Our Review of Fully Jarvis Electric Standing Desk – Is It Worth It?

Quick Summary

The Jarvis Fully Electric Standing Desk is one of those standing desks that boast of a thoughtful, durable, and cool design. Mainly made of bamboo, it assures most users that its construction is all-natural. It is based on sustainable and natural materials.

It was also able to preserve its natural appeal with the help of its water-based and UV-cured polyurethane coating. This specific coating receives great reviews for being tough and environmentally-friendly.

The way this Jarvis standing desk’s frame is designed is also one viable reason behind its popularity. It is tough and sturdy and has a huge lifting capacity. Learn more about this product with this informative and well-thought-out Jarvis Electric Standing Desk review.

You may like the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk if

  • You are after an environmentally friendly standing desk – It’s an incredible choice for eco-friendly users because it is constructed from bamboo.
  • You prefer a standing desk with a huge lifting capacity – up to 350 lbs.
  • You want your standing desk to have an easy-to-adjust height.
  • You want your standing desk’s frame to be extremely strong and sturdy.

You may not like the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk if

  • You do not want to spend too much on a standing desk – It is because this Fully Jarvis Standing Desk has a higher price tag compared to the others.
  • You are after a more comprehensive warranty – The warranty for this standing desk is not that good. It does not have desktop coverage, too.
  • You want a desk with leg extension options – This one does not come with leg extension options, making it quite challenging to use for treadmill desk users and tall users.

What Customers are Saying?

In general, most of the customers/users of this electric standing desk provide this item with a high satisfaction rating. The majority of users love not only the environmentally friendly construction of this standing desk but also the presets.

They find the presets convenient, especially if they do not like to stand or sit in just one position for a prolonged period. With the presets around, switching from between standing and sitting positions is easy without having to disrupt their work environment or surface.

A lot of users also love the quiet and rapid operation of the standing desk. It has memory buttons plus the built-in tabletop is smooth and has a nice and interesting color. The adjustability of this standing desk is also a major plus for some users.

The Complete Specs

Interested in checking out the Jarvis Electric Standing Desk? Then here are the features and specifications you can expect from it:

  • Well-engineered and sturdy frame – The frame is well-engineered and sturdy enough that it has a 350-lb. lifting capacity. It also boasts of a quiet motorized adjustment of up to 1.5-inch per second.
  • Sustainable bamboo design – This makes the whole construction as environmentally friendly as possible. Combine that with its desktop’s coating made of water-based and UV-cured polyurethane material for an even more eco-friendly design.
  • Adjustable desk frame height – You can adjust it from 26 and ½ inches to 45.75 inches.
  • Digital display handset
  • 4 memory presets
  • Height display indicator

How Does it Operate?

The Jarvis Electric Standing Desk operates and works by providing you the kind of support you need to attain a healthy posture. It is built in a way that it can lessen the possibility of back or neck strain with a laptop stand or monitor arm. With this standing desk around, you can make your workspace as peaceful and well-organized as possible.

It also works by providing sufficient lighting. Being electric-powered, you can also make adjustments to the height frames conveniently so it can suit your requirements and preferences in terms of comfort. You can make use of its LED programmable handset to make it work based on your preferred height adjustment.

Stability and Desk Load

In terms of stability and desk load, the Jarvis Electric Standing Desk will never let you down. It has a truly strong frame that takes pride in its 350-lb. lifting capacity. You can also take advantage of the two desk range choices it has – the mid-range and the extended range.

While the mid-range setting does not let you reach as high or as low as you want, you can still expect it to suit 85 percent of the heights of adults. Aside from its good desk load, as proven by its huge lifting capacity, you also have an assurance of its amazing front-back and side-to-side stability.

It is because of the strengthening gussets as well as the foot-to-leg connection. The black wire management grommets integrated into the desk truly do a great job in boosting its overall stability.

Control Unit

The control unit of this electric standing desk is also impressive. It allows a fully automated and electric construction. With the built-in control panel, configuring the preset height for standing, sitting, or any other position will be easy and effortless.

You can do it with just a touch of the button. Expect this control unit to come with a few buttons (7 buttons, to be exact), so you can further operate it with ease. You can use the buttons for up/down controls, as a means of handling various presents, and to set presets based on the present height.

Other cool features that you can use in its control panels are powered grommets. You can use these in plugging all devices into the standing desk. This means you no longer have to run or operate the wires of your devices downwards and worry about whether or not their length can still stretch in case you are at standing height.

