10 Best Home Office Desks to Stay Productive Throughout 2023

Who knew that looking for good furniture is tough work? Having a good desk that you like can make or break your productivity, especially since a lot of companies are having their employees work from home. Keep in mind that whether you’re looking for a desk that is modern or classic, a desk is the centerpiece of any home office, so picking the one that you think is your favorite is going to be essential.

Your home office desk is going to be an important piece of furniture that you’ll be spending a lot of time with. Our list will consist of beautifully crafted home office desks to very minimal design and to even the very basic, for those that don’t need it all.

Stay productive with the 10 best home office desks in 2023

We’re not here to judge which home office desk is the top of the list, but instead, we want to provide a good amount of options that you might want to take a look at where it’s considered to be in this article.

Monarch Specialties L-Shape Home Office Desk

White L Shape Desk for Home Office from Monarch Specialties

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If you’re into a more contemporary style with tons of storage compartments, then this Monarch l-shaped desk could be a top pick for you. It has two medium storage drawers and a convenient lateral file drawer below to help keep your documents organized.

With the l-shape design, you’ll be able to place your desk anywhere in your home to complement your surrounding decor, especially being used as a corner desk.

The dimensions of the desk are 60″ length x 47″ width x 30″ height, plenty of space for all your office work.

If you’re a student, the drawers have enough space for all your gadgets and paperwork. You’ll be able to tuck away your laptops, graphing calculators, notebooks, etc.

What makes the Monarch Specialties l-shape desk stand out?

  • Clean and contemporary design
  • Lots of storage space
  • Comes with multiple color options for user preference

TOPSKY 55″ Writing Desk with Bookshelf

home office desk simple with bottom shelf

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The 55″ computer desk is a great option for any office. It is large enough for you to have your monitors and laptop setup, dimensions are 55″ length x 23.6″ width and 30″ height. Very sturdy with 1.18″ thick board, waterproof and anti-scratch desk. The legs are metal with 1.57″ x 1.57″ edge-to-edge, strong enough to support heavy office equipment or even a standing desk converter, up to nearly 500 lbs.

Keep in mind that most of these desks are standard desk heights, around 29″, sometimes 30″ tall. So if you like working while standing up, then consider looking into a desk with a larger working area like this desk.

Stand out features

  • Bookshelf storage under the table
  • Large enough desk for dual monitors
  • Sturdy and durable that’ll last years
  • Large surface space for writing and/or adding a standing desk converter

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk With Drafting Table

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelf and drafting table

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This office desk is a step up especially for those who’s an artist. The Tribesign is a modern l-shape desk that doubles as a normal work desk and drafting drawing table. Because it’s an l-shape desk, one side is a tiltable drawing tabletop, easily tilts up to 80 degrees, with a sheet stopper to prevent your paper from slipping down, while the other is perfect for a gaming setup or office supplies.

The Tribesign modern l-shape desk has very spacious work surface with 67″ length x 59″ width x 24″ depth. Wide enough to fit your laptop, PC, keyboard and desk accessories. In addition, the desk comes with a bookshelf for more storage space.

Another unique feature of this corner desk is that it is flexible whereas you’ll be able to detach it in three different pieces, making it easy for space-saving or if you want to change your office layout.

Stand out features

  • Tiltable drawing board tabletop with sheet stopper
  • Detachable tables for space-saving or change of office decor
  • Bookshelf storage available under desk

Nathan James Stylish Two-Drawer Home Office Desk

best stylish home office desk

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Who says finding a stylish office desk is tough work? Good thing we’re here to help. This Nathan James is a beautiful black and gold desk that will go with any modern and chic office. If you like the simple look, then this might be up your alley.

The dimension of the desk is 42″ length x 30″ depth x 20″ height, with 4″ rectangular desk height. This is a great desk size for any standard room that can be tucked in the corner.

