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Congratulations, you finally came to the conclusion that the dual monitor desk mount is not enough, and you’re ready for a quad monitor mount or setup. Let me tell you straight up that having a quad monitor desk stand is definitely better than having a dual monitor desk mount stand.

Haven’t you ever wondered if there is a better solution than constantly checking stocks (or CryptoCurrencies and Bitcoins) on various apps that you constantly have to switch between, depending on what you want to view?

There is an easier way! By using a specialized quad monitor arm for stock investing, you’ll have the chance to no longer miss out on any information.  Instead of fumbling to compare stocks on multiple apps or different devices, you could easily use this dynamic display setup to easily see everything you need right in front of you.

By keeping your stock investments open across four different monitors at an ergonomic height and eye level, you won’t have to strain or fuss when staying up to date.  This is how it should have been from the start!

If you’re in a hurry, check out Kieger quad monitor stand on Amazon, our recommended product for checking your investments. Or go here for the best monitor arms on the market.

Best quad monitor mounts for stock investing

Our Pick

KRIEGER Quad Monitor Desk Stand Mount

The KRIEGER Quad Monitor Desk Stand Mount is built for top quality function in the workplace. From the daily grind to stock investments, you might be able to find useful capabilities that are meant for any kind of customer when using this desk unit. Unlike many other desk stands and monitor holders, this unit is freestanding, which means when you want to shift the unit to a different area of the desk you won’t have to bring out the tool box!

  • This heavy duty desk quad mount is freestanding, which means you will not have to damage your desk or use clamps that can wear away paint.
  • You are able to tilt, pivot and swivel this monitor unit in any direction to maximize viewing options.
  • You are also able to rotate the monitors 360 degrees for portrait and landscape modes.
  • The cable management system that runs along the sides and back of each arm provide clips to hold, bundle, and organize your cords.
  • Made from a heavy duty steel and aluminum alloy for maximum optimal durability and endurance.
  • The load capacity is 18 lbs per monitor and this mount can support a total of four monitors each with twenty four inch screens.
  • Because this quad monitor unit is freestanding, it does mean that it can be a bit harder to balance the monitor weight. We suggest you secure the stand someway to ensure the safety of your tech.
  • It can be quite difficult to make the monitors line up with each other when using this unit.
  • It is possible that this product will be sent with missing pieces.
Runner Up

VIVO Quad LCD Monitor Mount

The VIVO Quad LCD Monitor Mount fully adjustable, and it is able to hold more than 17 lbs per monitor arm. This goes to show the stand’s heavy duty application and how reliable this product really is compared to others on the market today.  The user possibilities are endless, you might even be able to support additional weight with this unit, but you will also be able to ensure precise articulation that is custom to your own comfort levels.

  • Another heavy duty desk quad stand mount, freestanding as well.
  • This unit can hold 17.6 lbs on each monitor arm, ensuring that you can easily use 27” screens when using this product.
  • You are able to easily swivel each of the 4 monitor screens on this unit to use in portrait and landscape modes without any adjustments to the 4 monitor stand.
  • Center Post is 31″ tall and the mounting brackets are exactly 29″ on center.
  • Mounting your monitors is easy with open top slot VESA plates that allow you to insert the top two screws into your monitor and slide the screen onto the bracket.
  • This unit has been known to be a tad wobbly when holding all four screens at once, there have been reports of individuals having to modify this unit to make it stable enough when holding the correctly stated weights.
  • Adjusting this unit is unstable and not always easy compared to other units on the market.

MonMount Quad LCD Mount Monitor Stand

The MonMount can easily hold up to 4 LCD screens weighing at 16 lbs each.  You could even adjust this unit to your liking and for the best ergonomic comfort, due to the flexibility of adjusting the space between monitors to the tilt and swivel of each monitor arm. With an easy setup and install you could start using this product practically out of the box. We find this monitor stand to be a great addition to a stand up desk converter.

