FlexiSpot Standing Desks: The Ultimate Review and Expectations

Are you planning to make your workspace even more ergonomic and better for your health? Then investing in a standing desk or a standing desk converter can do you a lot of good. In that case, you may want to check out the products offered by the famous FlexiSpot.

FlexiSpot standing desks, as well as the brand’s standing desk converters, continue to capture the attention of many because they truly deliver what they promise in terms of functionality and benefits. FlexiSpot makes it a point to design and create ergonomic solutions that promote better health and productivity.

If you are thinking of investing in the products offered by FlexiSpot, then this article will provide you with information about some of the most highly recommended options.

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FlexiSpot Sit Stand Smart Workstation EM6WPersonalizable Space
Stylish Electric Workstation

FLEXISPOT Alcove Riser Height Adjustable Standing Desk ConverterSpacious Converter

FlexiSpot Classic Height Adjustable Standing Desk ConverterHeavy Duty

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter for Cubicles CornerGreat for Corners
ClassicRiser for Corners

FlexiSpot Monitor Stand Workstation Laptop Stand Computer Riser with Storage Drawer USB Charging PortKills Bacteria on Keyboard
Monitor Stand Workstation

FlexiSpot Laptop Desk RiserSimple Converter

Flexispot Basic Standing DeskBasic Standing Desk

Flexispot Standard Standing DeskPreset Height Standing Desk

Flexispot Gaming Standing DeskStanding Desk for Gamers

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converters

Stylish Electric Workstation

FlexiSpot Sit Stand Smart Workstation EM6W

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This stylish electric workstation from FlexiSpot comes in the form of an electric sit-stand desk. It takes pride in its modern and sleek design, which is versatile and compact enough that it can fit any space.

It is completely electric and operates with just one touch. You can even adjust its height with just one touch. You can adjust the height from 5.9 to 18 inches.

You can adjust it by holding the arrow up or down for a few seconds then pressing a button upon reaching your desired height. It also comes with extensions that let you expand the work surface by up to 37 inches.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to adjust with just one touch
  • Fully electric
  • Can fit any space because of its compact design
  • Can be expanded with its included extensions


  • A bit expensive, though, it is worth the money considering how great its quality is


FLEXISPOT Classic Riser Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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The AlcoveRiser is another superior offering from FlexiSpot. It has a unique u-shaped design, which you can use in expanding the keyboard workspace, giving you more space to complete your tasks with ease.

It is spacious that it can accommodate 17-inch laptops or mouse and full-sized keyboards. The fact that it does not have pre-determined heights is a big advantage. It lets you adjust the desk in a way that it suits your specific height requirements.

This FlexiSpot workstation is also designed in a way that it rises and folds vertically. The single-step release and attachment setup of this standing desk also makes it possible to use it together with the keyboard tray or without it.


  • Unique and u-shaped design
  • Spacious enough to hold laptops and keyboards
  • Comes with a height that you can adjust based on your preferences
  • Features an easy-to-attach and quick-release keyboard tray


  • Tends to wobble a bit
  • Not that easy to lift, especially when using dual monitors, because of the weight and the large desk space


 FlexiSpot Classic Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

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This FlexiSpot standing desk converter is also worth checking out because it is one of those that can provide you with a huge amount of space at 47 inches. It is spacious that you can use it to hold two 27-inch screens.

It boasts of its single-handle design, which promotes ease when adjusting the desk’s height. The quick-release keyboard tray included in this product is also a big advantage as it provides more space that can fit not only a large keyboard but also a mouse pad and mouse.

Furthermore, it allows for space-saving vertical adjustments. These adjustments do not only help you save space within your workstation but also guarantee enough stability every time you lift and lower the desk.


  • Huge workspace provided at 47-inch wide
  • Easy to adjust, thanks to its single-handle design
  • Features a keyboard tray, which is quick-to-release
  • Fits the majority of heights of users
  • Up to 35-lb. desktop load


  • Quite heavy because of its size, so moving it from one place to another may be challenging
  • A bit hard to raise if it is fully loaded

ClassicRiser for Corners

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter for Cubicles Corner

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This ClassicRiser for corners is also a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a FlexiSpot standing desk converter. One advantage of this is that it is ergonomically designed, allowing it to fit the heights of most users comfortably. You can even take advantage of its dozen of different height levels.

Expect smooth adjustments when using this converter, too, since it has a single-handle design. The work surface is spacious enough since it is 41 inches wide. It can hold plenty of stuff, like a PC monitor, laptop, and paperwork among many others.


  • Spacious, letting it hold plenty of stuff aside from your laptop and monitor
  • Ergonomically designed for user comfort
  • Comes with a dozen of different height levels
  • Easy and smooth to adjust
  • Features a full-sized keyboard tray, which you can easily release


  • Not that deep keyboard tray for standard and long keyboards
  • A bit heavy to lift in case you put large monitors over it

Monitor Stand Workstation

FlexiSpot Monitor Stand Workstation Laptop Stand Computer Riser with Storage Drawer USB Charging Port

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You may also want to give this monitor stand workstation a try. Featuring a modern and sleek design, you will surely love making it part of your workspace. It also boasts of its ergonomic structure designed to give users extreme comfort.

