25 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2023

Work-from-home jobs have become so popular recently as many discovered how convenient the remote setup is for both employers and employees. It has become such a trend that you can find a lot of professionals hunting for remote positions.

Aside from that, companies and organizations are now offering flexible hours or work arrangements to their employees. This makes for even more accessible jobs. If you are one of those on a hunt for legitimate work-from-home jobs, then this article will give you the answers.

Why Should You Look for a Work-from-Home Job?

A work-from-home job is simply a position that does not require you to get into a formal office or workplace. You can easily handle your job at your apartment or house. Thanks to the internet, mobile devices, and technology, it is possible for you to do the work even when you are out.

The number of those who work from home has increased significantly as it is a more desirable setup than having to go out every day and expose oneself to the pandemic threat. If you haven’t tried working from home yet but are really interested in doing so, here are a few reasons why you should give it a go.

Provides independence

Your decision to work from home will give you the independence and autonomy you may have been longing to enjoy. This kind of independence is often lacking in a physical office or workplace.

Note that you would need a lot of motivation and discipline to fulfill your roles if you decide to get a remote job. This is the key to responsible and effective time management and the completion of your tasks.

With the independence and freedom, you can get from working from home; you can increase your focus. You will also enjoy working at your own pace while lowering the risk of being constantly micromanaged.

Allows you to work at your schedule and pace

You don’t have to worry about sticking to a rigid work schedule. You can work based on your preferred schedule and own pace. This will increase employee satisfaction since you will also have flexibility in doing your job.

Aside from letting you practice independent decision-making, you can also work comfortably, away from an in-person job and office-related worries, stress, and interruptions. You no longer have to deal with the challenges often linked to traditional offices or workspaces. This can have a great positive impact on your job satisfaction.

Eliminates commute

You no longer have to deal with the daily struggles of commuting to and from work. Note that most workers commute to their offices for at least thirty minutes a day. This means that if you eliminate your daily commute through a remote job, you will be able to enjoy life outside work more, thereby boosting your work-life balance.

More savings

Working from home also translates to more savings – one reason is that it eliminates some daily expenses, like transportation and commute. A work-from-home job can also lessen other expenses, such as daily meals and work clothing. You can even save on childcare, which is beneficial if you are a parent who works from home.

Improves technical and communication skills

Your decision to get any of the best work-from-home jobs can also strengthen some valuable skills – among which are technical and communication skills. Telecommuting, which is another term used for this type of work setup, requires you to use technical applications, like team collaboration platforms and online meetings.

This is good for developing and honing technical skills not often used in physical workplaces. Your communication skills will also most likely improve as you must communicate with your team and manager more often.

You will have to do more emails, video calls, online chats, and phone calls. Regularly using such online communication tools can boost your skills in this area, which is very important for your success.

Promotes better work flexibility

Through telecommuting, you can enjoy more flexibility. Note that many work-from-home positions are not affected by the usual business hours. With that, you will have an easier time tackling other life events, such as your medical appointments.

The work-from-home setup is even more beneficial for working parents. This is particularly true if they have to work on an unconventional schedule to accommodate their families needs.

Improves work-life balance

The most important reason to try the work-from-home setup is that it helps improve your work-life balance. You can foster this balance as you can schedule your work based on your personal life. Remote work can give you enough time at home to deal with important tasks that are also favorable to your preferred lifestyle.

Helps you establish a professional network

This is because you get the chance to work with different types of people and companies. The result would be a significant addition to your professional network. This setup will let you build and strengthen professional relationships, leading to opportunities for advancement in the future. Your professional relationships and network can also help you become one of the most successful small business owners today.

Top 25 Work from Home Jobs

There are plenty of work-from-home jobs at present and finding one will never become a problem for you. Regardless if you have a nursing degree or any other qualifications, you can find a remote job that will perfectly fit you.

The following are just some of the most popular jobs right now that you can do in the comforts of your own home:

#1 – Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are responsible for answering phone calls from clients and customers, responding to their queries, and offering assistance in resolving any concern or issue. They offer support, respond to questions from customers and listen to complaints.

This means that if you have excellent communication skills, then a customer service representative job is ideal for you. You can do this job at home, provided you have reliable internet access and connection, landline, and laptop.

Expect to earn around $8 to $15 hourly for this type of job. The more experienced and skilled customer service reps even earn more than that, so you may also want to go through training to enhance your skills in this area.

#2 – Virtual Assistant

You can work as a virtual assistant. In this type of job, your responsibilities will include doing a few administrative tasks for your clients. These include answering telephone calls, creating travel plans, scheduling meetings, and replying to emails.

