Best Dual Monitor Stand – Review Guide for Maximum Productivity

People who have worked in office spaces have noticed the number of dual-screen monitors is increasing every year. A dual monitor setup allows you to increase your productivity and make resource access easier than ever before.

When attempting to buy the best dual monitor stand, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. It’s for this reason our team has selected the finest dual monitor stands on today’s market based on price, material, and durability. After that, we took the time to review each monitor stand in detail to find out which ones worked best both for us and for the majority of customers.

Who this is for?

A dual monitor arm stand is a great choice for anyone who wants to increase their productivity and efficiency at their work desk. It can help you stay organized and on top of your work, which will help you get more done in less time.

It is an ideal solution for those who work on two monitors. Such a stand can be used in offices, homes, schools, etc. It is mainly used by people who work in the field of graphic design, architecture, writers, software developers, and others. But anyone who works with spreadsheets or large images will benefit from having multiple screens in their desk.

If you’re using multiple monitors, it’s very important to position them correctly so that they are easy to see and read. You’ll be able to easily keep everyone’s attention by displaying key information on your monitors while having the best setup, staying organized and efficient.

How We Picked the Best Dual Monitor Stands

Dual monitor arm stands are all about ergonomics. They’re designed to keep your monitors at the right height, and they often include a swivel feature that lets you turn your displays into portrait orientation for better viewing of long documents or web pages.

If you’re just starting out with dual monitor setups, it’s worth investing in a right stand for them. You may find that the difference between a cheap stand and a quality one is significant enough to justify the cost.

We’ve rounded up the best dual monitor stands available on the market today so you don’t have to waste time searching for them. We considered best budget, stability, portability, ease of use, and build quality as we tested each model.

The best dual monitor stands are the ones that give you plenty of room to move, saving space, adjust and pivot your monitors. They should also be stable enough to hold up your monitors without wobbling or tipping over. Our list includes a variety of options from manufacturers and retailers in Amazon.

In order to make sure we only included the best dual monitor stands, we consulted people who relentlessly work with computers and helped us evaluate each product’s features, specifications, and customer reviews. We also researched data from user reviews on sites like Amazon, as well as professional reviews by top technology publications.

Best Dual Monitor Stands

We spent hours researching and testing the best dual monitor stands, evaluating them on their ergonomics and ease of use, adjustability, weight capacity, durability, and general design. We looked for stands that had a good range of motion in both directions, so you can position your monitors exactly how you like them. We also favored models with built-in cable management to keep everything tidy.

Fully Jarvis Dual Monitor Mounting Arms

fully jarvis dual monitor stand
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The Jarvis Dual Monitor Mounting Arm is the perfect solution for people who want to increase their productivity by using dual monitors. It fits monitors up to 32″ and has a unique design that allows you to adjust the height of each monitor independently. This gives you flexibility in how you position your monitors, ensuring that they are in an ergonomic position for you. This monitor arm is also stable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling or sliding as you work on your computer screen.


  • VESA mount sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
  • Adjustment abilities: rotate, swivel
  • Weight range: 2.2 (1kg) – 19.8 (9kg) lbs
  • Display size range: 32 inches
  • Available colors: Black, Silver, White


  • You can set it up as low or as high as you need it to be
  • Easy installation
  • Made of solid steel, so it’s a lot more durable than other monitor arms
  • Includes an integrated cable management system


  • Can’t be used with two monitors that don’t have the same size or orientation
  • The mount is heavy, and it takes some effort to move it around
  • More expensive than other monitor arms

You may also like to check out our review on the Fully Jarvis electric standing desk.

VIVO Freestanding Dual Monitor Stand

vivo freestanding dual monitor arms
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This VIVO Dual Monitor Stand is a stylish, modern way to keep your workspace organized. The base is made of glass and metal, providing stability and durability. The arms are adjustable so you can position your single-stand display exactly where you want it in your desk space. It can support monitors up to 27 inches each weighing 22 lbs each.

This monitor stand has a sleek design that will blend well with any office setting. It is easy to assemble, and it comes with all the necessary hardware for installation.


  • VESA mount sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
  • Adjustment abilities: Height adjustment, Vertical adjustment
  • Weight range: up to 22 lbs
  • Display size range: 27 inches
  • Available colors: Black


  • Sleek, modern design without sacrificing stability
  • Sturdy glass base
  • Highly adjustable; can rotate a monitor easily
  • Easy setup process


  • It is made of glass and metal, which makes it very fragile
  • The stand is sometimes a little wobbly and unstable in a desk
  • The base is too narrow for larger monitors
  • It is expensive to replace if you break it

HUANUO Dual Monitor Vertical Stand

best huanuo dual monitor vertical stacking
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The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is the perfect solution for all your dual monitor mount needs. It’s a vertical stack, so you can keep your monitors close together and free-standing, which means that it doesn’t need to be attached to the wall. It’s also designed for LCD screens, so there’s no need to worry about it being too heavy or taking up enough room on your desk space.

