Fully Cooper Bamboo Inspired 35″ Standing Desk Converter Review

Looking for a standing desk converter with style? Perhaps a bamboo inspired converter that not only looks good with your decor, but also functional?

This is the goal of Fully, the brand behind the Cooper Bamboo Standing Desk Converter. The desk is a beautiful bamboo design, paired with a sturdy powder coated steel black double X-frame.

The desk is two-tiered with keyboard space. The top tier (or task space) is measured 35.4″ wide by 20″ in depth. The keyboard space is measured 28.9″ wide and 11.8″ deep.

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You will love Fully’s Cooper Bamboo if you:

  • Want a bamboo inspired desk – If you’re more design oriented, then this would is one of the better converters out there, that isn’t simple and plain.
  • Need a two-tiered platform – If you require space just for your keyboard and mouse.
  • If you’re tall – This desk converter can be adjusted to accommodate people who are taller. Customers who are 6’7″ have said that this is perfect for them.

You might not like Fully’s Cooper Bamboo if you:

  • Need more than one monitor – This desk has a lighter weight limit of about 35 lbs, to ensure stability. Just for an example, the 27″ iMac monitor is already to its max weight limit.

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Customer Service

The company has been servicing to the standing desk world for awhile, first with their very popular Jarvis Full Stand Up Desk, to now creating an option for those that would just want to convert their existing desk set up to go from a sitting position to a standing one.

This product comes with 2-year warranty on all parts, which gives peace of mind that this product will last a long time. Even if it doesn’t, you’ll be covered by its warranty.

Keyboard and Task Space

This desk converter is two-tiered, giving you space for just your keyboard and mice, and and the upper space for your monitor and your work, keeping your desk space clean and organized.

The desk does not cut open and is a full rectangle, giving you the most optimized space, 35.4″ W x 20.7″ D, unlike other stand up desk converters where there’s a cut open space, leaving you less space on the top level.

The keyboard is 28.9″ W x 11.8″ D, enough for keyboard and mouse pad.

macbook on fully cooper stand up desk converter

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Height Adjustability

Fully Cooper is built with only a single lever, allowing you to adjust the X-frame desk with a single squeeze.

The desk goes straight up and down, not towards and away from you. This design allows the desk to evenly distribute its weight in every height.

The Cooper Bamboo inspired converted glides in a continuously free range of motion nearly 16″ of height adjustment, allowing you to stop anywhere you like along the way, perfect for anyone, and great for taller people.

adjusting the fully cooper bamboo desk converter

What Customers Saying

We know that you wouldn’t buy anything without reading reviews of this desk, so we have compiled some of the pros and cons of what people are saying.

The Good:

The Bad:


The Fully Cooper Bamboo is a great stand up desk converter if you’re looking for you’re design conscious. In addition, it provides easy lift mechanism for anyone, and it is one of the sit to stand converters that is perfect for taller individuals as well.

With the given price point, this desk converter is also great for those looking to get started with sit to stand lifestyle.

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