Best Monitors for Stock Trading in 2023 -Expert Reviews

Familiarizing yourself with your different options for the best monitors for trading should be one of your priorities if you plan to jumpstart your career in stock trading. One great thing about this venture is that you can do it via your mobile phone or laptop.

However, your goal of attaining success in the competitive trading industry will be more achievable if you invest in the best monitor for it. A good one makes important details, especially those related to price history more accessible.

With that, you won’t miss out on vital details, which usually happens if you use a small screen. Just make sure that your chosen monitor perfectly complements and suits your trading style.

Best Trading Monitors for Single Display

For more convenience, traders swear about using the best trading monitors for a single display. In this case, monitors with wider screens are the best bet. What is good about wide-screen monitors is that they can display every detail you need at once.

Wide monitors are beneficial in the sense that they can show you multiple charts simultaneously in just a single screen. Apart from such charts, the monitors can also show the order entry system. The details shown in the screen promote ease and convenience when it comes to trading.

If you are interested in trading monitors with wide screens, then your choices include the following:

LG 34WN80C-B 34 inch

best lg ultra wide stock trading monitor

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The LG 34WN80C-B is the first widescreen monitor that you can use for trading. Being one of the best ultra-wide monitors at exactly 34 inches, this curved monitor will let you view everything you want to see when you are trading stocks.

One advantage of this monitor is that it has a solid color accuracy. It also has features that appeal not only to stock traders but also graphic artists and game designers. You will also surely love the on-screen control provided by this screen.

Such control allows you to access a wide range of vital settings for the monitor easily and quickly. Furthermore, you can take advantage of its split-screen setting just in case you would like to multitask. This setting makes it even more perfect for stock traders, like you, as well as other professionals, including creative developers and programmers.

Alienware NEW Curved 34

alienware day trading monitor

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This 34-inch widescreen monitor from Alienware is also a major hit among many stock traders. With the 1900R curved display provided by this monitor, you can surely see every little detail that you can use for your stock trading ventures.

Having a curved display is a big advantage as it does not only maximize your field of vision but also lessen the movements of your eyes. With that, expect to be able to maintain your focus every time you trade.

You will also feel comfortable viewing every little detail about various trading activities. It also delivers sharp and clear images, making it possible for everyone who gets the chance to use it to have a more immersive and fun experience.

The 120Hz refresh rate guaranteed by this monitor also helps you remain in action. It lets you experience each moment and respond promptly to certain situations, which is a good thing when it comes to trading.

Samsung 49-Inch CRG9

samsung stock trading ultrawide monitor

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One of the widest screens in this list, this 49-inch monitor from Samsung will surely give you fun and memorable trading experiences. It has an ultra-wide and impressive aspect ratio, which can provide you with the best field of view you can ever imagine.

With that, expect a more immersive action whether you are into trading or gaming. Another reason why many traders pick this Samsung monitor is that it offers them maximum comfort. It is primarily because of the stand with an adjustable height.

This stand can be tilted and swiveled to ensure that you remain comfortable the entire time you are in front of the screen. The screen is also very bright and clear in the sense that you can view all the content in there in fine detail.

Furthermore, it has a fantastic brightness rating. It contributes a lot to the brightness, pureness, and genuineness of the colors it displays.

Philips Computer Monitors 328E9FJAB 32”

large monitor for trading philips

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Trading will also become more fun and profitable with the aid of this 32-inch monitor from Philips. It can provide you with clear and wide viewing angles that are extremely beneficial if you want to do a successful trade all the time.

Combine that with the ability of this monitor to offer a highly accurate color reproduction, and I’m sure you will have one of the most immersive viewing experiences in your lifetime. It has plenty of features that truly make using it worthwhile.

One of these is the narrow border display, which plays a huge role in giving the monitor a more seamless look. It also makes use of flicker-free technology, making it helpful in preventing eye fatigue.

It is a good thing, especially if you spend an extremely long time in front of the screen for trading or gaming. This Philips monitor also boasts of its LowBlue setting, which makes you more productive without straining your eyes.


viotek budget friendly stock trading monitor

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This VIOTEK monitor is also one of the solutions for traders looking for a wide and clear screen. With the features integrated into this monitor, you can surely dominate the world of trading. What’s even better is that you can also use it for recreational purposes, like gaming.

When it comes to trading, you will surely love this widescreen QHD monitor because of its ability to deliver exceptional detail and clarity. It also assures you of smoother and faster action, thanks to its 144Hz response rate.

Viewing all the details that you can use for stock trading is also easy with this monitor around. It even comes with an anti-glare treatment, which lessens on-screen reflection. It also has a blue-light filter, which you can activate to protect yourself from eye fatigue and strain, especially during those long trading hours.

ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C 35”

viewsonic monitor stock trading

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Another amazing trading monitor designed to provide a single display is the ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C. With its 35-inch and 1800R curved screen, you will surely have an extensive space for all the stock trading details you want to be displayed on the screen.