This is the right dual monitor stand that has a heavy base that keeps it stable while you’re working, and the height can be adjusted with a simple twist of a knob. The arms are made from solid aluminum alloy, and they have rubber grips so they won’t slip on screw holes when you’re trying to move them around on your desk. It comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions, detachable VESA plates, and an adapter kit if you need one.


  • VESA mount sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
  • Adjustment abilities: Gas-spring mount/free moving
  • Weight range: 2.2-19.8 lbs
  • Display size range: 13-32 inches
  • Available colors: Black/white/silver


  • The arm is made from high-grade steel
  • Ergonomic Design
  • VESA mounts


  • Doesn’t come with cable management clips
  • It’s not quite as adjustable as other dual monitor arms
  • Screws coming out after extended use

Ergotron Dual Monitor Arm

best dual monitor arms ergotron
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The Ergotron LX Dual Monitor Mount with Tall Pole allows you to support monitors up to 40 inches apart and 7 to 22 pounds each on a single pole. The monitor mount is height adjustable from 17.5 to 24.6 inches, and tiltable from -5 degrees to 20 degrees. The monitor arm features cable management for a clean look and easy access to power cords, USB cables, and audio cables in your desk.


  • VESA mount sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
  • Adjustment abilities: Rotating, Tilting
  • Weight range: 7 to 22 lbs Each
  • Display size range: 40 inches
  • Available colors: White


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Can be used with multiple monitor configurations
  • Smooth operation without any squeaking
  • Detachable VESA plate


  • A lot of adjustments are required so the single monitor arm can be stable
  • Expensive
  • You may need to purchase additional parts

Huanuo Monitor Laptop Mount

huanuo monitor arms with laptop stand
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The Huanuo Monitor and Laptop Mount is the ultimate monitor stand for your computer. With gas spring dual monitor mounts, you can use it to hold two 13 to 27-inch flat-screen monitors or one 13 to 27-inch curved screen, as well as a laptop tray that fits 10 to 15 inch notebooks. The clamping base lets you mount it on a table or desk, and the grommet mounting base lets you mount it on the wall. It’s made from high-quality steel, so it’s both sturdy and durable!


  • VESA mount sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
  • Adjustment abilities: rotating, swiveling, tilting
  • Weight range: upto 17.6lbs
  • Display size range: 13 to 27 inches
  • Available colors: Black


  • Gas spring mechanism for smooth height adjustment
  • Rubber padding protects your monitor from scratches
  • C clamp design allows you to use it on a desk or table without drilling mounting holes or using screws
  • Grommet mount base makes it easy to move around your desk setup


  • Heavy
  • Not compatible with all laptops
  • Desk clamp wasn’t sturdy
  • It needs a few more inches of height calibration

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

vivo best reviewed dual monitor arm mount
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The VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount is a heavy-duty, incredibly flexible stand that fits two LCD/LED screens up to 30 inches. It’s great for keeping your monitor in view at all times, and it also helps you save space by allowing you to mount your monitor on top of another one. The stand features durable steel construction and a sleek black finish to match any decor.

  • VESA mount sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm
  • Adjustment abilities: Height adjustment, tilting
  • Weight range: upto 22 lbs
  • Display size range: 30 inches
  • Available colors: Black


  • Sturdy construction with a heavy base
  • Adjusting movement allows for optimal viewing angle adjustment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Vesa compatible


  • Heavy duty, but not portable
  • The mounting arm can be difficult to adjust
  • Doesn’t come with a screen protector

Why should I use a dual monitor stand?

There are many good reasons to use a dual monitor stand. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • You want to be able to easily move your monitors around and adjust their height, tilt, and angle. This is especially important if you’re working in a collaborative environment where multiple people need to share their screens.
  • You want to free up your desk space by putting your monitors on top of each other and out of the way. This can help you save time by eliminating unnecessary cable clutter and making room for other items like keyboards or mice.
  • You want to increase your productivity by creating an ergonomic workstation that feels more comfortable than sitting at a standard desk with just one monitor. A dual monitor stand gives you more space to spread out while also keeping things organized so you don’t lose track of anything when working on two screens next to each other.
  • Using a dual monitor stand ensures that your monitors are at eye level, reducing the amount of neck strain you experience while working.
  • You want to reduce eye strain. This happens because the screens are closer together than they would be on most desks, which makes it easier for your eyes to focus on both screens at once without straining them.

Things to Consider

Sitting in front of your computer day after day can eventually take a toll on your body. If you have been thinking about getting a dual monitor stand for your desk, but are not sure which one to get, here is what you should keep in mind when determining which monitor stands are the best.

Weight and Size

The weight capacity of a stand is a good indicator of how much weight it can support without toppling over. For example, if you have two 27-inch monitors that weigh about 10 pounds each, look for a stand that supports at least 20 pounds per arm (40 pounds total). The monitor size will also affect how much weight your mount can hold. If your monitors are 23 inches or smaller in size, look for a stand with an arm width of at least 12 inches wide and 3 inches deep. For larger screens like 27 inches or more, go with one that has an arm width of 16 inches or more.