Stand out features

  • Design inspired, gold-plated frame adding a luxury and sophistication taste
  • Simple, elegant, and contemporary writing desk
  • L-shaped design giving more room for your legs
  • Perfect size for any small space.

bonVIVO Contemporary Home Office Desk

contemporary home office desk with yellow rocking chair

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If you’re looking for a beautiful contemporary home office desk, then this bonVIVO writing table would be a great option. This is a good smaller desk for anyone who doesn’t have a large place to add a table, with dimensions of 44″ length x 30″ width x 22″ depth, just enough for a laptop or a smaller computer screen.

This eye-catching piece of furniture will make your home office feel very welcomed. In addition, bonVIVO has other furniture that can make with this desk to help your home feel extra cozy.

Stand out features

  • Available in other matching furniture
  • Contemporary, mid century, and modern design
  • Budget-friendly home office desk

Zuri Furniture Kennedy Executive Home Office Desk

executive home office desk

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Perhaps you have a larger space and you’re looking for something more elegant or mid century with more storage space for your paperwork.

The Zuri Furniture is more than just an executive desk for the home, its a statement for if you have clients that show up at your home for meetings.

Another cool feature to note is the writing pad that extends the entire tabletop so you’ll be comfortable writing on any sheet of paper or documents.

If you’re looking into a desk like this, you might want to consider looking into a very comfortable office chair that can match with the style. We suggest looking into something like the Herman Miller Embody or Aeron chair. This would go perfect with this executive desk.

Stand out features

  • Large l-shape desk with tons of storage
  • An executive desk with unique desk designs with chrome accents
  • 35″ width x 19.5″ depth writing pad

Tribesigns Computer Desk for Home Office

contemporary computer office desk

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If you want to take a step back on the pricing, then this might be another great option for those that require a larger desk and to look more like an executive desk.

This simple open-concept design, with clean aesthetics, makes it a perfect addition to any home office or workspace. The metal frame is 1.57″ thick, making it stable and sturdy to hold up your office equipment.

Great multifunctional desk, can be used as a computer desk, gaming desk, office workstation, meeting desk, or even a study table.

Pair this home office with an ergonomic chair such as the Steelcase Leap or Herman Miller Aeron.

Stand out features

  • Spacious large computer desktop: 63″ length x 23.6″ width x 29″ height
  • Easy to assemble, less than 15 minutes of labor work
  • Available in multiple desktop colors for home decor

Bush Furniture L-Shape Home Office Desk with Hutch

decorative l-shape home office desk with hutch

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A lot of individuals ask us about desks with a hutch, so we researched and found that Bush Furniture builds some of the top solid wood office desks that comes with a hutch. When building this, they took into account storage; as you see there is plenty of cabinet space and filing space for all your books, word documents, and any other office-related items.

This l-shaped computer home office desk surface provides 60″ of workspace in either direction with a depth of 24″ on the left and 20″ on the right. In addition to a large working area, this desk has an integrated 4-port USB hub that can keep all your devices connected.

The file cabinet drawer glides easily so you can reach letter, legal or A4-size files.

Stand out features

  • Integrated with 4-port USB
  • The office desk has a hutch for extra storage space
  • Comes with storage cabinets to keep all work documents organized

Monarch Specialties Contemporary Home Office Desk

contemporary l shape home office desk

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Another beautifully crafted desk design for your home office is the Monarch Specialties. This is a 78″ length desk with a cement looking tabletop. If your home has marble tiles or quartz, then this desk would match perfectly.

It also storage on the left side of the desk, an open cubby for books and office supplies, one closed storage drawer for more accessories, and a large storage drawer for standard and legal documents. In addition, this desk sits on metal track legs for a clean contemporary look.

The larger piece dimension is 55″ in length and 47″ for the smaller side, but when both tables are connected it is about 79″ long. The width is 47″ while the height is 30″.