With its vibrant cloth finish, you can also make use of it to add life to your workspace. It is also easy and quick to set up since its main body comes completely assembled. It is easy to adjust plus it takes pride in its large, well-partitioned drawer, which can provide you with more storage space to organize your stuff.

One of the biggest features we like with this monitor stand is that it has plenty of storage as well as a UV light that can kill bacteria on your keyboard.


  • Ergonomically designed for comfort
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Adds color to your workspace with its vibrant cloth finish
  • Provides ample storage space with the inclusion of a well-partitioned drawer
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • UV light killing bacteria on keyboard


  • The material is not as durable and heavy-duty as the other standing desk converters.


 FlexiSpot Laptop Desk Riser

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Another FlexiSpot standing desk converter known for its flexibility is the famous GoRiser. One thing that makes it so impressive is the fact that you can make up to five different adjustments on its height. With that, expect it to suit the heights of different users, whether short or tall ones.

The work surface is it provides is also spacious enough. It can hold laptops of various sizes as well as other additional stuff and accessories, like a mouse. It also boasts of its sleek design, which is space-saving without hampering its overall functionality.


  • Flexible and versatile as it can be used by different users
  • Provides more than enough space for laptops and other accessories
  • Sleek design, which lets it save space
  • Easy to adjust to 5 different settings
  • Suits even small workstations


  • Quite heavy to move from one place to another
  • Does not have as much adjustment settings as other standing desk converters of the same price

FlexiSpot Standing Desks

If you have the budget, then you can go for full standing desks, instead of the converter. Note that the standing desk converter is different from standing desk in the sense that it serves as a smaller workstation that you can put on top of a traditional desk.

Some of them are adjustable electronically, although most models can be adjusted manually using a gas spring mechanism. Standing desk is costlier than the converter but a lot of users prefer it, especially those who wish to stand longer or more frequently than the others.

You can pick adjustable or standalone standing desks depending on what you prefer. Most of these desks can also be operated with just one push of a button. If you prefer using standing desks, then the following products from FlexiSpot serve as your ideal options:


Flexispot Basic Standing Desk

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If you are searching for a basic standing desk, then the FlexiSpot adjustable desk is ideal for you. One distinctive thing about it is its motor lift mechanism, which assures users of smooth height adjustments. You can adjust the range from 28 inches to 47.6 inches.

It also boasts of its solid and sturdy construction, thanks to its frame made of industrial-grade steel material. Aside from that, it can handle a load of up to 154 pounds, which can provide enough support for the kind of setup you want.


  • Promotes smooth height adjustments, thanks to its motor lift mechanism
  • Solid and sturdy built
  • Provides a wide range of adjustments for the height
  • Up to 154-lb. weight limit
  • Spacious enough to hold your stuff, including monitors and laptops


  • The included setup or installation instructions are not that clear.
  • Prone to picking up fingerprints quickly


Flexispot Standard Standing Desk

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You can also go for the standard version of this FlexiSpot adjustable desk. One thing that makes it different from the basic is the amount of space it provides in its work surface.

The work surface for the standard measures 55-inch x 28-inch whereas the basic is 48-inch by 30-inch. Another distinguishing feature of this adjustable desk is the built-in LED memory control panel.

It features a 7-button controller and 3 programmable memory presets, promoting ease once you make the switch from a sitting to a standing position.


  • Sturdy and durable built, making it long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Spacious work surface provided
  • Comes with a 7-button controller for ease of height adjustments
  • Features 3 programmable memory presets for your preferred height settings


  • Tends to wobble sometimes, which can be dealt with by tightening the frame bolts often
  • Poor setup or installation instructions


Flexispot Gaming Standing Desk

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If you are into gaming, then you can also rest assured that there is a FlexiSpot standing desk for you. You can use this adjustable PC gaming desk from FlexiSpot if you want a spacious one. It provides a huge gaming surface at 55 inches wide.

This space is enough to hold the monitors, keyboard, and other gears and accessories specifically designed for gaming. It also has a motorized lift system with a height you can adjust from 28 inches to 47.6 inches. With its steel frame, you are also sure of its solid and durable structure.


  • Provides more than enough gaming surface
  • Provides a wide range of height adjustment with its motor lift system
  • Solid and durable built, thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Promotes effortless transitions when planning to sit or stand


  • Comes with a somewhat sharp edge found on the desk’s underside
  • Wobbles a bit, especially when it is fully loaded

Why Should You Choose a FlexiSpot Standing Desk?