  • You will be able to fully adjust the space between the monitors and how large of a monitor you will be able to use on the product.
  • This product could only takes minutes to install, just by clamping the product to the back of your desk.
  • You can also change the tilt, rotation, side to side width, and tension settings so you can view your screens comfortably.
  • This product will not work with every desk type and the company has made it hard to understand exactly what kind of desk would suit this system the best.
  • The weight capacity for each arm is only 16 lbs each, which will not allow for larger monitor screens.
  • The pole is not as tall as you would expect for this product to be able to function properly on standard size desks.

How to choose the best quad monitor arm stand?

Strength is the biggest aspect you need to look for in any product that will be holding thousands of dollars of tech, your tech!  Of course, we know it can be difficult to thoroughly evaluate a monitor arm through a screen, which is why it’s important to make sure you take the time to read carefully over the product details.

When you have a moment, make sure to look through what other customers have to say about their own experiences, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the company for more information on the specific product you’re interested in.

Another element that plays into the importance of strength, is how adjustable is the monitor arm? Will you be able to fully adjust the space between two monitors to adapt to different sized screens, or are there set conditions in place that only allow this monitor arm to hold a specific size screen? These are elements that are crucial to recognize before investing in a piece of equipment that might not be the exact thing you’re looking for.

Advantages and the benefits of having four monitors

When investing in a monitor arm, just like you would with your stocks, you should consider finding a design that has you in mind.  By doing so you might just ensure that not only will you multitask more efficiently, but you could be catering to your health as well.

You will no longer have to strain your neck to look at a lower standard monitor height, you will be in the most comfortable position, especially if you sit for the majority of the day.

Not only will your health thank you, but you will also be able to de-clutter your work area to allow for a more minimalistic space that allows for a clear and focused mind. This dynamic addition to your space will create a more versatile and fast paced environment because there will be no hesitation or struggle to get the information you need.

What makes a quad mount different than a triple or dual monitor stand?

Compared to a regular monitor setup or even a dual monitor arm, a quad monitor arm is a perfect upgrade for your space.  Being able to have four separate workspaces that come together in one easy to access area will allow you to multitask seamlessly without any unnecessary stress.

The main advantage of utilizing a quad monitor arm is the space saving aspect for your workspace.  Just like we mentioned above, you won’t have to fumble from app to app or from your tablet to your phone to keep track of the stock changes.

With a quad monitor arm you could easily keep an eye on the stocks you deem important for your investing strategies. Every little detail will be right there in front of you.

Consider this, you might even be more productive with your time, you might have fewer breaks and/or maintenance needed for each task, and you could easily work on multiple investments at once without any frustration of searching for the information you need.

What you need to know before buying an LCD quad monitor stand

Before you purchase your quad monitor mount, there are a few aspects you need to consider.  In addition to the adjustability and strength that we’ve already mentioned, you need to look and see how reliable the company or brand is.

How loyal are they to their customers and will they be there to help if you come across any roadblocks in the installation process?  Do they have an easy to use contact system and do they offer a warranty on the product that will ensure that you won’t just be wasting your money on a product that was touted as the best, yet functioned at a low quality.

All of these issues need to be considered before you purchase a piece of equipment that might not be the perfect fit for your work environment. Be rigorous in your approach to a new technical piece of equipment, don’t assume that the company has your best interest in mind. It’s up to you to find the perfect unit that fits your lifestyle, you’re the only one who really knows what they want in their workspace dynamic.

What you could do with an LCD monitor desk mount stand

To see the beautiful possibilities of having a modern quad monitor mount in your workspace, see first hand just how clean and organized space can be with a customized work station such as the one in this video.

Desk Advisor’s Quad Monitor Mount Conclusion

The top choice goes to the freestanding quad monitor desk mount, the KRIEGER!  We chose this 4 monitor stand as our top choice simply because of the support and features given about this product, the positive involvement of the company with customers, and the fact that this display mount uses quality materials to ensure that not only does the design look sleek and fantastic, but it’s also reliable for long term use.

We believe that this product will satisfy your needs that we mentioned in the sections above, and if you happen to have any questions that pop up in addition to what we’ve provided, their customer service is always open.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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