Difference Between Steelcase Think vs Leap [Full Comparison Review]

In this article we’ll be reviewing two Steelcase office chairs:

  • The Think Chair
  • The Leap Chair

These two chairs are popular from the Steelcase brand. The Steelcase Think and the Steelcase Leap are very comparable in comfort. However, there are some slight differences that may make one person lean towards the other, we’ll be going over them and helping you decide which one is a better fit for you.

Steelcase Think vs Leap Specifications

Steelcase Think ChairSteelcase Leap Chair
Steelcase DescriptionThe Think office chair intuitively responds to the movement of the body to provide comfort. Fully redesigned, Think is smart, simple and sustainable.Its back moves as your back moves, its arms move as your arms move. With exceptional comfort and support, Leap provides a healthier way to sit.
Weight Capacity400 lbs400 lbs
Adjustable Height
Adjustable Seat
Seat Width20.25 inches18 inches
Lumbar Support
Adjustable Back Tension
4D Adjustable Arms
Headrest⚠️ - Additional add-on
Angle Between Seat and Back98 degrees to 116 degrees96 degrees to 120 degrees
Seat MaterialFabric, 3D Knit, LeatherFabric, Leather
Recommended Use8+ hours8+ hours
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From a quick glance, you can see from the Steel Think vs Leap chair specification table that they pretty much have the same features, however, let’s go through each of the features to see exactly what the differences are.

Weight Capacity

No brainer here. Steelcase specified that the max weight that should be using this is 400 lbs. However, we’ve tested heavier, and can still withstand more than 400 lbs. 400 lbs was a number given to ensure that the chair can last for longer periods of time.

Adjustable Height

Like any other office chair, the Steelcase Think and Leap also have the ability to adjust the seat, depending on your preferred comfort.

Both the Think and Leap has a range of 5″ of height adjustment. However, these two chairs start at a different height:

  • The Think’s height seat is 16.5″ to 21.5″.
  • The Leap’s height seat is 15.5″ to 20.5″.

By looking at this two height, the Think chair is more suitable for someone who is a little taller.

Adjustable Seat and Depth

Don’t get confused with adjustable height, the adjustable seat allows you to change the depth of the chair. This gives you the ability to position forward or backward to achieve longer comfort.

  • The Think’s seat depth is 15.5″ to 18″.
  • The Leap’s seat depth is 15.75″ to 18.75″

The Think chair has 0.5″ of extra depth compared to the Leap chair. However, you won’t be able to tell the difference between 0.5″ of extra depth. I consider that these two chairs are the same in this feature.

Seat Width

The Think chair has a wider width than the Leap chair. If you prefer a wider seat, then the Think chair would probably be suited for you, on the other hand, if you like a more compact and slender chair, the Leap is your choice.

Adjustable Back Tension & Lumbar Support

This is one of the most important features that we think can push a person towards one chair than the other.

Both chairs use an integrated liveback system gives you a great deal of comfort throughout the day. The liveback system allows the chair to conform to your back with every movement you make.

In addition, both Steelcase Think chair and the Leap chair allows you to adjust the lumbar support, giving you the freedom to slide up and down the support for optimal comfort.

The one thing that the Leap has over the Think chair is its tension adjustment. The Leap chair allows you to adjust the firmness of your lower back, giving you constant support.

Chair Material

Both chairs can be bought as fabric or leather, however, the Think chair can be customized to be a 3D knitted material. The 3D knit material is similar to the normal office mesh you see in a lot of chairs, where it gives you more airflow to your back and creating a lighter feel for the chair.

The 3D knit also allows light to pass by providing a cool and unique design look, giving it an upscale feel.

4D Adjustable Arms

Unlike a lot of office chairs, the Steelcase Think and Leap chairs have an adjustable armrest, also known as 4D. The term 4D came about because of the way it can adjust.

These chairs armrest not only can it be adjusted by its height, but it can be adjusted going in a 4D motion – adjusting vertically, horizontally, and rotating.

Steelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Arm Height from Seat7 inches to 11 inches7 inches to 11 inches
Distance b/w Armrests14 inches to 21.25 inches12.75 inches to 20 inches
Armcap Pivot Range30 degrees30 inches
Armcap Depth3 inches3 inches

The table shows the different specifications of the 4D adjustable armrest between Steelcase Think vs Steelcase Leap. You can see that for the most part, they’re both the same, except for the distance between the armrests.

Steelcase Think Adjustability Video

This video will show you all the adjustments the Steelcase Think chair has to offer.

Steelcase Leap Adjustability Video

This video will show you all the adjustments the Steelcase Leap chair has to offer.

Steelcase Think vs Leap Pricing

The two chairs have pretty much the same functionality and adjustabilities. Between the Think and the Leap, it would come down to personal preference of design and style.

However, if you’re on a tighter budget, then the Steelcase Think Chair would be more affordable at a base level. But, can get pretty pricey if you start adding customizable features such as adding a stool and changing the fabric to 3D knit or leather.

The Steelcase Leap Chair can come at a hefty price when you want all the neat features like the 4-way adjustable arm, but if you don’t mind having a chair that’s armless, the price can be reduced.

Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to customize these chairs as much you want.

Which should you buy? Steelcase Think vs Leap

In all fairness, both of these chairs are top notch. They’re both very well made and has a lot of the features that will give you the best comfort if you’re working long hours. You’ll love either chair you pick, whether it’ll be the Think or the Leap.

If you still can’t decide, here are some key factors that may help:

You may want to buy the Think chair if

  • You need a wider seat width.
  • You need flexible seat edge to relieve pressure on the back of your legs.
  • You are on a tighter budget.
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You may want to buy the Leap chair if

  • You need to adjust the firmness of the lower back support.
  • You want to lean back more on your chair.
  • You don’t mind spending extra money.
  • You need a headrest to add on.
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