As a virtual assistant, you also need to be skilled in using a broad range of communication tools. This is so you can stay in touch with your clients throughout your work schedule.

Virtual assistants often earn around $16 per hour on average. The reason is that virtual assistants need to be highly organized to fulfill their duties. If you want to take this position, make sure that you are highly organized.

They must be masters of multitasking and be capable of helping their clients stick to their schedules.

#3 – Social Media Manager

Are you confident in your ability to handle multiple social media platforms and accounts? Then the social media manager position is the perfect work-from-home job for you. Your job will mainly involve handling the social media presence of a company.

When it comes to social media management, tasks like creating and writing posts, picking the most suitable hashtags, and responding to comments will form part of your duties. You will also be responsible for creating social media marketing techniques to boost a company’s online reach and engagement.

Social media managers also create marketing strategies to increase engagement and expand the company’s online reach. If you are aiming for any social media manager positions, note that the requirements vary.

Some companies simply need social media experience and a good track record in terms of engagement. Meanwhile, other companies need a marketing degree or any other similar experience degree. Regardless of the requirement, most social media managers earn around $51,000 yearly while being based from home.

#4 – Graphic Designer

A graphic designer position is also available for those who want to work on a job that combines art and technology. Most remote graphic designers are responsible for creating a lot of digital images – among which are logos and graphics.

It is one of the best work-from-home jobs as it is also a very lucrative profession. Most graphic designers can even earn around $53,000 yearly, or probably more if they do it full-time. They can do their job on print, social media, or company websites.

#5 – Online Tutors

If you have a teaching degree, or an offline or online teaching experience, the online tutor position is one of the most ideal work-from-home opportunities for you. As an online tutor, you will be assisting your students in understanding a wide range of subject areas.

You will guide them in completing their homework and assist them during the preparation for their upcoming exams. Online tutors are also responsible for explaining certain topics to students. They will have to answer questions and provide clarifications to any unclear topics.

This kind of teaching job also requires you to encourage your students and look for new ways for them to understand new and unfamiliar concepts. Online tutors typically earn around $50,000 annually.

#6 – Data Entry

Data entry is also one of the jobs you can easily find on many job boards online. If you get a data entry job, expect your work day to include taking data and information from a certain source and then recording or inputting the data gathered into another.

The amount you will be earning from this job depends on the accuracy and speed of your typing. In normal cases, data entry jobs allow you to earn around $34,000 yearly.

#7 – Freelance Writer

Another of the best work-from-home jobs at present is freelance writing. As a freelance writer or web content writer, your job will revolve around writing and creating content for social media accounts, blogs, and websites. You will also have to ensure that the content you created is good for search engines.

Other freelance writers offer services in the form of whitepapers, product manuals, presentations, reports, and other forms of documentation. There are even those who are lucky to get jobs for online publications.

The majority of jobs for freelance writers are either on a per-piece or per-project basis. This means you will earn an amount you and your client agreed upon depending on the scope of work.

Some clients and companies also prefer to pay money to their freelance writers through the hourly route. Regardless of the payment method, you have agreed upon, expect to earn around $67,000 yearly if you choose this remote work and do it full-time.

#8 – Web Developer

If you have skills and experience in the field of web development, then getting a job in this field will help you earn decent money. This is especially true if you consider how in-demand this job is right now.

The good news is that even if you do not have skills and experience in web development yet, you can hone them. If you are interested, you can always take advantage of online web development classes. You can then take on simpler projects at first to increase your income while building your portfolio and increasing your experience.

As a web developer, you will be creating and maintaining websites for individuals and companies. You have to ensure that their websites have the appropriate look and correct functionality. You can choose to work as a freelancer or take a full-time job and enjoy stable earnings of around $77,000 yearly.

#9 – Online Teacher

With the recognized importance of online education at present, you can definitely take your spot in the world of online teaching. The good news is that you can teach online whether you have a license or not. So long as you have the skills and expertise in a particular field and you love teaching, you can be an online teacher.

It is also undeniable that online education is in great demand nowadays. It is now a supplement to traditional schooling. Some even consider it a complete replacement for in-class schooling.

The most in-demand subjects are science, math, and English. You can often teach your class through various platforms online, including Zoom and Skype. You can also provide pre-recorded sessions.

If you are already a teacher but want an additional income or are not yet licensed, you can develop courses on certain platforms that allow it. Creating such online courses is good as it provides you with flexibility in terms of work hours, rates, and the subjects you teach.

#10 – Software Developer

Your technical knowledge and expertise will also be put to good use if you decide to look for a software development job that you can do remotely. This is one of the best remote jobs right now considering that you can make six figures from it.

