Best Organizing Filing Cabinet for the Office and Workstation

Does your office have a clean and organized environment or just looking at it makes you stressed already? Well, a filing cabinet may be the most useful tool for you when it comes to storing and organizing your documents. It is a secure and dependable storage tool where you can place your documents safely.

Getting yourself the best filing cabinet allows you to be more effective in doing your work and make you appear more professional. Though limited spaces may be difficult to organize, the right design and storage tools can maximize your office space significantly.

Even if offices and workplaces underwent a lot of digital changes over the past years, a filing cabinet has always been a constant tool for many good reasons. There are still circumstances where you will need hard copies of essential documents despite storing a lot of information electronically.

Benefits of A Filing Cabinet

Choosing a filing cabinet that will safeguard your documents and will fit in your office are the most important factors when picking the right storage. You wouldn’t want your valuable papers to be scattered in your drawers, especially if your office requires you to still have documents at hand.

A filing cabinet helps you organize these documents and allows you to access them easily. They dcan also be locked, giving you the edge of having maximum security and privacy for every record kept in it. You can easily set it up anywhere in your office without using too much space.

Top 8 Filing Cabinets to Help Stay Organized

Devaise 3-Drawer Rolling Metal Filing Cabinet

devaise three drawer metal filing cabinet

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This storage is a metal filing cabinet 3-drawer style with a lock. It is a fully assembled metal filing cabinet that could fit legal and letter-size documents. Its ideal for any office space since its small size which allows you to push it under your desk, perfect for any standard desk.

It features two stationary drawers and one filing drawer for letter size and legal-size hanging file folders. It is made out of solid steel construction and loads capacity of up to 330 lbs. so you can expect that it’s durable for long term usage.

Stand out features

  • Has a reliable lock system – This ensures your documents’ safety and privacy.
  • Has two stationery drawers and one filing drawer – Easier storage of different document sizes.
  • Features two lockable casters and one center caster – This will help you avoid from tipping the cabinet.
  • High quality steel material – You have the advantage of storing in bulky documents or items.

Yoleo 3-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

best filing cabinet designer vertical file cabinet

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This 3-drawer file cabinet is a metal vertical file cabinet with hanging file frame that is perfect for your legal and letter files. It’s also equipped with three utility drawers and adjustable drawer dividers to help you store your file folders systematically.

Its anti-tilt mechanism is an excellent feature which allows you to open one drawer at a time and prevent the cabinet from tipping over. It’s also designed to avoid accidents with a set of four casters wherein there are two locking and two non-locking gray casters. Its power coated steel construction in and out and lockable design will surely guarantee the privacy and safety of your documents.

Stand out features

  • There are five interior compartments – This ensures the cleanliness and orderliness of your drawers.
  • Has full extension glides – This allows you to access your files easily.
  • Excellent lockable system – This provides you the long term safety of your records through its “one lock for three drawers” feature.

Hirsh Industries

3-drawer metal filing cabinet hirsh industries

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This sturdy filing cabinet has drawers which extend all the way for maximum access to the files. It has a steel ball-bearings that provides a smooth and non-squeaky drawer performance. You won’t be needing any additional accessories because of its high-side drawers which cater to hanging file folders.

Its convenient core-removable lock will allow you to have the option of having one key for multiple files. You can stack heavy books and other items on top, and it won’t even bend easily. It is built using 30% total recycled materials, thus making it suitable for the environment.

Stand out features

  • Hidden casters – This provides a clean and sleek look for the cabinet.
  • Steel ball-bearing slides – Its quiet performance allows you to work without any distractions.
  • Core-removable lock – This will enable you to lock the three drawers simultaneously.

Bush Furniture Refinery Lateral File Cabinet

best bush furniture lateral filing cabinet

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This lateral file cabinet features a rustic gray finish and charred wood drawer accents which perfectly matches industrial design aesthetics. It’s an ideal filing cabinet for your home or office since it matches your desk height for a personalized work environment.

You can store your letter and legal sized documents in this unique 2-drawer cabinet. Its durable finish helps you avoid scratches and stains as well. Bush Furniture is well-known for its full-extension ball-bearing slides so you can reach easily on the back of the drawer. It’s a reliable and sturdy piece of furniture that is undoubtedly worth the price.

Stand out features

  • The unique rustic gray finish and charred wood drawer – This gives off an appealing look for the whole cabinet.
  • 200 lbs surface weight capacity – This ensures the durability and sturdiness of the cabinet.
  • Durable industrial steel frames and drawer pulls – Excellent choice of material for long-lasting usage.

Laura Davidson Furniture Stockpile 3-Drawer File Cabinet

best home file cabinet for the office laura davidson furniture

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This stockpile 3-drawer file cabinet is a steel file cabinet which is designed to fit under your tables and desks. It has two unique keys that you can use for its 3-locking EZ glide drawers feature. You can put your pencils and pens on its pencil trays and sort your files quickly with its drawer divider.

