Best Montblanc Pens Reviewed: Writing in Luxury and Comfort

Have you ever had a fine pen? If you’re looking for one, you should consider the Montblanc as one of the most popular brands that specialize in making fine pens and other writing instruments. It’s founded in 1906 and named after one of the highest mountains in Europe. We’ve researched and have given reviews on some of the best Montblanc pens on the market.

Having the best Montblanc pen makes all the difference in writing and signing different documents. Whether you keep it in the office or carry it with you, a Montblanc pen is a statement piece. It’s more than merely a pen; it’s part of your style.

Over the years, the brand has produced many different models. This gives you a vast list of options to choose from, but it can also make it a bit hard to pick just one.

We’ve researched and reviewed seven of their best pens that you can read about below. Furthermore, we’ve also included a little Buyer’s Guide to help you decide what pet is the best for you.

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Best Montblanc Pens in 2022

Meisterstuck Classique Rollerball

Best Month Blanc Pen Meisterstuck Classique Rollerball

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Meisterstuck series has some of the most popular Montblanc pens. One of the latest additions to the family is their Classique Gold Rollerball.

This one, like all the others from this series, features black resin. However, the difference is in the fine gold details that complement the black body. To top it off, they included their logo on the cap.

It’s a luxurious writing piece with a caped design that’s compatible with fine liner refills. If you plan on carrying it around with you, you can keep it in its original lined box. It’s padded and equally as stylish.

Meisterstuck Le Grand Ballpoint Pen

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Le Grand Ballpoint Pen

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Le Grand is more classy-looking. It’s elegant and sleek but has a more vintage look to it.

It features a gold-plated clip with a unique serial number that makes it easy to identify your pen. It’s an easy way to tell two same models apart.

Le Grand is a smooth ballpoint that’s quite easy to use. It’s smooth and delivers equally impressive results on all kinds of paper.

The black resin body and the three gold-plated rings give it a unique look. This sleek pen features a twist mechanism and comes with an ink cartridge.

Meisterstuck Classique Platinum Fountain

mont blanc 145 meisterstruck classique platinum fountain pen

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If you’re not into good, you should consider the Meisterstuck Classique Platinum Fountain. It features 14K medium nib which gives it a certain dose of elegance.

The pen has three platinum-plated rings embossed along with the brand’s name. This gives it a sleek and elegant design that will make you want to use the pen even more.

Coated in black precious-resin, this one is one of the most collectible pens among the brand’s many series. It’s a rollerball that’s smooth on different kinds of paper. It makes a joy out of simple writing and signing.

StarWalker Mystery Fineliner

mont blanc starwalker myster fineliner

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StarWalker Mystery is a completely different looking pen from the others in the series. It’s a fineliner that’s ideal for writers, CEOs and just about anyone else who wants a smooth and elegant piece.

It’s compatible with fineliner refills that you can get in black or blue. On top of that, it also works with rollerball refills that come in red, blue, black and green.

The unique black lacquer body features laser engraved pattern. Its polished platinum-plated clip and a floating star on cap make this fineliner a perfect gift to someone special in your life.

StarWalker Extreme Resin Ballpoint

mont blanc starwalker extreme resin ballpoint pen

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The Extreme Resin ballpoint is another popular choice from the brand’s StarWalker series. It’s sleek and well-balanced which is all you need for the delightful writing experience.

There’s a floating Montblanc emblem in the transparent cap. It gives it an authentic look making it easy to tell this one apart from the fakes.

The body is covered in black precious-resin and has structured inlays that give it a unique look. It’s unlike any other Montblanc which is why it’s a perfect gift.

Its clip and fittings are all ruthenium-plated for that extra touch of elegance that will make you want to show the pen everywhere you go.

Pix Blue Ballpoint

montblanc pix blue ballpoint pen

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If you want to step away from the classic-looking pens, this Blue Ballpoint from Montblanc might be the best for you. It has an attractive and vibrant body that’s unlike any other.

The straight and sleek design gives it a nice touch and makes it quite different since most Montblanc have curvy bodies.

It still has a very luxurious look to it thanks to the platinum details that give it the unique elegance. It’s quite lightweight and well-balanced, so it feels smooth on the paper. It comes in the original box so it can also make a great gift.

Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Ballpoint

montblanc heritage collection rouge et noir ballpoint pen

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The Rouge et Noir collection features a 110-year old tradition with a unique design. It’s inspired by the 1906 pen with a lacquered body and a polished black precious-resin cap. It has silver-tone fittings and serpent clip coils that go around the cap.

