Best Monitor Stands with USB, Storage and Organizer

Did you know that 65 million out of 115 million adults use a computer at work? Most of those people feel some pain in their neck and back.

If you’re using a computer often and for hours at the time, it’s crucial that you’re as comfortable as possible. You can help the situation by choosing a monitor stand that raises the screen to your eye level. The best monitor stand is flexible, durable, and designed to make your time by the computer comfortable.


Best Wooden Monitor Stand and Organizer


Songmics 2-tier Bamboo

Not only it provides better viewing experience, but this stand also offers more well-organized storage space. Each side compartment has three separating boards and six slots so you can always make the best use of the area. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, it’s not only decorative but durable. The stand supports monitors up to 80lbs.

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Songmics 1-tier Bamboo

This eco-friendly bamboo stand can support up to 80lbs. It lifts the monitor up to your eye level, and it’s also a great organizer. It features many different slots for your cell phone, pens, a cup, and other office supplies. You can also store the keyboard and mouse under the stand. It’s polished and has rounded corners, so it looks great, too.

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The Ecobambu stand has a modern and useful design that offers more than just a better viewing position. The stand features two drawers that are easy to open and allow you to store all your office supplies out of sight.

Even with the drawers, you can still store your keyboard and mouse underneath. Made from 100% Moso Bamboo, the stand can hold monitors up to 80lbs. On the top, it features a few slots for your phone, pens and a cup.

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Made from bamboo, this stand is stable and durable. It features slots for your phone, a cup, and office supplies. It has two drawers and a shelf for all your stuff and enough space for a keyboard and a mouse to fit underneath. It improves your viewing position and increases desk space. The stand has a grommet hole that keeps your cords well-organized.

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Best Modern and Sleek Designed Computer Screen Riser



This monitor stand is both convenient and modern. It’s a space-saving shelf stand that allows you to store larger items underneath it. It’s made from 6mm tempered glass and can hold a monitor weighing up to 33lbs. It features four legs that have an adjustable height of 0-12mm.

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Complimenting any décor, the Halter monitor stand fits monitors up to 22’’. It puts your monitor in line with your eyes, while it also creates extra storage space. You can even use it as a printer stand or a desk shelf. It’s made from acrylic, and all its edges are smooth.

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This sleek stand features six settings that allow you to adjust your monitor with your eye level. Made from aluminum, the stand weighs only 3.3lbs. As opposed to just lifting you monitor and allowing you to store stuff underneath, this stand’s storage area is hidden. You can easily open it via magnetic faceplates in front and back.

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Best Metal Mesh Desktop Screen Stand


Mind Reader

It not only raises your screen to your eye level but helps organize your desk. Made from metal mesh, the stand features side compartments great for all your supplies. It also has a sliding drawer where you can keep papers and important documents. It’s high enough to fit your keyboard underneath. The stand can hold a monitor weighing up to 40lbs.

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This clean and modern looking stand is great for monitors up to 40lbs. It allows you to store your keyboard and mouse underneath when you’re not using them. The stand is made from powder-coated steel that has a hole pattern for best airflow and is durable. It also has non-skid feet that won’t scratch or damage your desk.

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House Ur Home

The mesh metal stand like this raises the screen to your eye level, but it also allows air flow. It has two holding spots for cellphones, and many compartments for all the office supplies you want near you. The stand features a sliding drawer for some extra storage. Its overall dimensions are 22.4×11.8×5.9 inches. Its non-skid rubber feet are stable and keep your desk safe from any scratching.

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Best Budget Friendly and Stackable Monitor Riser



This unique monitor stand has stackable legs that allow you to adjust its weight to your eye level. The feet are non-skid, so the stand is always in place and can’t damage your furniture. You can adjust the height up to 4-7/8 inches. It supports monitors up to 22 pounds and has an 11-inch-wide storage area underneath.

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Best Modern Monitor Stand with USB Charging


Urbo Monitor Stand

Supporting a maximum weight of 31 lb, this monitor stand protects your desk and prevents the monitor from slipping. It features 4 USB ports on the side and since it’s lifted, allows you to store your keyboard underneath it. It’s made from heat-resistant solid aluminum.

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Satechi Premium Aluminum

Made from laser-cut aluminum, this monitor stand is modern and durable. You can use it with any monitor as it supports up to 200 lbs. It features 4 USB hubs at the front, and in the back, it has a cable organizer that keeps everything in place.

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Satechi F3 Smart Monitor Stand w/ Headphone & Microphone Ports

The Satechi F3 can hold monitors weighing up to 22lb. It features two 3.1 or 2 inches legs made from aluminum. It also has 4 3.0 USB ports that allow you to access all your USB devices easily. What’s great is that it features 3.5mm earphone and microphone ports, too.

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What to look for in a monitor stand

  • Durability – it’s crucial that your monitor stand is durable and reliable. Choose only the most enduring materials that are long-lasting.
  • Convenience – why not make the best of your stand and use it as a storage space for those office supplies you use the most? Many monitor stands offer drawers, shelves and slots for different items.
  • Flexibility – Look for the one you can move around with ease. It’s also good to consider a stand that has adjustable height, especially if you’re sharing your computer.


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