The Mechanics

One thing that a lot of users of the Jarvis Electric Standing Desk love is the fact that its mechanics or assembly is not complicated. Your purchase of this product even lets you take a hold of an easy-to-follow and highly detailed set-up and assembly guide.

With this guide, putting everything together will be easy. Apart from the top and the frames, the package also contains several of the screws required in holding different parts together. Most of the parts are simple and easy enough to tighten and fit.

Assembling it is just all about putting the base frame parts and components together, which is easy to do. However, if you do not want to set it up on your own then you can always hire a professional installer to do it for you. You can also choose the pre-assembled standing desk.


This Jarvis Electric Standing Desk comes with a full 7-year warranty. Many consider this warranty coverage industry-leading as it seems to be comparable with the 7-year warranty of its competitor, the UpLift. However, this is still not that long compared to the 10-year warranty offered by iMovR.

Aside from that, this warranty does not cover the desktop. This is the main reason why a lot of users often point the flaws of this standing desk to its somewhat lacking warranty. However, because of the overall performance of this standing desk, many still decided to let this flaw go.
Also, several users find the overall construction and the build of this standing desk sturdy, so the warranty is not a huge issue for them.

Company Information

The JieCang Linear Motion is the manufacturer of Jarvis Electric Standing Desk. It is a Chinese company founded in the year 2000, which was behind the creation of this Jarvis standing desk. Fully, however, is the famous retailer of almost all, if not all, Jarvis products.

The Chinese company, JieCang, focuses on manufacturing lifting columns and linear actuators. It was in the year 2011 when JieCang grabbed the opportunity of manufacturing adjustable bases, leading to the creation of standing desks in the long run.

As for the Jarvis desk brand, it seemed to come into existence in late 2013. From then on, the Jarvis brand continued to enjoy several updates and changes on the design of its standing desks. One of which is the shifting from T-base into the present C-base.

The standing desk received the most recent update last 2017. It is the time when the motor design and control box programming were updated. The upgrades and updates were more on reducing the noise created by the desk and improving the adjustment speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize my desk?

Yes, you can. The desk is made to be adjustable, so users will be able to customize it depending on their needs and requirements. It has a decent range of movement and flexibility, too.

The adjustable height of this standing desk means that people of varying heights will be able to use it. Furthermore, you can easily and conveniently convert this standing desk into a sitting desk.

Aside from that, this desk allows users to customize their workspace in such a way that it can accommodate the majority of their needed items. You will also have enough room in case there are additional components for customization purposes.
Does the controller memorize my height?

Yes. This is possible with the memory settings and presets incorporated into the standing desk. The built-in memory settings also promote ease and speed when making adjustments.

The four memory preset options can be seen in the digital display handset, which you can easily use and control. For easier and faster adjustment, you can also use the desk’s height display indicator.

How long should I typically stand for?

It is no longer a secret that sitting behind a work desk the entire day is not good for anyone’s health. This is why a lot of experts recommend standing at workstations for around fifteen minutes every hour.

However, it would be much better to stand for a minimum of thirty minutes every hour to maximize the benefits of standing. Once you have a standing desk, you can easily achieve since you can alternate between sitting and standing conveniently.

With that, you can avoid common issues with prolonged sitting, like strained muscles, back and neck pain, and poor posture.

What are some accessories that go well with this standing desk?

To maximize the effects of the standing desk, you may want to look for other accessories that you can integrate into it. Apart from the top and the mainframe, you can choose to buy additional parts and components that will perfectly suit the desk and your specific demands.

Among the accessories that you can add to this standing desk are power upgrades, like AC outlets and USB ports. You may also want to invest in a desk shelf, anti-fatigue mats, and supported-standing chair, among many others.

Bottom Line and Future Prevention

The Jarvis Electric Standing Desk is one of the most dependable standing desks that you can access in the market today. It has plenty of exceptional features that make it on top of the options of many.

The good thing about it is that it is also easy and quick to set up. While there are issues with the lack of warranty, especially on the item’s desktop, you have an assurance of the excellent customer service provided by Fully. In case of problems, expect their customer support team to help take care of these.

With the aid of this standing desk, you will be on your way towards customizing your workstation in such a way that you can avoid issues with your health due to prolonged sitting. It also takes pride in its smooth and silent transition from when you are in a sitting to a standing position, making it truly an incredible investment.

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