of shredded foam fills with irregular shapes.

You will never experience such discomfort from Cozy Sack. The foam used in it is so comfortable and can go back to its natural shape with ease. Another thing that makes this bean bag chair stand out is the presence of a protective liner, which makes it even sturdier.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have an idea about the most highly recommended bean bag chairs today, it is crucial to be aware of the specific things and features you have to look for once you begin your hunt for good and high-quality one. Here are just some of the most crucial factors that should greatly investment your final buying decision:

Materials and Quality

Of course, the materials used in constructing the chair as well as the overall quality should significantly matter on your decision. Among the materials you have to check out are the fabric used in creating the item.

Note that several fabric materials are used in creating these stylish chairs, including silk, vinyl, velvet, leather, and cotton. Learn more about such materials and figure out which one can provide you with utmost comfort without compromising strength and durability.

Ease of Use and Care

Make sure that you will have a hassle-free experience when it comes to using the chair. It should be easy to set up or install in various places in your home. It should even be versatile, so it can fit any home décor or theme.

With that, you can easily organize it in any spot. Aside from that, determine how easy it would be to care for and maintain the bean bag chair you are eyeing to buy. It also helps to go for one with a washable and protective cover.


The main reason why you shop for a bean bag chair is probably that you want a piece of furniture, which can help you relax and have fun, especially after a long and tiring day. With that in mind, it is necessary to figure out which among your choices can provide maximum comfort.

In that case, you may want to study the different materials used for its fill. You can go for polyurethane foam fill, especially if you want your choice to be extremely comfortable and soft. It does not also break down that easily, so you can rest assured that it does not require refilling too often.

Other Considerations

Apart from the key and primary factors mentioned above, there are also other things that you have to examine carefully. Study them so you can make the soundest investment. By assessing the following key factors, your chances of buying a high-quality bean bag chair designed to satisfy you will surely grow exponentially:

Warranty and Returns

Before buying this product, ask about the required amount for its refill. Do not forget to inquire about its warranty as well as the services it covers, including maintenance, damage, feather cut, and replacement. By learning about warranty and returns, you do not have to worry about spending unnecessary repair expenses later on.

Customer Reviews

You should also make it a point to read several customer reviews about a specific product as such will give you a clear idea about its quality. The opinions of previous users matter a lot when it comes to deciding which one will most likely give you satisfaction.


Another important thing to do is to check which brands are already famous for offering high-quality bean bag chairs. You need to look for a trusted brand – one that already earned the trust of the public because of the quality, durability, and high comfort level offered by its products.

Customer Service

If you want to make sure that you are only getting the best in terms of quality, comfort, and durability from a certain bean bag chair, then ensure that you rate its customer service.

It would be helpful if you choose to invest in a provider with excellent customer service, so you will always have someone to contact whenever you experience problems with the product.

Who is the Bean Bag Chair For?

Bean bag chairs cater to the need of different types of users, particularly those who need something that can make them relax after a long day at work or school. This item is good for recreational purposes, too, like watching TV and reading.

You can even see these bags being used in hotels and offices to make people relax. Aside from that, kids can also enjoy using it as a toy.

What are the Bean Bags Filled with?

EPS Beads

The majority of bean bags today use EPS (expanded polystyrene) as a manmade filling material. It refers to a hard-celled plastic material, which has the same characteristics as Styrofoam.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bean bag, then one filled with EPS beads is your ideal choice as this material is proven to be inexpensive. It is also lightweight, making it easy to use without losing its rigidity and sturdiness designed to make it last for years.

EPP Beads

EPP or expanded polypropylene is also a famous material used in filling up bean bags. This material is beneficial because of its high level of strength, durability, and resilience. You can even expect it to go back to its natural size and form immediately whenever it is no longer holds its original shape.

In other words, these beads tend to be compressed without compromising their cushioning and airy traits. Another advantage of this material is that it does not seem to lose its volume immediately.

Micro Beads

You can also choose one filled with microbeads. This material is composed of small pellets constructed from polyethylene. One reason why a lot of people choose these small beads is that they are smooth.

The roundness of the beads also promotes smooth applications while making the products look aesthetic. The smoothness of this material also ensures that your discomfort will be eliminated by it. Microbeads can even help relieve pressure from some parts of your body and your muscles.