Many also love the ergonomic design of this monitor. Such a design assures you that you can comfortably trade, work, or play games even for several hours in a day. Another great feature of this ViewSonic monitor is its 100Hz refresh rate.

This specific feature assures you that screen tearing and stuttering will be eliminated. With that, expect to enjoy fluid action whether it’s gaming or trading. It also assures you of a fun and immersive viewing experience through the incredible details, vivid colors, and panoramic images it can display.

Furthermore, it makes use of ClearMotion technology. This technology uses backlight strobing, which is a big advantage as it significantly lessens blurry images. This results in clear visuals and details, a big advantage during those situations when rapid movements and actions are necessary.

Consider Getting a Curved Monitor vs. Flat

When it comes to trading monitors, those with curved screens are known to be better than the flat ones. While curved monitors are still quite new in the industry, take note that they are rapidly overtaking their flat counterparts because of their numerous benefits.

One of the benefits of curved monitors, especially when it comes to trading, is that they have unique designs that can lessen eye strain. Another advantage of the curved monitor is that it can offer a much better field of view than flat monitors.

This view is good for stock traders who need to see even the tiniest details that could affect their trading decisions. It is also advisable to get the curved monitor, instead of the flat version, because the former assures you of minimal distortion issues, especially during your trading sessions.

Furthermore, curved monitors can offer much better viewing angles and color consistency. The fact that they have a curved design makes it possible for you to see all parts of the screen at similar angles. This curved design also gets rid of extreme viewing angles that contribute to the consistency of colors across the screen.

Why Gaming Monitors are Good for Trading?

You may also want to check out gaming monitors if you are looking for something that you can use for trading. Keep in mind that just like gaming, trading also requires a monitor that is powerful enough.

Most gaming monitors are designed and built in a way that they have more than enough power for fast-paced action. You can greatly benefit from such kind of power if you choose this gaming monitor every time you trade.

The fast response rates of gaming monitors are also beneficial in the world of trading. Keep in mind that to be a successful stock trader, you need to act fast and at the right time.
You can do that if you also have a monitor, which has a quick response rate, allowing you to respond to certain situations and make the right trading decisions promptly. You will

also surely love the image rendering, color representation, image sharpness, and motion displayed by most high-quality gaming monitors.
Best Multiple Monitor Setup for Stock Trading

Your stock trading activities will also be much better and probably more favorable for you if you invest in the best multiple monitor setup. Take note that a lot of professional traders prefer using multiple monitors.

It is because the multi-monitor setup gives them the chance to monitor closely all the activities presented by their trading indicators and charts. With multiple monitors, you can also clearly view various trading aspects, such as watch lists, high volume stocks, and losers or gainers, among many other things.

To give you an idea about the best multiple monitor setup that you can use for stock trading, here are a couple of highly recommended choices for traders:

HP VH240a 23.8-inch

stock trading multiple monitor setup hp

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This 23.8-inch product from HP can give you the kind of multiple monitor setup that you are hoping for. It has a wide enough display and comes with almost everything you need to achieve your desired setup.

Among these features are the ergonomic stand and high-quality speakers. Boasting of an ultra-slim design, you will surely have a more convenient time using it for trading. It also boasts of its 178-degree positioning viewing angle, giving you the chance to get the highest quality regardless of your sitting location or position.

Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″

budget friendly day trading for multiple monitors setup sceptre

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Stock trading will also become easier with the aid of this 24-inch multiple monitor setup provided by Sceptre. It has a great resolution, making it possible for you to enjoy its clear, bright, and stunning picture details and colors.

You will also love its 5-millisecond response time. With this rate of response, it can surely display the sequences of action with a high level of clarity. It is a good thing if you want to act appropriately and promptly during each of your trading sessions.

ASUS VN279Q 27″

asus multiple monitor asus

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Another highly recommended choice for those in search of the best multiple monitor setup for stock trading is ASUS VN279Q. Many traders who got the chance to use it love its narrow bezel design as it has a size that is perfect for multi-screen setups.

The full HD visual quality of this 27-inch monitor is also one of its greatest advantages. Aside from that, it takes pride in its 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, making it possible for you to see all the details that can affect your trading decisions.

Recommended Monitor Arm Stands

It is also advisable to invest in any of the highly recommended monitor arm stands that you can use to set up your multiple monitors. With the help of these stands, you can make your workspace look clean and neat.

You need one to ensure that your desk will not get too loaded with several monitors. It assures you of a cleaner and more organized setup even with the dual monitors around. With the organized look of your workspace, you can think clearly and focus more on making the right trading decisions.

Dual Monitor Stands

recommended dual monitor stands

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If you are looking for a dual monitor stand, then the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand is probably your best choice. It is an incredible choice with its ability to fit a couple of screens from around thirteen to twenty-seven inches.