Stand out features

  • Contemporary look and design
  • Sleek track metal legs for stability
  • Multi-functionality – able to be placed on left or right side

Best Choice Products L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

budget friendly l shape home office desk

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Our final desk of choice is this very affordable and budget-friendly computer desk with a keyboard tray and PC tower holder.

This is a very basic, classy and modern desk for any corner office or work area. The frame is very sturdy with an industrial and architectural look. The overall dimensions are 59″ length (right side) or 55″ length (left side) x 19.5″ width x 29.5″ height.

One neat feature that we would like to point out is the foot rail at the bottom. You might not think that this is a big deal, but when it comes to ergonomics and comfort, you’ll be glad that its there.

Stand out features

  • Footrest for comfort and ergonomics
  • Keyboard tray for additional ergonomics
  • Comes with a PC tower for organization
  • Perfect size as a corner desk

Our rating system

Just like you, we had to search the web for the best home office desks that matched our standards. In order to make the list of what we thought our readers would like are these criteria:

  • Quality – In order for these home office desks to be on our list, we want to make sure that the product you’re looking into are high quality. We want to make sure that these desks can last you a long time since you’ll be working at it for years to come.
  • Value – For most people, the cost can be an issue, so we took pricing into consideration. Our goal is to make sure that we provide you desks with great value.
  • Ratings – We can’t forget the hundreds of other customers that will vouch for the office desks that we’ve picked. We put this into consideration because if the majority of the customers have a great experience, then chances are, you’ll do the same.

How to choose the perfect home office desk

When looking for your perfect office desk, make sure to take note some of these

  • Storage – If you constantly have paperwork to attend to, then perhaps looking into a desk with a hutch or storage would be a good option. You’ll want to consider how much storage you’ll need and if it fits your office style. Being organized will help you in the long run, because you’ll be more productive in a decluttered workspace and finding something will be easy.
  • Style – There are so many home office desks on the market that it’s hard to decide. If you’re like us, we want to make sure that our desk matches every detail of the room. Typically we like to set the desk as the stage and then decorate around it, but if you’re looking into getting a new desk to match your current space,
  • Measurements – This might be obvious, but we still would like to remind you to make sure the desk you really love can fit in your home office. Consider everything else surrounding it, your office chair, other furniture, etc.

Keep in mind, that each person is different, and everyone has their own styling taste, work ethics, and requirements.

Different Desks for Home Office

Of course, there are different desks that you can look into that’ll work for the home office. If you’d like to look into other desks, here are some reviews that we’ve written that could spark your interest.

  • Home office desks for Executives: If you want a premium home office desk, this article presents a list of the best executive desks.
  • Best desks for students: This article will show you some of our better desks that students can use
  • Best desks for gaming: If you’re a gamer, and love the gaming aesthetics, then this article will help you choose a pretty cool desk that’ll match your preference.
  • Ergonomic chair and desk set: If you have kids and want to get them to start growing learning habits, this article presents a set of a good ergonomic chair and desk sets.
  • Desks for receptionists:  This article is interesting because it can double as a receptionist desk and a home office.
  • U-shaped desks: If you have space, a u-shaped home office desk can provide ample storage.
  • Desks for artistic kids: If you’re looking for a new desk for your child, these desks can be perfect for any students looking to get into art.


Everyone’s home office is going to be decorated differently. We’ve put together some of the best home office desks we think the general public would love. Our team have compiled hours of research and considered multiple factors.

In summary, here is the list of the home office desks we recommend:

  • Monarch Specialties L-Shape Home Office Desk
  • TOPSKY 55″ Home Office Desk with Bookshelf
  • Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk With Drafting Table
  • Nathan James Stylish Two-Drawer Home Office Desk
  • bonVIVO Contemporary Home Office Desk
  • Zuri Furniture Kennedy Executive Home Office Desk
  • Tribesigns Computer Desk for Home Office
  • Bush Furniture L-Shape Home Office Desk with Hutch
  • Monarch Specialties Contemporary Home Office Desk
  • Best Choice Products L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

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