Compressed Foam

Compressed foam is one of the most modern materials used as a filler in bean bags. Also called memory foam, it has a higher level of viscosity and density, which seems to be a result of its unique production process that uses polyurethane.

One advantage of compressed foam or memory foam fillers is that they help make transporting the bean bags easy. It is because you can compress the items, further promoting ease when you are carrying it with you.

Which Fill is the Most Comfortable?

Your comfort should always be on top of your priorities when shopping for a bean bag chair. With that in mind, it is crucial to make sure that you are getting one with the most comfortable filling. Comfort, in this case, can be based on your inner experience, though a lot of people seem to have similar requirements.

You should also know that making you feel completely relaxed when sitting on the chair is possible by ensuring that your desired firmness from the chair is reached. If that is the case, then consider going for the compressed memory foam, especially if you are looking for a suitable option for softer surfaces.

However, if you are interested in an environmentally-friendly filling material, then one filled with EPS beads is considered as the most convenient choice for you. It is eco-friendly as it is something you can reuse and recycle.

What is it Like Sitting on a Bean Bag Chair?

Sitting on a bean bag chair can give you extreme comfort. You will surely be pleased to know that whenever you sit on it, you will feel completely relaxed. It is because of its comfortable and soft structure designed to give you the kind of relaxation you are hoping to enjoy, especially after long hours at work.

Sitting on it also improves your postural support. It is mainly because of the shredded memory foam usually integrated into the chair. This foam tends to conform well to your body’s natural shape.

You can even enjoy the kind of relaxation from this item designed to help you lessen tension on your shoulders and neck. The good thing about this is that it can also relax your body, thereby preventing tension headaches and reducing any sport of pain from your body.

What’s the Difference Between these and Lovesac?

The typical bean bag chairs and the Lovesac bean bag have a couple of differences. While the two are similar in the sense that they are both simple and easy to set up, there are still a few notable differences between the two.

One major difference is the filling used that is meant to give comfort to its users. Unlike bean bags that often use memory foam, the Lovesac makes use of Durafoam blend throughout the chair.

It is a soft fill constructed from premium-quality, shredded Durafoam material. It is a great filling as it supports the even absorption of bodyweight. Durafoam does not also seem to compress in the long run.

The bean bag, on the other hand, often uses different kinds of memory foam. It is good as it molds to your body while providing adequate support and soft cushioning. Aside from memory foam, you can also find bead-filled bean bags that also provide utmost comfort to users but incapable of providing the benefits of Durafoam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the bean bag chair for my office?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that most of these furniture items are built with versatility in mind. This means that you can use the item almost everywhere.

It does not just hold a single purpose because of its versatility. You can also arrange it in various ways, so you can rest assured knowing that you can use it in any spot in your office. The good thing about this chair is that you can easily plop it down if you prefer using one instead of the usual desk chair.

How do I wash my bean bag chair?

If you are wondering how you can wash this item, then you will be pleased to know that the process is easy. You can do so by unzipping the cover then taking out the liner with the filler on it. In case the filler is already loose, then put it into a container or trash bag.

Put the cover in your washing machine and wash using warm or cool water and detergent. After that, air-dry the cover. You can also dry it in the machine using medium heat.

Once the cover is already dry, you have to replace the loose lining or filling.

How long can I sleep on the bean bag chair?

Beanbags are so comfy and cozy that they are ideal sleeping places for adults. You will surely love the squishy and soft interior that tends to mold your natural body shape. You can sleep on it for a couple of hours.

You will also be safe if you use it as your spot for napping for a few minutes to an hour. However, for infants and babies, you should limit the time you let them sleep there as most of them require a firm surface for sleeping.

With that in mind, bean bags are not perfect sleeping surfaces for them as such also has a high risk of suffocation. Despite that, these items are still safe napping places for kids who are already more than 12 months old.


Finding the best bean bag chairs is surely a wise decision, especially if you are after high-quality and functional furniture. Aside from being truly comfortable, the chair also has the advantage of being cheaper than other furniture items.

It is the reason why it is often linked to teenage bedrooms and doors, especially those who are on a tight budget but want to integrate a seating solution to their rooms. You will also love the comfort that comes along with this chair.

You can even sit on it in various ways without dealing with discomfort. Moreover, most of these items are good for you in the sense that they can support your spine.

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