Top 5 Ways To Achieve The Perfect Feng Shui For Your Home Office

Proper integration of elements is important when aiming at a desirable feng shui office. This would in turn promote inspiration, productivity and relaxation. That’s not all, proper integration of feng shui elements will also enhance creativity of people at the workplace, promote discipline and overall success. Therefore you should follow the top tips and tricks in this article to learn how to make most of feng shui for office and workspace.


Tip #1: Get rid of Clutter and Organize Your Workspace

One of the great ways to ensure that feng shui will produce the result you desired is to get rid of clutter and organize your workspace. This is the first step to embark on.

As you probably know, clutter-control helps in impacting your physical, mental and emotional well-being in a profound manner. So, by getting rid of clutter, you will pave way for vital energy, which would in turn enhance your mental clarity, focus and inspiration.

Here’s a summary of what you stand to gain by clearing clutters in your office;

  • Increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • Enhanced creativity, discipline and success
  • More abundance
  • Stress reduction and feeling of inner peace/calmness
  • Enhanced concentration and mental clarity
  • Finally, you are able to pave way for creative endeavors and new projects to thrive and flourish.

To keep up a clutter-free office space in a hassle-free manner, here are some quick tips you can apply; clear your table and surroundings of papers and other items after the day’s work. E.g., return the books to the shelf and keep the files in their cabinets.

See what the experts are saying to help you organize your desk.

feng shui getting rid of clutter and organize workspace


Tip #2: Position Your Office Desks Correctly

Also, in order to make most of feng shui office, the position of your desk is important. In this case, you should follow feng shui principles in re-arranging or arranging your office desks.

The principle suggests you should avoid positioning your desk where you would be prone to distraction. For instance, placing your desk in front of your office window would definitely promote distraction as you may be tempted to peep and see what is happening outside.

Consequently, your chi could be distracted and drained from your workspace or office environment. You should target the ‘power’ position when you arrange or re-arrange the desk in your office or workspace.

In fact, desk placement is among the most important factors when arranging or re-arranging office desk for feng shui purpose. It is said that when you sit far away from the entrance, you will experience the most power.

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position your desk to power or command position


Tip #3: Incorporate the right Imagery and Artwork

You should go for artwork and images that will inspire you. In this case, you should go for the artworks you really love. This will help inspire you to achieve a living affirmation for the goals you set for yourself.

For instance, you should place flowers in alluring spots, place your favorite artworks where you can easily see them and also apply beautiful window treatments.

In addition, a lot of people would also hang pictures and framed mottos that stand for the accomplishments and feats they are pursuing in life. These help to create an office ambience that provokes inspiration and creativity.

Also, the choice of furniture matters when it comes to feng shui office. Your choice of furniture as well as other office accessories should help speak abundance, prosperity, creativity and success.

Make most of your office space by using it as a template for your life vision and ultimate goals. So, you should target physical objects and decorative items that reflect your desired transformation and ultimate life goals.

Allow your office to reflect your personality and life goals. It’s a great way to promote personal growth as well as success. Don’t forget that objects are symbolic and can impact your life (numinosity). So, choose them wisely.

add art or color to your office


Tip #4: Harmonize and Balance your Workspace

Also, feng shui office is not complete without proper balance and harmony. And, you can bring balance and harmony to your environment in two major ways:

    • Feng shui elements
    • Yin and yang

Typical examples of feng shui elements include water, fire, metal, earth, and other natural elements. So, look for a way to represent these elements in your office environment. And, more importantly, ensure that these elements are in harmony as well as balanced.

Harmonization of elements also helps to reflect harmony and balance in what you do. As a result, you are able to achieve and manifest your desired goals in a better way.

Here’s a typical example of how these natural elements work in harmony; If your office is very bright (fire element) as a result of lavished lighting, metal filing cabinets and other brightening elements, you should also introduce other natural elements.

You can decide to introduce plants (wood element), add earthy colors (earth element), then use aquarium to create your water element. These will bring balance and harmony, and help you achieve feng shui office ultimately.

For the yin and yang; first, it is important to say that this method stands for feminine and masculine energies. When nourishing energy is present, it helps to create a balance between the yin and yang (two extreme forces).

For instance; if your office environment is extremely yang with angular furniture, high ceilings, natural lights and light colors, you have to introduce yin energy to strike a balance.

In this case, you should consider integrating flowing and curved shapes, soft furniture, darker colors as well as window coverings to help tone down the extremely yang office environment.

Whatever method you choose (yin and yang or feng shui elements), the important thing is to ensure there’s balance and harmony in your office environment and workspace.

harmonize and balance your feng shui


Tip #5: Go for Appropriate Feng Shui Office Colors

Colors can impact your physical and psychological well-being in significant manner. And, when it comes to feng shui colors that suit an office space, your choice should reflect the following:

  • Sandstone
  • Pale gold
  • Soft yellow
  • Blue green
  • Pale orange

You should also add white to the feng shui office colors above to help you enhance mental focus and clarity. In addition, you should integrate stress relievers such as soft music, running water, and by avoiding harsh lightings.

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