One thing that makes FlexiSpot standing desk worthwhile to invest in is the huge work surface it provides to its users. Most of the brand’s standing desks are so spacious that anything you want to put in there, including more than one monitor is possible.

Most of the desks from FlexiSpot are also very easy to adjust, lower, and raise. Another of the brand’s selling points is the nice design of all its products. Furthermore, they are all space-savers, so you can rest assured that they will not cramp your workspace.

Why You Should Not Buy a FlexiSpot?

However, take note that FlexiSpot standing desks also have their individual downsides. One of the complaints raised by some of its users is that their products are kind of heavy, which makes moving them from one spot to another hard.

Another problem is that while you can easily adjust the desks, loading them to their full capacity with heavy stuff might cause some difficulties in adjustments. Some products are also more expensive than the ones offered by other brands.

How to Buy a FlexiSpot?


One vital thing to consider when shopping for a FlexiSpot is the size of the standing desk or the converter. Fortunately, the brand provides several options as far as size is concerned. If you plan to invest in a converter, measure the floor height and the desktop size of your present desk.

These measurements can ensure that what you will buy is not too short, too wide, and too deep for your requirements. If you have limited space, then go for a FlexiSpot standing desk, which you can lower and extend within its footprint via up and down movements.

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Durability is another important quality that you have to look for when shopping for a standing desk or a converter from FlexiSpot. One thing that indicates the strength and durability of the brand is its huge weight capacity.

It should be able to hold a heavy load. It could be from multiple monitors, full-size keyboards, desk accessories, mouse, paperwork, and any other stuff. The standing desk also needs to be durable that it is not prone to scratches and any other problem that might result from too much use.

Price and Warranty

Make your choice on a FlexiSpot standing desk by checking out their prices and the warranty coverage. Identify your budget first. If you have a limited budget, avoid going for the cheapest one you can find, though.

Check its quality and features first. Go for a FlexiSpot product with the right balance of price, functionality, and features.

Make sure that the product you are eyeing for has a decent warranty, too. Fortunately, most products from FlexiSpot have extended and lifetime warranties, making them worthwhile to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will the FlexiSpot standing desk converters damage my existing table?

No, it won’t. It is even a useful tool for your existing desk as it can turn it into a sit-stand desk that you can use to boost your productivity and prevent the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

With this converter from FlexiSpot, you can raise your workstation upward or downward for ease of transitioning from sitting or standing while working. Just make sure that you pick the right size – one that is the perfect fit for your existing desk or table.

That way, you will be one hundred percent sure that it will never damage your existing table.

Which FlexiSpot desk is right for me?

The answer to this is dependent on your specific requirements. Note that FlexiSpot offers a wide range of products that picking just one might be challenging and confusing for you. In that case, you have to determine exactly what your needs are.

Find out what specific configuration fits your present workstation. Your choice of a desk should also be based on the type, model, and the number of monitors, laptops, or PCs you are using. Consider the other items and accessories you plan to put on the desk, too.

By doing that, you can pick a desk based on the specific size and amount of space you need. Also, determine how you intend to use it. If you are someone on the go, then you may want to pick the GoRiser, a sleek and compact desk converter with a built-in handle, allowing you to bring it anywhere.

If you have a small workspace, then go for one with a compact size and narrow configuration. One great choice from FlexiSpot, in such a case, is the CompactRiser.

Does the FlexiSpot anti-fatigue mat help?

Along with FlexiSpot’s standing desk or converter, you may also want to invest in the brand’s anti-fatigue mat. It is a big help because it is designed in a way that it can lessen the fatigue caused by prolonged standing, especially on cement floors and other hard surfaces.

The good thing about the anti-fatigue mat from FlexiSpot is that it takes pride in its solid structure yet simple design. It is easy to use. You will surely find it useful as it provides the needed support whenever you need to stand for at least an hour.

It is also constructed from a thick and dense, yet bouncy material, so expect it to provide several remarkable anti-fatigue benefits. This mat has a low compression level, preventing it from sinking to your floor while continuously providing your needed support.

What is the difference between the basic and standard desk?

The basic and standard desks of FlexiSpot differ on the work surface area they offer. In most cases, the work surface provided by the standard desk is bigger compared to the basic type.

Another difference is the fact that the standard desk comes with additional features that make it more advanced. One of these is the button controller, which you can use to set heights even more conveniently.

The standard desk also usually features programmable memory presets if you want to have an easier time switching to a standing position every time.

Our Final Thoughts

FlexiSpot is indeed one of those brands you have to check out if you have plans to invest in an ergonomic solution for your workspace. With its standing desks and converters around, you can finally fight the negative effects of prolonged sitting. You can start working while having the option to sit or stand anytime.

You will not regret buying any of the products offered by FlexiSpot. The fact that it has already built an excellent reputation in the industry means that its products are trustworthy and of top-notch quality. Just make sure to pick the right desk or converter that perfectly satisfies your unique demands and requirements.

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