Herman Miller Aeron Chair vs Embody Chair Full Full Review – Which is Better?

Herman Miller has been the top brand when it comes to ergonomics and comfort, and it crosses every body’s mind. What’s interesting is that we get a lot of questions regarding the Embody vs Aeron chairs. Due to popular demand, this article we’ll be reviewing two very popular chairs from Herman Miller:

  • Aeron Task Chair
  • Embody Chair
If you’re in a rush, go straight to our quick Aeron vs Embody comparison chart

These two products have been the best in the industry and have received recognition for not only producing the very comfortable and ergonomic chairs but also being stylish and user-friendly.

Herman Miller’s dedication to improving the quality of your chair, with extensive research and development, to optimize the best ergonomic feeling you’ll have when working long hours.

What you’ll discover below is that you can’t go wrong with purchasing a Herman Miller chair for your work or home office and the reviews below will show you why this is the case.

Aeron vs Embody Quick Overview

Herman Miller Aeron

herman miller carbon color aeron chair
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Debuted in 1994, today’s Aeron chair has been remastered from learning so much about how the best way to support people’s postures as they adopt throughout the workday. The Aeron has incorporated two decades worth of technology and ergonomic enhancements to help with improving their customer’s health.

Herman Miller Embody

herman miller green embody chair
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Because we sit in front of a computer longer than usual, the same designer of the Aeron wanted to create a chair that can be health-positive or therapeutic for our spine. The Embody has gone through long hours of testing and has proven that this forms comfortably to our bodies and give us the comfort and continuous support we need for our spine and back.

Product Video

Aeron Product Video

Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf

Aeron is the perfect marriage of performance and design. Our best-selling office chair still defines expectations for ergonomic comfort more than 20 years after its debut.

Embody Product Video

Designed by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf

What if a chair could do more than just minimize the negative effects of sitting? Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber designed the Embody Chair with that question in mind. The result set a new benchmark for ergonomic seating technology.

Aeron vs Embody Comparison table

The Aeron ChairThe Embody Chair
Materials- 56% elastomeric
- 44% polyester
100% polyester
SizeMultiple sizes (see below)One size
Lumbar Support- Adjusts up and down
- More firm
- Adjusts to be more firm
Adjustable Armrest- Adjusts up and down
- Tilt in or outwards
- Adjusts horizontally
- Adjusts up and down
- Tilt outwards
Adjustable Seat DepthN/A15" to 18"
Seat HeightSize A: 15" - 19"
Size B: 16" - 20"
Size C: 16" - 20"
16" - 20.5"
HeadrestYes, as an add-onNo
Max User WeightSize A: 300 lbs
Size B & C: 350 lbs
300 lbs
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Aeron Task Chair Review

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Unique breathable Pellicle suspension dissipates the body heat that builds up while you work, keeping you cool and comfortable while providing unparalleled support.

The Aeron chair has been around since 1994, but have been remastered since. Herman Miller has learned a great deal about how to best support people in a variety of postures people adopt throughout the workday.

Two decades of data allow Herman Miller was able to use their technological advancements to enhance ergonomically and improve the health-positive design.

With the Aeron Task Chair, you won’t ever be worried about the heat. Herman Miller has solved one of the biggest predicaments when prolonged sitting: the buildup of heat and humidity close to the body. This adjustable mesh task chair or also known as Herman Miller’s pellicle design allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures.

Chair Dimensions:

Size A:
H 38.5″ max W 25.75″ D 25.75″ Seat H 15″–19″
Recommended if you are: 4’10″–5’9″ Tall, 90–150 lbs.

Size B:
H 41.25″ max W 27″ D 27″ Seat H 16″–20.5″
Recommended if you are: 5’2″–6’6″ Tall, 130–325 lbs.

Size C:
H 43″ max W 28.25″ D 28.25″ Seat H 16″–20.5″
Recommended if you are: 5’3″–6’6″ Tall, 180–350 lbs.