Its overall quality is the primary reason for its popularity. However, the aged finish also helped make this ballpoint one of the best-selling Montblanc pens.

Another unique detail is the snowcap finial in ivory resin. This one features a twist-mechanism, and it’s smooth and easy to use. It comes with a box so you can give it away to special someone.

Montblanc Styles – Buyer’s Guide


Montblanc makes everything from ballpoint, rollerballs, and piston fountain-style pens, to cartridge fountain-style, fineliners, mechanical pencils and more.

They’re made of different materials that range from resin, stainless steel, platinum, gold, silver, and diamonds.

StarWalker, Boheme, Etoile de Montblanc, and Heritage are some of their most popular collections. They’re all different though they feature trademark details that the brand is well-known for.

Another few things you can find are their limited editions such as Diva and Writers editions they came out with every year. The brand also makes some simpler pieces that are more suitable for everyday use.


These are luxurious, so it’s only normal that they feel as such every time you use them. Each piece is produced with special care and attention to detail, so it’s up to the brand’s standard.
Regardless of the style, model and collection you go for, you can be sure that the pen will feel just right. They’re all well-balanced, not too lightweight or too heavy. Each pen also has a nice grip, so it’s not slippery, but it’s still comfortable to write even for a long time.


The price point is often the most talked-about factor about these pens. It’s no secret; Montblanc has items in their collections that cost more than a few hundreds of dollars.

However, these aren’t simple pens you can buy at any bookstore. These are supreme, elegant, sleek and high-quality products made from expensive materials.

You’ve probably seen many state officials from all over the world use some Montblanc to sign official documents. The way these perform is something you’re unlikely to experience with any other pen, so think about if that’s worth to you.

Ballpoint vs. Fountain vs. Roller

Ballpoint is the most mass-produced and commonly used across the globe. They use a ball made of Tungsten placed tightly at the end of the cartridge. When the ball spins, it leaves the trace of an ink paste onto your paper.

Roller pens also have a ball that rolls and rubs the ink onto the paper. However, they make thicker and darker lines because they use actual ink and not a paste.

Fountain pens are those elegant and expensive pieces we see state officials and CEOs use. The tip is called the nib and is usually made of two separate pieces of gold. When you press it onto the paper, it separates letting the ink to flow through.

For fountain to work smoothly, you have to apply just the right pressure. Too much pressure will most definitely cause the nib to bend. Some newer models have a little at the tip that prevents you from pressing directly onto the nib.

Montblanc FAQs

Why are Montblanc pens so expensive?

Montblanc is a premium brand that produces luxurious pens in different styles. However, the price is the first thing people notice since it can even go as high as a few hundreds of dollars.

All of their products are done with extreme care and attention. They use quality materials such as silver and gold while some styles even have diamonds on them.

In most cases, these materials are the reason for such excessive prices. Luckily, Montblanc offers many models that range in prices, so you can even find some on a more affordable side.

How do I identify a Montblanc pen?

All their products come with a service guide that might differ depending on the exact model you got. However, all guides feature the company logo. Inside the guide, you should get a guarantee certificate.

A real one comes in a branded carry case with a company logo in the bottom right corner. By checking the size and position of the logo, you can easily see if it’s maybe a fake. The cap almost always has the logo as well.

Another thing you want to look for is a serial number engraved onto the band. This number has to match the one in the guarantee certificate.

What makes Montblanc pens so special?

The company takes pride in using premium materials and producing pens with attention to detail. There’s no chance you can get a faulty pen if you bought it from a certified and authorized retailer.

They use materials such as gold, silver and even diamonds which gives their products a certain level of elegance and style. These are now a status symbol, and they’re used by some of the most important people in the world.

Plus, they have this great ability to improve your handwriting since they’re so smooth and well-balanced.

Desk Advisor’s Best Montblanc Conclusion

Montblanc is a well-known brand that’s been around for many years. Some of their customers are the highest state officials all over the world, so it’s no surprise the pens have become statement pieces.

Still can’t find a favorite? Take a look here.

These are high-quality and made with precision and detail, so every pen delivers the supreme quality the brand is known for.

The best thing is that they have an extensive list of different writing tools and instruments that range in price, so you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars if you don’t want to.

Getting a fine tool such as this can motivate you and improve your handwriting. However, it also makes for a great gift to a special someone for a birthday or anniversary.

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