Mount Type

This will determine the position of the display on your desk.

  • Wall-mounted monitor arms are ideal for people who want to save space and have a sleek setup. These stands can be easily mounted on the wall, so you don’t have to worry about taking up space on your tabletop.
  • Tilting and height-adjustable stands are also great options if you want a dual monitor stand that can be adjusted according to your needs (in case you have a standing desk). Tilting smaller monitors allow you to view them from different angles if you need a better view of something on one of the screens. Height-adjustable monitors also come in handy when you want an ergonomic working environment where all parts of your body are comfortable.
  • Desk-mounted stands are perfect for people who prefer having all their work tools at arm’s reach instead of having them stored away somewhere else in the room. Desk-mounted stands offer more flexibility than wall-mounted ones because they allow you to adjust their height and tilt angle depending on how much extra space is available on your desk or tabletop area.

Cable Management System

Many stands come with a built-in cable management system that can hide your cables and wires. This can be useful if you have a lot of cables, as it may just be easier to keep them organized than it is to try and hide them on your own.

If you do want to hide your cables, though, make sure you get a stand that has a hole big enough for your cables or wires to pass through. Some stands have small holes but are not big enough for most types of cables or wires. If this is the case, then you will have to either drape your cable over the edge of the stand or attach it directly onto the surface of the stand with Velcro tape or something similar (which isn’t ideal).

Adjustment Abilities

The best monitor stands can be adjusted to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a tilt or a height adjusting. The more options you have with your monitor stand, the better.


A tilt adjustment allows you to move the monitor up or down on the stand so that it’s more comfortable to view from different angles. This is useful if you’re using multiple monitors and want to create different viewing angles for each screen.

Height Adjustment

This lets you raise or lower your monitors in order to make them easier to view as they get closer or farther away from your eyes. This is especially important if you’re using multiple monitors and want them all at a similar level of height so that there’s no strain on your neck when looking back and forth between screens.


The main purpose of a monitor stand is to hold your monitor. It needs to be strong enough to do that and stand the test of time.

The most durable material is steel, but it’s also the heaviest. Aluminum is lightweight but not as sturdy as steel. Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive, but it’s less durable than aluminum or steel.


Do monitor arms damage the table?

In most cases, the answer is no. Many monitor arms come with adjustable feet which means they can be securely attached without damaging your desk. However, it’s important that you check any instructions before using any kind of monitor mount or stand as they may have specific instructions that differ from others.

Is it worth getting a monitor arm?

Yes! Monitor arms have transformed work lives. If you’ve ever used a monitor arm, you know why they’re so popular: They make your desk feel more open and inviting. You can move your smaller monitors around to find the perfect position for your setup. The best monitor arms let you adjust height, angle, rotation, and even pivot left or right.

Should I use a clamp or freestanding dual monitor stand?

In most cases, it’s best to use a clamp-style dual monitor stand. Clamp stands are the most economical choice, and they provide the most flexibility. The included clamp can be moved from one surface to another, so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple stands if you need to switch between multiple desktops or workstations.

A freestanding dual monitor stand is more expensive than its clamp counterpart and is less flexible. Freestanding stands can only be used on flat surfaces, which means you won’t be able to take your setup with you when you move heavier monitors or computers.

How much should I spend on a monitor arm?

A decent quality arm will cost around $100-150 but there are many cheaper models available as well (around $50-$80). The more expensive ones tend to have more features like height adjusting and extra options for positioning the display (e.g. portrait mode orientation). If you don’t need these features, then cheaper models will be fine too!

Are monitor arm mounts universal?

No, they are not. Monitor arms are designed specifically to fit certain monitors and the mounts will only work on them.

That being said, there are still some great universal monitor mounts that work fine and that allow you to use any monitor with them. These are typically larger and more expensive than the standard ones but they do offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to what you can attach to them.

Can monitor arms fall?

Arms for most monitors aren’t designed to fall, but they can. The larger and heavier the monitors, the more it makes sense that you’ll have issues with the stand in your desk.

The best way to avoid this issue is to install your single monitor stand correctly. If you have larger or heavier monitors, place it on the side of the desk where there’s less pressure on the arm. Use caution when adjusting your screen height as well.

Our Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Fully Jarvis Dual Monitor Mounting Arm, which is a great option for people on a budget who want a high-quality product that will last them years. The Fully Jarvis Dual Monitor Mounting Arm has the highest weight rating of all our options, making it ideal for heavy monitors. It’s also adjustable, so your screens can be positioned just right for your needs.

It also comes with all the necessary hardware to mount it, and it fixes easily and quickly. We give this product 4 out of 5 stars because we think it would be nice if it had more than one mounting point, but overall it’s a great value!

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