Its file drawer supports legal-sized and letter-sized documents with no additional hardware required. You will appreciate that it’s designed with a smooth surface and inset hand for that modern office look. It features a ball-bearing glide that makes the drawers open and close smoothly.

Stand out features

  • Modern style round corners – Aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable to move around.
  • Functional ball-bearing glides – Provides a smooth and easy glide usage.
  • Has 3-locking EZ glide drawer feature – Ensures the safety and security of the files stored in the drawers.

Monarch Specialties Specialties 3-Drawer File Cabinet

monarch specialties 3 drawer best white file cabinet

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This Monarch Specialties 3-drawer filing cabinet will keep your files organized without taking up too much space in your office. You can move or lock it in its place with its five locking and non-locking castors.

You can use the top two drawers for storing your office clutter while the bottom drawer can keep all your essential files and documents. Its bottom drawer could fit all standard and legal sized folder. Its contemporary look is an ideal stunning piece for your office as well.

Stand out features

  • Has 5 casters with 2 lockings and 3 non-locking feature – Give you the perks of easy mobility.
  • Varied storage options – All your office items will be easier to track and organize.
  • Has a 3-drawer filing drawer – Provides a multifunctional feature to help you categorize your stuff.

BirdRock Home Abaca 2-Tier File Cubby Office Decor

birdrock two tier home decor filing cubby

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The BirdRock Home Abaca stands out as a 2-tier file cubby cabinet that comes with a lid and is ideal for storing valuable documents and paperwork. Its unique design will surely give a soft touch to your office look as well. It’s very distinct from other filing cabinets because it is handwoven and made from natural plant fibers. The file bins are easy to access with its carrying handles so you can move it anywhere you like.

The storage can fit both legal and letter-size folders which are perfect for your filing system. Aside from storing files, you can also use this to keep other things such as toys, towels, pillows, and more.

Stand out features

  • Unique Abaca material of the file organizer – This gives off a natural look of the product.
  • Has 2 big removable drawers – You can store this anywhere at your office and move it whenever needed.
  • Versatility – It can also be used outside of your office for other clerical works and gatherings.

Safco Products Compact Mobile Letter Size File Cart

safco products compact mobile file cabinet for office

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This Safco Compact Mobile File Cart is a dual-purpose storage tool wherein you can use the top part for storing your files and the bottom part for carrying books and stuff. It comes with four swivel wheels that allow you to move it across the room quickly.

You will notice that it is made up of steel wire, allowing it to carry heavy loads without breaking it. You can hide it under almost any desks because of its small and movable features. The sleek design comes with a powder coating finish to be protected from stains and scratches.

Stand out features

  • Unique dual purpose storage- It’s a suitable space-saver with two helpful functions.
  • Advanced mobility features – This allows you to move the cart easily anywhere in the room.
  • Has a sturdy construction of materials – Its steel and commercial-grade materials are reliable to last long.

Different Types of Common File Cabinet

Lateral Filing Cabinets

One of the features of a lateral filing cabinet is its ability for its drawers to extend from the longest side of the cabinet. Its drawer is broader and deeper compared to other cabinet models. Its design is a nice fit for small offices, especially if a more extended drawer is not possible with the space available.

Lateral filing cabinets also help you store your files side-by-side because of the length of the drawer. This feature will make it easier for you to locate the files you need quickly. Also, its structure allows you to look for a file from a seated and comfortable position.

Vertical Filing Cabinets

Vertical filing cabinets extend from the short side of the cabinet, making its drawers broader and more in-depth compared to other types of filing cabinets. This cabinet is available with two to ten drawers for storing your files, documents, letters, and more. Your files are upfront when opened, making it easier to access.

Vertical filing cabinets are designed taller than lateral types. This means you may need more space to have it fully extended and access the documents located at the distant parts of the drawer. Its design is perfect for small offices since they occupy less floor and wall space.

Mobile Filing Cabinets

A mobile filing cabinet is one of the most convenient cabinets to use in an office setup given its east mobility across any office space. These cabinets come with casters that allow them to be rolled over carpets and other soft surfaces.

They provide an easy way to move files around the office and move it out of your way if you are not going to use it. So instead of a permanent cabinet that will likely take up much space in your office, you can simply buy a mobile model and hide it under your table. Then if ever you will need it again, you can just pull it out and look for a file.

Flat File Storage Cabinets

Flat file cabinets are usually designed for files and documents that are laid flat when storing. These cabinets are short and spacious drawers that usually store blueprints, canvases, plans, and other documents that can’t be risked being folded and crumpled due to their large format.

Flat file models are often used for sensitive files to limit the exposure of the files from lighting and harmful chemicals that may affect the quality of the files. These cabinets have a range of five to twenty drawers allowing you to store up to thousands of paperwork.

Side Tab Filing Systems

Side Tab Filing Systems cater to folders with tabs on the side instead of having it on top. They are ideally stored in shelf file designed cabinets as well.

