Best Headrest Attachments for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The two best headrests that we’ll be discussing and finding the difference is:

  • Atlas
  • Engineered Now

Two of these headrests have been the top ranking products on the market as a headrest accessory for one of the best office chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron. The headrest is great because it allows you to rest your neck and give you proper posture when sitting in long hours.

Here at Desk Advisor, we think that having a headrest accessory is a necessity for the Aeron Chair. I just don’t see why they didn’t add it to their options.

Product ImageName
Comes in Fabric or Leather
Atlas Headrest
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Comes in mesh material
Engineered Now Headrest
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Atlas Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Our Choice

Atlas Headrest Designed for Herman Miller Aeron

The headrest comes in fabric or leather, great for those that don’t want mesh material.

Atlas headset was designed by Herman Miller veterans that are made specifically for the Aeron chair. Atlas has gone through rigorous testing and ergonomic research, developed in West Michigan by Herman Miller’s leading supplier. This headset was made to fit all sizes (A, B or C) and models of the chair.

One caveat with the Atlas, however, is that it only has colors to match graphite colors.

With the Atlas headrest, you can choose between two different types, fabric or leather — depending on what your preference is.

Customer Service

Based on numerous reviews, the customer service on Atlas headrest has been very top notch. They will even answer your questions outside of their normal business hours. If you’re not happy with their product, they have good service where you’ll be able to return the headrest with no hassles.

This headrest also comes with a one-year limited warranty, in case if you have any issues with it.

Notable Features

  • Fully adjustable headrest, allowing up-down, in-out and tilt position to match your posture.
  • Made to fit for anyone and any size.
  • The headrest stays in place, based on your preferred settings.
  • The headrest is made out of fabric or leather.

Customer Reviews

The Good:

  • Customer service is very impressive and cares about each detail of their product.
  • Very ergonomic and comfortable of the foam padding of the Aeron headrest.
  • Fits the chair very well.
  • Great adjustability.

The Bad:

  • Price is too high.
  • Sometimes the lock needs to be adjusted again.

Engineered Now Headrest for Aeron Classic or Remastered Chair Review

Engineered Now Headrest for Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Comes in different colors to match your chair, and fully adjustable to keep you sitting longer and more comfortable.

This is another best headrest option for the Herman Miller Aeron chair. It also has a lot of adjustable features so you can customize your experience, ensuring that your comfort is tailored to your personal needs.

The headrest can “lock” into any position for strong support, but can also be freely adjusted by hand without having to get out of your chair.

The headrest perfectly matches the remastered or classic Herman Miller Aeron Chairs and has six different color options that you can choose from. In addition, Engineered Now has four different models, the H3 (for classic/remastered) and the H4 (for classic/remastered).

H3 is great for users under 5′ 11″ in height. H4 would be better suited for users taller. The H4 model has a little more adjustable features and also has a 20% larger pillow size. In addition, the H4 provides a maximum height of 11″ and a maximum forward reach of 8″ allowing users to fully engage in an upright sitting position.

Customer Service

Engineered Now uses Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee service which lets you return the product if you’re not 100% satisfied. In addition, the headrest is backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Notable Features

  • H3 model – good for users under 5′ 11″.
  • H4 model – good for users above 5′ 11″.
  • Easy to install on the chair.
  • Mesh material to help control airflow, matching the mesh chair.
  • Fully adjustable, allowing you to fit your personal preference.
  • Backed by 2-year limited warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money back, backed by Amazon A-Z Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

The Good:

  • Really comfortable with mesh material, because it’s breathable and doesn’t stick to your skin.
  • Very easy to install, will literally take one minute.
  • It matches the chair look perfectly.
  • High-quality materials used to construct the headrest.
  • Very easy to adjust quickly when needed.

The Bad:

  • Some say fabric can be different than the chair, and color may be a little off.
  • The price is a little too expensive for a headrest.
  • Hair can slide through the mesh and get snagged.

Why do I need a headrest for Herman Miller Aeron?

So, one big question is, why should I spend a lot of money on getting a headrest? Well, the headrest is great if you’re sitting at your desk for a long time. It helps with resting your neck, but one of the most important feature of a headrest is to help with your posture.

If you’re always slouching at your desk, then that means you’ll need something to help with maintaining an upright position.

Final Thoughts

These two companies make exceptional headrests for the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Either of these headrests will get you the comfort you’ve been wanting. If you’re still having trouble deciding which one to get, we suggest getting both and then testing it out to see which one you’ll feel more comfortable with.

They both have very different ergonomics and adjustability that will only be tuned to each person’s preference.

But if you do only want to get one, here are a couple of things that you can think about to narrow down your suggestion:

  • Consider your height, because the Engineered Now headrest has two different models depending on height.
  • What material would you’d like with your chair? Do you favor mesh, fabric, or leather?
  • What color do you want? Do you mind getting mixed colors with your chair?

Hopefully, some of these questions can get you thinking on which headrest you’d want to get. If you decide to get a headrest, we’d love to hear your thoughts on which one you picked and leave us a comment!

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