9 Best Teen Desks and Small Desk for Bedrooms

Looking into the best teen desk for small space? We got you covered in this article. We understand that teenagers are often swamped with schoolwork while juggling other activities outside the classroom. They need a dedicated area to be able to work on projects, assignments, and other things that fill up their social calendar. Even if you have a small bedroom, we’ve dedicated this page to bring you the best teen desk on the market.

Aside from a desk, teenagers also need privacy. Parents often overlook both of these needs. Every parent should understand that no matter how small your child’s bedroom is, he or she would still prefer to have a desk in the privacy of his or her room rather than work in the study room or den.

In choosing a student’s bedroom furniture with desks, it is crucial to invest in a piece that can provide the best space-saving solution without compromising functionality and form. Take into consideration the opinion of your image-conscious children regarding the style of the study desk before you purchase one. At this stage of their life, they are highly likely to prefer style over the function of the furniture.

If your teenager prefers a desk that can also be used for gaming, it might be worthwhile to check out our gaming desk guide that is perfect for any small space or living room.

To help you out, we round up some of the best teenage desks for the bedroom that you and your child can choose from.

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Consider a standing desk: Click for Top-Rated Standing Desk


Sauder Harbor – Best Classic All-Around Teen Desk with Ample Storage

teenage study desk with hutch for small bedrooms

Another sustainable product of a proud environmentally conscious American company, this desk with hutch is made from high-quality engineered wood and packed with detailed features that would fit the needs of your teenager and the limited small spaces for their bedroom.

The slide-out keyboard and mouse shelf with safety stops and metal runners and dedicated storage for CPU storage make it a great computer table. Even with a laptop or desktop computer in place, there is still plenty of room for reading and writing. There are also cutouts for your monitor and its cables to keep your desk clean from clutter. The hutch has ample storage vertical compartments and cubbyholes for books, papers, letters, and other school supplies.

This is our pick for the best all-around desk that can be used as a computer table, study table, display for books, and storage for school and home office supplies. For optimal results, it is best to pair this desk with an ergonomic chair.

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Prepac – Best Space-Saving Teen Desk for Small Bedrooms

prepac space saving kids desk

Investing in a space-saving and functional floating desk is the perfect solution to maximize floor space and create storage. This Prepac white small desk can be mounted on your wall at any height you prefer to create an illusion of space and actually save some valuable floor space. Installation is effortless with Prepac’s innovative metal hanging rail system.

Once mounted, the floating small desk is sturdy and has a stable work surface. Your teenager can place the computer in the dedicated space without worrying about the cables and wirings ruining the visual appeal of the desk. The cable management feature ensures that the wires and installations are hidden safely to avoid any distractions and disorderliness.

The shelves and removable side compartments are ideal storage for books, school supplies, speakers, and other personal items. With its functional and stylish appeal, this floating small desk is our top space-saving desk suitable for a small bedroom.

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BonVIVO – Best Modern and Versatile Desk for Minimalistic Teenagers

best modern table for minimalistic design

Taking into consideration the aesthetic requirements of teenagers nowadays and the rising popularity of modern, minimalistic, and often neutral-colored interiors of homes today, this writing desk is one of the best options out there.

The working surface is crafted with tough shatter-resistant tempered glass and the shelf underneath is made with sturdy lacquered MDF-wood. This white desk screams contemporary and modern design, perfect for a fashionable workspace.

The versatility of this desk is its main selling point. It would attract both teenagers and adults that have a discriminating taste. It also doesn’t fall short in terms of functionality. You or your teen student can use it as a writing desk, a computer table, a work desk, a studio desk, or even a vanity table. Paired with an equally stylish chair, the study desk and chair combo make a great statement piece in your room that reflects your style.

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Coavas – Best Simple but Stylish Desk for cool Teens

students modern desk for computers and studying

If you are looking to buy a simple but stylish desk that offers practical space and storage, this could be the right desk for you.

This wooden tabletop provides an open and full working surface perfect for reading, writing, and working on your computer while the adjustable shelves on the sides can be used as storage spaces for books and other personal items.

