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If you’re working on a computer for hours at the time, it’s important that you’re comfortable. Stand-up desks are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to go from sitting to standing when working.

Of course, there are many different models on the market, though electric desks are most commonly used. It takes only one push of a button to go from sitting to standing and vice-versa. Though standing desk converters exist, they can fail to provide the comfort and the performance to some but is still a great alternative if you’re looking for something affordable and don’t want to sacrifice your current desk setup.

I’ve made a list of some of the best electric full stand-up desks that deliver maneuverability, design and overall quality of performance.

Best Motorized Stand Up Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ Electric Standing Desk

  • The height is adjustable so that you can go from 29’’ to 48’’, perfect for taller individuals.
  • It takes about 1.3’’ per second for the desk to convert from sitting to standing.
  • Predrilled holes for cable management.
  • The desk features a one-piece fixed steel beam that enhanced stability and ease of use.
  • Its ergo-shaped work surface is 1’’ x 71’’ x 33’’ featuring the narrowest mid-section being 29’’ deep.
  • It can stand up to 225lbs of weight with ease.
  • Its frame is made of heavy-duty steel.

VariDesk ProDesk 60 Electric Standing Desk

  • Adjust the height between 25.5’’ and 50.5’’.
  • Control panel with three memory presets that are completely programmable.
  • It sits on a sturdy frame that has a stability crossbar for extra strength.
  • It also has a cable management tray that helps you organize all your wires.

Seville Classics AirLift S3 Electric Standing Desk

  • Go as low as 25.6 inches and as high as 51.4 inches quickly and quietly.
  • Its top is ergonomically designed and measuring 54’’ x 30’.
  • The desk has four memory buttons and one LED height display that are quite easy to use.
  • The standing table can handle weight up to 264 lbs.

Stand Steady Trazendesk Electric Sit-to-Stand Desk

  • Featuring chrome detailing and unique desk shape.
  • It has a unique keyboard tray system built within the desk, allowing you to tilt your keyboard depending on how you naturally type, preventing for wrist injuries.
  • Raise or lower the keyboard tray to your preferred height.
  • The height of the table can go from 29″ (typical standard desk height) up to 47.25″.
  • The desk can hold up to 80 lbs of computer equipment, perfect for a dual monitor system.
  • The Trazendesk also has built-in cord management system so you can always keep your desk clear from being too cluttered.

MojoDesk Electric Stand Up Desk

  • It features a one-touch memory control for ease of use.
  • The frame fits people from 4’11’’ to 6’5’’.
  • Choose from six styles of desktops.
  • Features a 5-year warranty.

Stand Up Desk 60″ Motorized Stand Up Desk

  • It allows you to adjust its height from 27.25’’ up to 53’’ with casters.
  • The desk features a controller with four programmable memory buttons.
  • Includes 1.5’’ furniture casters that allow you to move it around your room.
  • Casters come with two locking brakes that keeps the desk in place.

Vivistand Quattro 30″ x 72″ Motorized Standing Desk

With only one push of a button, the Vivistand desk goes from sitting to standing quickly and easily. It features a control panel that has two positions memory for extra convenience.

The desk has four electric legs and four advanced stepper motors. Its system allows you to manage cables conveniently and attach any accessories you see fit.

Vivastand includes LED lights, power strip, cable management clips as well as a bag hook. One of the best things about it is that its LED lights automatically turn on as you come near the desk and turn off when you leave.

Overall, the desk looks polished, clean and stylish. It comes in a few different colors to choose from based on your preference and interior décor.

Bush Business Move 80 Series 72″ Electric Standing Desk

If you prefer a stylish and simple looking desk, this Bush Business model might be a good option. Its work surface is thermally fused laminate and has scratch and stain resistant finish.

It has three stages of height adjustment that ranges from 23’’ to 49’’, and it takes you only 1.5’’ per second. The four programmable pre-sets make it possible for the desk to convert easily, quietly and with one push of a button.

The UL listed electric motor is quite and features a 10 ft power cord that’s compatible with a standard wall outlet.

Its welded 16-gauge steel base legs and feet are powder coated and stylish. Overall, the desk comes in a few different colors and finishes you can choose from.

FlexiSpot 55″ Electric Stand Up Desk

FlexiSpot motorized standing desk comes with an automatic smart keypad. One of the best-in-class,  the FlexiSpot is quick, sturdy and easy to use. It takes only 1.5 inches per second to go from standing to sitting and vice versa. Its minimum and maximum heights are 48.4’’ and 23.6’’.

The top is 1’’ thick and measuring 55’’ x 27.6’’, which is ideal for up to four monitors. It’ suitable for all people who require large workspace.

Its edges are made to be comfortable, so they don’t compress your nerves when you work for hours at the time. Besides, it has a curved and beveled edge that allows you to come near the spacious work surface. It’s also pre-drilled and comes in different colors and finishes from mahogany, cream white and black.

What to look for in an electric standing desk

Since these are electric desks it’s important you pay attention to their electric parts. Look only for the best quality of the motor. Many motors come with a warranty, too, so it would be smart to think about that.

Look for the one that’s convenient, quick, sturdy and easy to use. The design also plays a major role since ergonomically designed desks are much more comfortable.

When it comes to materials, you can choose anything you like as long as it’s scratch-resistant and durable. Some desks are made of water-resistant materials, too, which is great if you like having your coffee while working.

Ergonomics and adjustability

Adjustability is the key feature, which is why you should consider it first. Look for a desk that can go as high and low as you’d need it to fit your height. Also, height adjustability should never jeopardize desk’s stability and sturdiness.

Admittedly, ergonomically designed desks are slightly bit more comfortable, because in most cases, these let you come a little closer.


A quality standing desk has to be stable at all heights. There are quite a few things that affect stability, so make sure to pay extra attention to it.

Steel legs and feet are usually the most stable, and also the most durable. It’s crucial that the desk doesn’t wobble when going up or down, too. Most desks that go way to fast are at times a bit too wobbly.

Check its weight capacity so you’re certain of how much can the desk support without jeopardizing its stability. Desk tops that are thick and sturdy are also a great addition to the overall stability.

Motorized Standing Desk FAQ

Should I get an electric or manual standing desk?

  • Electric desks are much easier to use than the manual ones. The simple reason behind this is because electric is usually operated with a simple push of a button. These allow you to simply press a button and wait for the desk to raise or lower depending on what you want.
  • Manual desks are made with the same idea to go from sitting to standing while you work on your computer. However, these aren’t as easy to use since you have to raise or lower them manually.

Why is a full desk better than a converter?

Converters are a very similar product that provides a raised workspace for you to work on when standing. Though the idea is a good one, these models usually don’t deliver as much as it seems.

They’re not as sturdy and not as stable. Plus, converters usually don’t have such a range of height adjustment, and even if they do, it’s manually operated.

Desk Advisor’s Electric Standing Desk Final Thoughts

If you came this far, I’m sure you found a desk you like the most. As you noticed, all of these desks are quality, easy to use and convenient.

Still, choosing a standing desk is no easy task, especially since there are so many great ones on the market. If you can’t quite make up your mind, take a look at the iMovR standing desk. It’s one of the best electric full stand up desks, featuring all you’d need. It’s especially convenient and useful because of its moving keyboard space and ability to reduce anchoring stress when you work for a long time.

Make sure to read all the reviews carefully while you also consider your height, weight capacity you’d need, and your preference. Once you think about all these factors, you’ll make the decision much easier since you’ll be able to find the desk that fits you the best.

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