Note, though, that this position may require a bachelor’s degree, extensive training, or bootcamp. A degree in computer science or any other technical course is a good start in honing the correct skills. Upon getting these skills and expertise, expect to earn up to $110,000 every year just by developing applications and writing codes.

#11 – Bookkeeper

You can also find job opportunities online as a bookkeeper. Fortunately, there is no need for you to become a certified public accountant (CPA) to begin a bookkeeping job. All you need to do is take a bookkeeping course online or at a community college.

Upon completing the course, you may begin earning. You will enjoy a median annual salary of $34,000. There are even bookkeepers who work remotely that earn over $70,000 yearly.

#12 – Translator

You may also want to search for translation jobs, especially if you know more than one language. As a translator, your job will revolve around taking a written text or audio in a particular language and then translating it into another.

For you to become a translator, you need to master more than one language. Your skills in such languages have to be advanced, too; otherwise, you will not be able to translate the details of a particular piece while retaining the original meaning.

Translators are also required to translate speeches in virtual or online meetings, especially if they involve people from different countries. Most of those who hold translation jobs can work from home. They can connect to employers through video conferencing software and email.

#13 – Travel Agent

You may think that travel agents are no longer necessary because there are now a lot of online booking sites that people can use in booking their trips and travels. This is a misconception, though, as many still need travel agents’ help. This means that you can also look for this type of job online.

You can work as a travel agent whom travelers can tap, especially those who frequently travel and need to book multiple destinations. You can also offer your services to travelers in search of flight and hotel packages.

Like other travel agents, you can use email or phone to communicate with your customers, allowing you to work from home. You need to have some background and experience in the travel industry to handle this job well. It is also possible for you to enjoy average yearly earnings of $39,000 as a travel agent.

#14 – Registered Nurse

If you have a nursing degree, note that you can also offer your services virtually or in the comforts of your home. Even if you are already a registered nurse, there is no need for you to work specifically in physical clinics and hospitals.

You can deliver your healthcare services remotely using mobile devices, telephones, and computers. This is because of the continuous growth in telehealth, which increases the job opportunities and chances for registered nurses to work remotely.

A lot of insurance providers even offer patients support lines, phone triage, and other PC and phone options designed to meet their needs and requirements without actually visiting a doctor’s office. This is a good thing for those who do not want to be exposed to viruses, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

As a nurse offering your services remotely, you will enjoy decent annual earnings, usually at around $73,000.

#15 – Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists are also among the most sought-after remote employees. If you decide to take your chance working remotely as a transcriptionist, then your job will include listening to recorded dictations. You will then interpret them so you can translate them into writing.

Transcriptionists are also responsible for creating their own recordings during conversations and meetings, so be prepared to do that. After that, you will have to review the subscriptions.

You should be willing to work with your clients to guarantee their satisfaction with your transcribed documents. When working as a transcriptionist, your usual salary is around $29,000 yearly.

#16 – Virtual Recruiter

Your duties will involve putting qualified candidates in an open position or job. This job requires you to work independently with various businesses or for a staffing agency or a single company. As a virtual recruiter, a decent income will also be in store for you.

You will also be responsible for drafting job posts, performing interviews via phone or video calls, gathering candidates’ resumes and reviewing them, performing reference and background checks, and scheduling posts and follow-up interviews.

You can get an independent virtual recruiter position on an hourly basis, allowing you to enjoy around a $10 to $55 hourly rate.

#17 – Event Planner

If you are into event planning, then you may want to start checking out positions in this field. You can work as a virtual event planner, which is responsible for coordinating crucial details linked to a party, meeting, conference, event, or any other important gathering.

You may choose to specialize in virtual, corporate, or personal events. You will have to meet with your clients when reviewing options for the event, negotiate the best event rates, and call vendors and venues for pricing discussions. In most cases, you can charge at least $20 every hour when working as an independent event planner.

You also need to have the ability to handle conflicts and problems. The reason is that your job will also require you to resolve issues, especially during the days leading to the event and the actual date of the event.

#18 – Website Tester

There are also positions known as website testers. Note that some websites offer jobs to people interested in testing various mobile apps and websites. After testing, the website tester will have to share their feedback.

Most companies seek the help of these testers, so they will receive fair and unbiased feedback and reviews. Note, though, that this job is only meant as a side hustle because the opportunities here are only limited. You will also most likely receive around $10 for a test that takes around 20 minutes.

#19 – Grant Writer

Earning around $48,000 yearly, grant writers are also among those who receive a decent amount of income by working through writing projects from home. If you get this job, you will primarily be responsible for identifying and applying for grants vital to a particular organization that seeks your service.

