Gaiam Balance Yoga Ball Chair Review

Active chairs such as the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair allows active sitting and promotes a healthier mind and body without really doing much exercise routines. This has sparked my interest with balance balls. Thus, I have started to research about it and there is only one way to start my venture and that is starting from the most popular balance ball, the  Classic Gaiam Balance Ball chair.

The Classic Gaiam Balance Ball Chair allows the user to adjust its height according to his preference through inflation or deflation. It also intends to support the user through the metal bar that keeps the ball stay in its place and the backrest for added support. You can ensure that this active chair is discreetly improving your posture by simply sitting on it.

Key Features and Benefts of The Balance Ball

Promotes Proper Alignment of the Spine and Core Strength

These balance balls, being active chairs, work wonders in your body more than what the regular chairs can offer. Through the unstable design and structure of the balance ball, your body is forced to stay focused and allows the muscles in your core to keep the balance. With this, you develop proper posture and focus.

Uses the same Yoga Ball

One can be assured that apart from providing you the comfort which you need while sitting, the Gaiam Balance Ball also has the same quality as the yoga ball which you have been using in your yoga and gym classes. It is built and intended to assist in your exercise routines and help you achieve a healthier body and a more focused mind.

man sitting on the gaiam yoga ball while doing work


Gaiam aims to fulfill the needs of their every customer and meet all their expectations. Thus, they work hard to provide quality products to their customers. However, for those who would like to return or replace their received items, they can call the manufacturer within 30 days after purchase.

Gaiam has promised to give you comfort. Thus, they guarantee quick resolutions in your every concern. You can give them a call anytime and they would be very happy to assist you with your concerns.

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Why do people love the Classic Gaiam Balance Ball?

A lot of people love the idea that is able to keep their bodies healthy and fit just by sitting on the balance chair. Its benefits even during idle moment are such a determining factor why a lot of them choose this active chair. You have to remember that the unique design of this chair makes your body responds to its instability. Thus, it encourages your mind to stay focused and strengthen the core muscles.

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Key Takeaway on the Classic Gaiam Yoga Ball

The features and benefits which this active chair can offer are enough to outweigh its downsides. Clearly, the Classic Gaiam Balance Ball offers a lot of essential things to the users which are vital to fulfilling the need for a healthier body. As it functions mainly to correct the user’s body posture, it also allows the user to learn the necessary discipline to sit the right way and to have a focused mind.

Undoubtedly, the Classic Gaiam Balance Ball is worth recommending!

8.5 Total Score

Active Usability
  • This active hair features a detachable backrest.
  • The Classic Gaiam Balance Ball promotes proper posture and spine alignment.
  • It strengthens your mind by keeping it focused while sitting on this chair.
  • It also features an adjustable metal support.
  • It is an active chair which has its own benefits even during idle time.
  • This balance chair offers zero back pain.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It requires frequent inflation to attain its full size.
  • It is only intended for individuals 5 feet to 5'11 tall.
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
Gaiam Balance Yoga Ball Chair Review
Gaiam Balance Yoga Ball Chair Review

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