This Floating Desk by Prepac Saves You Tons of Space!

A floating desk is great for those that needs to save space. The Prepac Wall mounted Floating Desk has great storage space where you’ll be able to keep books, photographs, and other items on the top shelf.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Prepac Floating Desk, made in the United State of America.

This product has been around since 2012, and has been a long success to Prepac as more and more customers are gravitating towards space saving solutions for their room.

Amazing Customer Service

Prepac has been founded in 1979, so you know that their product is high quality, and has been around for a long time.

In 2017, Prepac received the British Columbia Exporter of the Year Award for the Consumer Products Category. Knowing this, you can already assume that their products will last you for a long time.

However, if you still worry about the products, Prepac offers a limited 5 year warranty against product defects. If you can prove that the product is defective in manufacturing, material or workmanship, the company will be able to provide you a replacement at no charge.

Prepac Floating Desk Review

This floating desk has been an innovative desk for many because of its space saving feature. In addition, this desk features cable and wire management, where it keeps your desk nice and organize, the desk has a lot of compartments to keep speakers, electronic devices, books, and other personal items.

The product dimension is 19.8″  deep x 42.2″ wide x 39.5″ tall, and weighs 60 pounds.

Once you mount your desk, it can hold up to 100 pounds, enough for your computer setup, plus more.

The surface does not fold up, and the image you see in this article, is how it is.

This product is made of particle board and covered by plastic like covering, making the desk lighter, so your walls can withstand the table. For the price, this product is great.

Just to note: the desk does not come with a chair, which allows you to freely purchase a well comfortable or design inspired pair to complete your room decor.

We believe that you will love this desk and all of its features it has to offer.

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Prepac Customer Reviews

If you decide to purchase this desk, you’ll most likely be satisfied with this product, as there has been countless users who have purchased this product and rated highly for the product.

The good:

  • Easy to build.
  • The extra storage has been useful.
  • The looks.
  • Holds a good amount of weight.
  • Could be installed as a standing desk or as regular sit desk.
  • Comes in multiple colors

The bad:

  • If installed wrong, then you may have trouble with weight.
  • Assembly could last long for some people.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to sacrifice decor because of space. The Prepac is beautifully designed and saves you lots of floor space. In addition, you can ensure that this product is made with care, and if you have any issues, the company has a 5 year limited warranty. The desk comes in multiple colors so you can match your room decor.

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