Comparing FlexiSpot M2B 35 vs. Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus 36 [Review Guide]

In this comparison article, we’ll be going over two very popular standing desk converter brands and its popular converter desk:

  • FlexiSpot M2B 35″
  • Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus 36″

These two converter brands are one of the best selling desks generating tons of positive reviews. Although FlexiSpot and Varidesk may look very similar, they do pretty much the same tasks, but can be very different for each individual.

Hopefully, after reading through this article, you’ll get a better grasp of the key difference these two brands have to offer.

Why FlexiSpot M2B 35″ and Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus 36″

We’ve decided to review the M2B 35″ and the  49900 Pro Plus 36″ because these have attracted the most customers gaining very positive reviews. These two desks are very similar in size and price.

We’ve also compared the Varidesk to the Versa and the Varidesk vs the VIVO. All of which are very similar in size but slightly different in price and design-build.

In the next couple of sections, we’re going to see some of the differences between the Flexispot vs Varidesk brand. You’ll see a comparison table, followed by the key differences between the two.

FlexiSpot vs Varidesk Comparison Table

FlexiSpot M2B Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus
Clickable Image
Surface Dimsnion 35″ W x 31.5″ D 36″ W x 12.25″ D
Footprint Dimension 31″ W x 22.3″ D 36″ W x 29.75″ D
Color Options Black, Mahogany, River Walnut, White Black, Butcher Block, Darkwood, White
Keyboard Tray Yes Yes
Lift Mechanism Gas Spring Spring Assist
Height Range 5.9″ to 19.7″ 4.5″ to 17.5″
Lift Weight up to 35 lbs up to 35 lbs
Sit to Standing Style Double X Design Double Z Design
Item Weight 51 lbs 52 lbs
Company Comparison
Warranty 5 years limited warranty 5 years limited warranty
Return Policy 30 days full refund 30 days full refund
Reviews Full review FlexiSpot M2B Full review Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus
Where to buy

Key Differences between FlexiSpot M2B and Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus

  • The surface – The Varidesk has a cut opening into the surface area, this may cut open into your workspace, and maybe something that not a lot of people would want. Some people may want as much space as they can possibly get with a standing desk converter. But with a cut out of the surface from the Varidesk, it allows it to have a larger keyboard surface area.
  • The design – Varidesk is a Double Z Design, where the desk raises towards you. FlexiSpot is a Double X Design, where the desk raises straight up.
  • Lift Mechanism – FlexiSpot uses a gas spring motion, while the Varidesk is a spring assist. Although these mechanisms sound very similar, they’re quite different. The FlexiSpot’s gas spring motion is more of a pumping feel where it’ll help you lift heavy objects. The Varidesk is a spring assist, where you’ll still need some strength to lift the desk if you have heavier equipment.

Should I buy FlexiSpot or Varidesk?

Why you’d want the FlexiSpot…

FlexiSpot M2B 35″

Straight and down movement, smooth and easy adjustments, quick-release keyboard tray, tablet slot holder, 12 different height levels

If you want more surface area on the main work area, then this may be a preferred option. Having a smaller keyboard tray is probably not your main concern.

In addition, the FlexiSpot has a slot for a tablet or phone. If you do work on a tablet, then you may want something like the FlexiSpot that’ll prop your tablet up for better visibility.

The FlexiSpot M2B’s maximum height goes up to 19.7″, which is more ideal for someone who is taller. The Varidesk goes up to 17.5″. The 2.2″ could be a deal-breaker for some for ergonomic purposes.

FlexiSpot M2B Customer Reviews

The Good:

  • Perfect for an individual 6′ 7″ of height.
  • A full surface area without cutouts to place more items.
  • The price is very competitive.
  • Ability to raise straight up instead of coming towards you for space saving.

The Bad:

  • It might be a little big for a standard desk.
  • The keyboard tray can be small for some people.
  • The tablet holder can be hard for people that like writing on desk.
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Want FlexiSpot M2B? Click here for pricing


Why you may want to get the Varidesk converter instead…

Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus 36″

Accommodates dual monitor setup, two-tier design, stable, 11 preset height levels.

You would probably want to get the Varidesk if you have a bigger keyboard. The Varidesk keyboard tray provides a larger footprint.

If you like the desk to come up and towards you, then the Varidesk is a preferred option. This allows you to step a little closer to your workstation without extending your arms out too much.

Varidesk 49900 Pro Plus Customer Reviews

The Good:

  • The desk is sturdy, but wouldn’t recommend leaning when the desk is extended.
  • Tall enough for a 6′ 2″ individual.
  • Perfect for two 17″ monitors, can also go up to two 24″ monitors.
  • Plenty of adjustable levels.

The Bad:

  • The locking mechanism has a loud “click, click” noise.
  • Could be exhausting and hard for some people to lift the desk.
  • Price may be a concern for some people.
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How about Varidesk 49900? Click here for pricing


If you decided to pick the Flexispot or Varidesk, please let us know! Comment below! We’d love to hear which one you got and if this review helped your decision.

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