It boasts of its integrated cable management system, which is a big help in organizing your cables. It does so with the aid of its detachable cable clips. With these clips around, your cables will stay well-organized and clean.

I am sure you will love the adjustable arm of this dual monitor stand, too. You can make adjustments on the degree of its tilt and swivel rotation. Furthermore, you can adjust its height based on what is most appropriate for your monitors.

This stand also gives you the option to position your monitor in landscape or portrait mode.

Triple Monitor Stand

triple monitor stand for stock trading

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You may also want to check out the triple monitor stands. One of the most recommended products in this category is the EleTab Triple Monitor Stand Mount. A lot of traders prefer this stand because it takes pride in its stable and sturdy construction.

It comes with a metal base, which is stable enough, thereby preventing your monitor and desk or table from tilting and rattling. It can perfectly accommodate three screens with screen sizes of around 17 to 27 inches.

Another great thing about this stand is that it is completely adjustable. You can tilt its mount arm either up or down. It also lets you rotate the display either horizontally or vertically, giving you as much control as you want.

Quad Monitor Stand

best quad monitor stand for day trading

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You may also want to use a quad monitor stand for your multiple monitor setup. In this case, one of your best choices is the VIVO Quad Monitor Desk Mount Stand. It is a heavy-duty stand, which is extremely useful in accommodating up to four monitors.

The stand gives you full control as it lets you tilt, rotate, or swivel it. You can also adjust its height to ensure that you can optimize its viewing angles. With that, you can view the details on the screen more clearly.

This stand also promotes the proper management of your cables. It is made possible by its built-in integrated clip system. With this system around, you can prevent cords and cables from creating a mess in your workspace.

Why Multi-monitor vs. Ultra-wide for Day Trading?

If you are interested in day trading, then you may find the use of multiple monitors more beneficial than using ultra-wide ones. Single, ultra-wide monitors can indeed offer the advantage of giving you the details you want to see in just one screen.

It offers convenience since you do not have to switch from one screen to another just to get the info you want. Most of these ultra-wide monitors also boast of their sharp and wide viewing angles, letting you see as many details as you want.

However, multiple monitors also offer the same advantage as a single ultra-wide monitor. They can even probably provide much more incredible benefits. With the aid of these multiple monitors, you can easily keep track of various charts, news items, trading indicators, and high volumes, among many others.

All these details are crucial in becoming a successful day trader. You no longer have to rely on just one screen, which might only limit you in terms of seeing everything. A multi-monitor setup can also boost your productivity.

It promotes ease in multi-tasking as you do not have to toggle from one window to another. Furthermore, most of these multiple monitor setups deliver crisp, clear, and sharp details and images. With that, you can see every little detail that you can use to trade successfully.

How to Choose Monitors for Stock Trading?

With the increasing number of stock traders at present, it is also not surprising to see several monitors that are useful for this venture currently emerging in the market. With your many choices for stock trading monitors, you may deal with a lot of confusion during the selection process.

Fortunately, you get a better chance of making a sound and informed buying decision by knowing exactly what you should look for. It would be best to start your search by keeping in mind these crucial factors:

Screen Size

The screen size should be one of the key factors you have to consider in your search for the best out of the many monitors for stock trading introduced to you. In most cases, you can choose from monitors with screens that are around 15 inches to 30 inches.

You can even go for screens wider than 30 inches if you truly want to have a wide field of view. Go for wide screens as they can help you assess even the tiniest detail that can impact your trading decisions. Just make sure that your desk is also capable of handling such width without causing a mess.

Resolution and Contrast

Check the monitor’s resolution and contrast, too. Your goal is to ensure that you get that monitor, which can provide you with the highest level of resolution and contrast, so you can see everything.

If possible, go for one with QHD resolution. It is good for stock traders and day traders because it lets them fit multiple screens or windows in just one display. Alternatively, you can invest in a couple of monitors but make sure that their resolutions are also great.

Refresh Rate

Another factor that should influence your final choice of a stock trading monitor is the refresh rate. It would be much better for your chosen monitor to have a high refresh rate because it lowers your risk of straining your eyes.

It is even more important if you plan to trade for several hours a day. With the high refresh rate, you can prevent adding strain and pressure to your eyes even if you are in front of the screen for a long time.

Style and Design

Of course, you also need to check the overall style and design of the monitor before buying. Make sure that it fits the specific design that you have in mind. If possible, go for one with a sleek and thin design but is wide enough to show a lot in just one screen.

It is also favorable to choose a monitor with a curved design. Many traders swear that the curved monitor supplies them with all the information they need for trading conveniently and clearly. It also seems to provide the widest angles among the many designs currently in the market.


Your chances of succeeding in the stock trading industry will grow exponentially high if you invest in the right equipment and knowledge. One of those you have to invest in is the best monitor for stock trading. With a good monitor around, analyzing the stock market and making sound trading decisions will be a lot easier.

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