Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 Desk Station Exercising Bike Review

Have you ever wanted to be able to work at a desk and feel the energy of working out at the same time? With the Exerpeutic WorkFit desk, you’ll be able to do that in a way that will benefit many different areas of your life.

Unlike many workspaces which lead to you sitting most of the day without much activity unless you convince yourself of getting up for a walk or during your lunch break, you won’t have to risk getting distracted or unfocused anymore when you want to be active during your work day.

The WorkFit desk is ideal for those who want to support a company that works hard to support your busy lifestyle and your health all at the same time. This product is ideal for those who want something sturdy, comfortable, and motivating to have an energized day will of relaxation and more focus.

The brand creates many products for lifestyle changes, but the WorkFit model is what we’ll be focusing on today, not only because of how high quality this brand is, but also because it will be that change you’re looking for.

After reading through this guide, you’ll have a much better understanding of what the company can offer you with this fantastic product. Hopefully, you’ll be able to understand the highlighted features that will benefit you and how you can make this product customized for your own health and fitness levels.

You Will Love This Product If…

  • You Want To Feel Energized: Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your energy. Can you imagine starting your day of work and not having to actually gulp down cups of coffee to feel awake? With the WorkFit you’ll actually be able to be more energized and focused throughout the day ahead.
  • You Want To Multitask: This product is a great tool for those who want to increase their productivity and what they’re able to do in a day. This product will allow you to work and also boost your energy with exercise. This will make you feel fantastic and more positive as well, shifting your mood.
  • You Have Limited Time: If you have such a busy and hectic schedule, this is a great product for you. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to workout at the gym and carve out a ton of time for you to dedicate to that when you simply have too much work in your schedule to handle each day. This is a great way to find a sense of peace and balance.
  • You Want To Increase Your Activity: Obviously the main reason individuals invest in this product is because they want to be more active without wasting time they could be putting into work. That’s exactly what this product will do for you.
  • You Want A Challenge: If you want to challenge your current fitness routine by going above and beyond with resistance levels and other features that will allow you to workout hard, this product is ideal for you. If you really want a challenge while getting your work done, you need this product.

You Might Not Like This Product If…

  • You Are Distracted Easily: Sometimes by being in motion, it’s not always the best idea to focus on work. Some individuals work differently and this can be a distraction some are not able to put up with. For some it’s best if they stick to the gym and working separately.
  • You Need More Space: If you’re someone who needs their work spread out in front of them, which is helpful for many jobs, this is not the product for you because of the limited laptop tray. While it is a decent size, it would not be easy to spread out papers you need to reference.
  • You Don’t Work From A Desk: If you’re someone who has a job that does not exactly rely on a desk 24/7, it’s probably not the best investment in all honesty. You probably wouldn’t find that much use out of a product like this.

Exerpeutic WorkFit 1000 Exercise Bike Product Overview

Review summary A fully adjustable folding semi-recumbent exercise bike. The desk on the bike has multiple adjustment angles. The tension on the bike has 8 levels, allowing you to have a more easier or difficult workout.
Colors available Gray
Dimensions – 45.3″ L x 25″ W x 51.3″ H
– Folds up for storage with a foot print of 21.3″ L x 25.5″ W.
Weight capacity 300 lbs
Product weight 64.7 lbs
Warranty Three-year limited warranty.
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Resistance Features

This desk comes with options for varying levels of resistance and challenge this product can bring to your workspace. You’ll be able to adjust the resistance levels easily so you can push yourself and workout the way you want to workout.

The tension resistance can go up to eight different levels, so you never have to settle for a too easy workout or a extremely hard workout that just ends up distracting you.

Sliding Desktop

The sliding desktop is a highlighted feature because of how easy it is to use, how much it can be adjusted to fit you, and it even has a storage feature as well so you can store your tablet within the product.

If you want to work and also have a place to store your files for your session, you won’t have to constantly get off and on the machine, you’ll be able to keep everything right there with you so you can really focus on your workout without interrupting your flow whatsoever. Ideal for those long work days we all dread.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Exerpeutic WorkFit desk is a fantastic and easy to use product that offers many benefits that have the potential to change important aspects of your life for the better. This product will keep you feeling focused and healthy, while also letting you live your life and enjoy work.

This very unique product is ideal for those who want to increase their physical activity and also feel energized for the rest of the day. You will no longer have to cut out 2 hours of your time just to dedicate going to the gym, you’ll be able to completely transform your life just from this investment.

Let us know your thoughts! We’d love to know if you’re interested in this product. Why not share this guide with others who could use a bit of motivation as well?

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