Chair sizing reference:

aeron chair reference for recommended chair size


If you’re still confused about choosing the right Aeron size, this sizing chart is a reference that you can use in deciding which chair fits best for your weight and height. To determine which chair size is best, find the point of intersection for your height and weight.

herman miller carbon color aeron chairMost Popular
Herman Miller Aeron Chair
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herman miller green embody chairMost Adjustable
Herman Miller Embody Chair
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How to adjust the Aeron Chair video

Notable features

  • Helps you stay cool with prolonged sitting.
  • Adjustable back pad to help stabilize the sacrum and support the lumbar region.
  • A tilt mechanism allows the chair to move with the body allowing a seamless experience of movement.
  • The frame angle has been adjusted 1.8 degrees forward to better support the body in the upright position and across a wider range of postures.

Aeron task chair customer reviews

The good:

  • Supports back very well, and is comfortable throughout the day.
  • Very solid construction and assembly were easy.
  • The armrest can adjust to different positions.
  • Great lumbar support and can be adjusted to your liking.
  • The chair can accommodate taller and heavier individuals as well.

The bad:

  • There are a lot of different modifications to this chair, could take some time to get the perfect setup.
  • The different setup can be costly and add up.
  • Is an expensive chair.

Want to learn more about the Aeron Chair? Check out our full detailed of Herman Miller Aeron review here. We also reviewed the Mirra 2 against the Aeron, here.
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Embody Chair Review

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Designed to enhance health, improve focus, and provide ergonomic support for people who sit more than 4 hours a day. Recommended for those with back issues and other ergonomic challenges.

Interesting enough, Herman Miller has gathered more than 20 physicians and PhDs in the fields of biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics to contribute their expertise in guiding the development of this chair.

The result was astonishing, setting a new benchmark for pressure distribution, natural alignment, and support for healthy movement in ergonomic seating.

Chair Dimensions:

Unlike the Aeron task chair, the Embody chair only has one size:

Height: 43.5″

Width: 29.5″

Depth: 29″

Seat Height Adjustment: 16″–20″

Arm Height Adjustment: 22.5″–32″

How to adjust the Embody Chair video

Notable features

  • The back support allows you to position the backrest in line with your spine’s natural curve, to achieve a neutral, balanced posture, adapting to your every movement.
  • The chair’s material is aligned with four different supporting layers, designed for airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • This chair isn’t just about function and form but was designed with aesthetics in mind.

Embody chair customer reviews

The Good:

  • If you spend all day sitting, this can be the most comfortable chair.
  • The chair is very adjustable and can form to your body.
  • Superior reclining ability.
  • Very aesthetically pleasing, and can fit in a lot of modern and industrial environment.

The Bad:

  • It can be very expensive.
  • There can be a lack of padding for some people.
  • The material can be very smooth on certain materials when sitting, and can cause you to slide.
  • The arm rest is not that adjustable, only goes up and down, left and right.

Want to learn more about the Embody Chair? Check out our full detailed review here.
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Amazing Customer Service

Whether you go with the Aeron Task Chair or the Embody Chair, you’ll be receiving amazing customer service with your purchase.

Herman Miller puts customer satisfaction and loyalty at the forefront of everything they do. They stand behind the quality of their products and have many of their products covered by a 12-year warranty that includes parts and labor. In addition, their warranty covers the cost of service.

Service like this is hard to beat compared to other ergonomic chairs and companies.

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why the Aeron and Embody have been top sellers of the Herman Miller family. From what we mentioned above, it has a lot of attractive features. Even at its high price point, we think that it can be justified from what you’re getting out of it.

We’ve noticed a lot of satisfied users use the Embody chair for their gaming setup. This gives you a good comfort for playing computer games, especially since the chair’s back hugs you while actively engaging in gameplay.

However, if you like the mesh material of the chair, we suggest the Aeron, because sometimes at hotter climate areas, you may feel a little rise in temperature in your sitting area if you’re sitting for longer than a few hours. We’ve seen more office spaces and meeting rooms use this type of chair.

Both chairs are great in adjustability and comfort, we think either choice will be a great addition to your comfort and ergonomics.

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