This type of cabinet only offers shelves with doors that move back into the cabinet instead of your usual drawers.

Side tabbed files frequently use color codes to indicate an alpha-numeric filing system and ensure that files are recollected and easy to return. It’s easy to find your files given that it’s stored in a color-coding manner. Professionals mostly use shelf files and end-tabbed folders to manage their large side tab filing systems.

Card File Storage

A card file storage cabinet is perfect for filing lots of cards for your office. It’s more durable than a shoebox and most definitely more stylish for your card collection. Libraries and organizations mostly use them in storing cards that have essential information written on them.

It is very convenient because each drawer can be labeled, making it satisfying for people who love to work with papers. Card file cabinets also serve as insurance in case you lose files in the digital world. This is particularly helpful since not everything you put online can be stored forever.

Lateral File vs. Vertical File Cabinets

The lateral filing system is mainly used to identify the labels on the side edge of a file. They are usually organized in a horizontal way instead of a vertical manner. Lateral files are typically taken in and out of the shelves by their edges.

To compare the two, you can fit in more files in one space through lateral filing than a vertical one. You can also organize and identify files faster through lateral filing. You can view and sort files easier as well since there aren’t any drawers available with lateral filing.

Lateral Filing only takes up little space, making it ideal for small offices. Vertical files, on the other hand, takes up less wall space but are better with depth and larger offices.

Vertical filing cabinets are usually the ones seen in offices and organizations. They require pull-out drawers that have good depth to fit files. The files are usually labeled by tabs placed on the top edge of a file to keep them organized.

The vertical filing system is the best solution if you want to organize files in an alphabetical manner. You can store a ton of files in a vertical file cabinet and even use them to archive files that you don’t need to get every day.

Common Filing System Used

Over the years, the filing system has continuously changed from filing your paperwork in a box to storing them in a program electronically. Even if there are other filing systems available now, they all lead to the same purpose of efficient management of your records. We’ve rounded up some of the best filing systems you can try:

Numeric Filing – Your files can be arranged in an order using the assigned number on the file. It can be used to provide precise information and allows you to acquire privacy for the file. You can use it for unlimited filing, unlike the Alphabetic filing system.

Alphabetic Filing – You can use the Alphabet order to arrange files by names of people, organizations, businesses, subjects, topics, and places according to their order in the dictionary. This system is effectively used for client name files or topic names which you can record in alphabetical order.

Alpha-Numeric Filing System – This type of filing consists of both names and numbers. You can often use this with subject names and numbers and arrange the files according to their Alphabetic division followed by their number category.

Paperless Filing System – This filing is ideal for business and office use. This kind of system allows you to share access to other users, although you can set user rights for you to control the access to your file.

How To Set Up An Effective Filing System

Having an effective filing system will reduce your daily hassles since you’ll no longer have a hard time finding a specific document at your office. You may now sort out and label your files according to your office demands.

If you have a random assortment of your files that have no connection with each other, there’s no need to panic. You can fix all your mess with some of the top techniques to pull off an effective filing system with the help of some colored folders, scissors, and a box.

Identify Your Filing Categories

The first thing you need to do is to sort out that pile of random documents that you have been referring to as your “filing system” into their different categories. You may sort them first in general categories such as “finances” or “office requirements.”

Adding Subcategories

Now pick from one of your general categories and sort them into subcategories like your “office requirements” could be divided into:

  • Personal files
  • Monthly requirements
  • Summary of Work

Remember to be precise in subcategorizing and don’t just say “work files” for it may confuse you. You don’t want to be starting another random pile of files again. Have them sorted out in their different folders.

Start Color Coding

Each subcategory will now have its own color-coded scheme so you can differentiate them easily. You may pick a color for each subcategory for easy tracking. Color coding your files will make yourself used to the colors of the files, and every time you will look into the box, your brain will automatically move your hand towards the folder you are looking for.

Create Labels

After color-coding your folders, you will now have to label them in a general to specific manner respectively. Instead of labeling a folder “Personal Files” make it Personal Files: Finances”. In that way, you can put all your relevant documents in one section.

Your specific goal is to keep related files close to each other. Keep doing this until all your files have been labeled and grouped into their own category. Doing this will make you read and look for the file hassle-free.

Filliping Up Your Drawer

Now all you have to do is keep the subcategories together and pile them in their general category in alphabetical order before storing them in the drawers. Whenever you need to find a folder or file, just look for the major category and eventually identify the file you are looking for with the help of the color scheme and labels.


Overall, keeping a reliable filing system is important for you to have a comfortable and organized office environment. There may be different kinds of filing cabinets in different brands, but all of them are made for the benefit of keeping your files organized in a stylish manner.

Having a filing system is convenient to suit your taste as well. Keeping a vertical or lateral file cabinet that is either made of steel or wood, will definitely help you keep your files and maintain your clutter in your workstation. If you would like to have a clean and organized room, consider having an excellent filing system.

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