Some non-profit organizations seek the expert advice and service of grant writers as a means of boosting the efforts they exerted for funding. Note that the most crucial aspect of grant qualification is the completion of the proposal, so you have to be a professional writer to handle this job well.

#20 – Survey Taker

Working as a survey taker is one of the simplest and quickest ways to earn a few bucks. Yes, this simple task won’t let you earn millions but the fee you will receive for a simple task is already around $1 to $50.

It is not too bad for tasks, like answering questions regarding the way you shop, taking a survey or opinion poll, or reviewing a product. In most cases, you will receive the payment by check. Some also pay through PayPal or by giving points that you can redeem later for gift cards.

#21 – Legal Assistant

Legal assistant is also a type of job that you can do remotely. If you get this position, you will have to offer your assistance to legal departments and lawyers and help them with various tasks linked to court cases and projects.

You need to communicate with other law firms and lawyers, schedule meetings, draft legal documents, manage a legal department’s daily operations, and prepare client correspondence. If you become an independent legal assistant, you can charge around $28 per hour for your service.

#22 – Copywriter

A copywriting job that you can do at home is also a great opportunity for you if you are interested in writing. In this position, you can showcase your blogging and writing skills. The good thing about being a copywriter is that it lets you distinguish yourself by making yourself an expert in the field you are truly interested in.

You will also learn a lot of new things constantly. You can polish your skills when it comes to writing landing pages, product descriptions, and sales copies. Just figure out which area you would like to focus on and you will surely begin enjoying your life as a copywriter.

#23 – Advertising Sales Agent

If you are into sales and marketing, you can take the job as an advertising sales agent. Your day will usually involve selling advertising spaces to clients and companies. The whole process often requires you to work with clients via email or phone, so it is something that you can do remotely.

You can also do cold-calling tasks or visit clients personally every now and then. The typical annual salary of an advertising sales agent is around $54,000.

#24 – Proofreader/Editor

There are also plenty of proofreading and editing jobs right now if you are one of those who can easily spot errors in writing. It is the perfect remote work for you if you like to correct grammar mistakes or make some edits in sentence construction.

For you to thrive well as a proofreader or editor, you need to have a keen eye. It also helps to have a degree related to this area. Note, though, that even without the degree, you can build up your portfolio that will still prove your expertise in proofreading and editing.

#25 – Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines greatly depend on algorithms. Note, though, that despite that, search engine companies still employ people who can verify how accurate the results are. We refer to search engine evaluators who check the reliability of the results list for a wide range of keywords.

This job does not require extensive experience. However, you still have to make sure that you possess a few skills, like excellent written communication, good technical expertise, and attention to detail. These skills will help you earn around $32,000 or more every year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the highest-paying work-from-home job?

Working from home allows you to earn a decent sum of money, provided you also exert some effort in your job and spend time completing projects. Among the remote jobs that pay well right now are customer service representative, virtual assistant, transcriptionist, and freelance/web content writer.

Jobs related to technology and programming, as well as managerial jobs, also tend to pay well. These include senior manager, web developer and programmer, and marketing director.

Are there downsides to working from home?

While work-from-home opportunities can increase your chance of enjoying a higher level of work satisfaction and a better work-life balance, it is not also a secret that they have their downsides. For one, you will feel like you are isolated from the rest of the world. There will be a disconnect to an actual workplace and less face time.

This may reduce your chances of socializing, too. Moreover, there are instances when you will have to shoulder some home office costs. There are also some distractions at home that you may have a hard time avoiding.

Is it possible to earn more than $100,000 with a work-from-home job?

Yes, this is possible if you get a job in a high-paying technology field, such as programming and web development. You can earn more by being hired by fully distributed companies, such as Zapier, Buffer, and Stripe.

How to avoid scams?

You have to watch out for scams if you decide to work from home. Note that scams are rampant in this industry, so you must be careful. Ensure that you work with an established and reputable company.

To ensure that you are not dealing with a fraudulent company, make sure to look for signs of their legitimacy and reliability – among which are the following:

  • Includes the name of the company in the ad – Beware of companies that ask applicants to respond to a blind email ad.
  • Has a human resource staff or personnel to answer questions
  • Mentions vacation policies and benefits that are present in the company
  • Comes with an interview and application process – This means that you will go through the usual application process, instead of just an offer sent via email.
  • Requests for work samples and references
  • Provides details regarding job expectations, duties, and responsibilities


Working from home is one of the most convenient setups for workers and employees. Fortunately, you have numerous options if you choose to go with this venture.

Just make sure that you check out the reputation and legitimacy of the person or company hiring you before accepting an offer. That way, you will not fall victim to fraudulent practices that are now rampant over the web.

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