The super thick board is sturdy enough to accommodate 280 lbs of weight, so you do not have to worry about the table collapsing when you put your computer and spread out your books on the large desktop. You can use the extra large leg space to comfortably stretch your legs in the middle of working or studying for an exam.

The size, clear lines, asymmetrical, angular, and minimalistic design of the desk combined with its functionality clearly label this desk as a staple teenage bedroom furniture for small rooms.

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TANGKULA – Best Multipurpose Desk for Teens

computer desk with shelves

With the ever-changing needs of teenagers today, choosing pieces of furniture such as a study desk is tough. Sometimes it is best to pick one that can be converted into something else when situations call for it, including turning it into a home office.

This four-tiered TANGKULA modern computer desk may look simple, but it will never let you down when it comes to functionality and storage space. You or your teenage child can maximize the work surface for your reading, writing, and working requirements while using the shelves as storage for books, supplies, and other personal items.

Once you are done using it as a work desk, you can take it out of the bedroom and convert it to a small home office desk. You can quickly assemble this desk with shelves and put it anywhere in your home, even at the corner of smaller living space to make it a corner desk. Decorate the table top with picture frames, and the shelves can serve as a display cabinet for your books or collections.

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Tribesigns – Best Sturdy Teen Desk

wooden desk for studying

The think laminated MDF wood, scratch-resistant, and waterproof feature of the tabletop combined with the heavy-duty powder coated steel legs make this table super durable. It may look simple, but it offers practical and multifunctional use.

You can utilize the open tabletop surface and use it as a computer desk in a bedroom, study table, workstation, a console table, or even a dining table. The stable, adjustable, and sturdy legs provide support for your computer, books, and other personal things and will not collapse even if you have to lean over it and work.

The quality of the craftsmanship and the practical use it offers make this desk our top choice for the best simple and sturdy desk.

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Nathan James – Best Compact and Multifunctional Teen Desk

minimal desk for kids

If you are looking for a compact writing desk, stylish, and multifunctional teen desk that can fit in small spaces in your teenage bedroom or dorm room, you might want to include this Nathan James desk on your options list.

This compact table has enough surface area to support your computer and personal things such as a small lamp or small decor and still leaves enough space for reading and writing. It also features a large drawer that you can use as storage.

Alternatively, you can also use this table as a vanity or makeup table, console table, or a TV stand. The charming and quite popular Scandinavian style of the desk makes it a statement piece of furniture that you can effortlessly put anywhere in your house.

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Coavas with Metal Basket – Best Affordable Teen Desk

kids reading table with chair

For the price, you can expect to get a functional but straightforward desk that is perfect for teenagers with small bedrooms. The desk features an industrial design concept with a solid metal basket on the side for storage and organization.

The steel tube legs are stable enough to support the tabletop and provide the user with a comfortable working experience. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble, and you can quickly move it around the house or let your child bring it to his or her dormitory room when its time to enter college.

You do not have to spend so much on a simple desk that offers the same functionality as other desks in the market. This reasonably priced desk can do the trick.

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Nathan James with Metal Console – Best Metal Console Table with Glass Top

youth desk for studying and storage

Industrial tables made with a powder-coated steel frame have a certain appeal to people who like it simple and stylish, yet functional. Desks like this can be converted to a console or display table, and great to be placed as a corner desk.

More than adding to the elegance, the tempered glass tabletop offers a spacious work surface for your laptop and writing needs while the shelf on the right side is dedicated for storage.

This desk is suitable for bedrooms that have limited or small space. With all the tools included in the package, it is relatively easy to assemble this desk, and the quality is made to last. Four furniture protectors are added to each of the legs to prevent scratches on the floors.

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Desk Advisor’s Final Thoughts

If you have a small bedroom space, these desks are great for your teenagers. Each one of these teen desks has a lot of storage space as well as desk space for their school work and computer.

In addition to these desks for small space, we suggest parents look into standing desk converters because sitting for a long time can cause a lot of issues to the teenage body. Most of the converters can fit these smaller desks which makes it a perfect match. 

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