5 Best Herman Miller Chairs Review: Everything About Comfort and Design

When it comes to premium seating, Herman Miller has been on the top of the list. And there’s a reason for that; their unique design, ergonomics, and quality has always been their goal for their customers. If you’ve never heard of this brand, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated Herman Miller chairs for your office.

Keep in mind that these chairs do come with a hefty price tag, however, we do believe that the quality of these office chairs are worth it, and since you can’t put a price on your health.

You will love Herman Miller chairs if you:

  • Need ergonomics for your back and sitting posture
  • Require higher quality
  • Love the sleek design
  • Enjoy long-lasting comfort and customizability

You may not love Herman Miller chairs if you:

The 5 Top Rated Herman Miller Office Chairs

There are so many Herman Miller chairs, so which one do you choose? Before we dive deep into the best Herman Miller chairs, first you’ll need to ask yourself – what am I buying the chair for? Their chairs are built for different use cases, from lounging to office – because we’re focused more on office space and ergonomics, we’ll be focusing on the most comfortable and ergonomic office chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron

Best Overall Office Task Chair

  • Uses recycled materials.
  • Comes in three different sizes – varies in width, height, weight capacity.
  • Built with the 8Z Pellicle that offers eight latitudinal zones of varying tension in the seat and back to provide targeted pressure distribution and eliminate heat buildup.
  • Very customizable on the lumbar support and armrest.
  • Harmonic 2 Tilt provides natural, balanced motion through a range of posture changes

Herman Miller Aeron Sizes

Full Aeron Chair Review

Herman Miller Embody

Best Runner Up Comfort Office Chair

  • The Embody is built to help stimulates blood and oxygen flow, keeping you focused and relaxed at the same time.
  • There are six ergonomic functions that encourage the most healthful posture for computer users—a working recline, which reduces spine compression and even slows fluid loss from discs
  • Skin-like textile covering allows air to circulate and keeps you cool, no matter how long you sit.

Full Embody Chair Review

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Best Runner Up Adjustable Office Task Chair

  • Lots of adjustable features such as adjustable arms, AireWeave 2 adjustable suspension seat, tilt limiter, standard carpet casters and TriFlex 2 back.
  • A hybrid structure which is shaped for dynamic support and keeps your body in healthy alignment when sitting.
  • A reinvented Harmonic tilt which helps create a smoother and balanced feel as you move from one posture to another.

Herman Miller Sayl

Best Affordable Herman Miller Office Chair

  • Sayl is a task chair that enables an unprecedented sense of freedom for the sitter in a design that delivers the most comfort with the least materials
  • Breathable unframed back keeps you cool while you work
  • The organic shape of the Sayl back makes it elegant anywhere, from every angle
  • Seat height is adjustable between 15.5 and 20 inches high
  • 12-year Herman Miller warranty with Official Born-On-Date sticker

Herman Miller Cosm

Best Minimal Office Chair

  • Ergonomic design that will respond to your body’s movement and posture to provide a more natural balance and total support.
  • Height adjustable arms.
  • The auto-harmonic tilt instantly and automatically provides balanced support and movement, depending on your body and posture
  • Breathable and temperature-neutral support that has a continuous form with elastomeric suspension – helps eliminate the gap between the Seat and Back, conforming to each person’s body to provide dynamic spinal support.

Brief History of Herman Miller

Herman Miller has been around for over 100 years and started in 1905 in Zeeland, Michigan, known as The Star Furniture Company. A man named D.J. DePree came on board and eventually acquired it in 1923 and renamed it to Herman Miller. They would hire designers and architects that would change the trajectory of the company.

Herman Miller was the first to pioneer the popular Mid-Century Eames lounge and plastic chairs and a lot of other popular signature office chairs you see today. You’ll find Herman Miller inspired chairs all over the world.

You can read more about their history on their Wikipedia page, or on their about us website.

Herman Miller eames lounge chair

Why is the brand so Expensive?

So why is their chair so expensive? One of their most popular chairs, the Herman Miller Aeron can range from $900 with the most basic version, and with add-ons, it can go up to $1,400.

And yes, people do pay for a premium on these chairs.

They do have its value and why it’s so expensive is because of the quality and ergonomics. Herman Miller has built their chairs with comfort in mind while still being design conscious. What’s impressive is that they’re always innovating and changing their designs based on user testing and feedback.

A Herman Miller chair isn’t just about comfort, it’s also about status. When you buy into a Herman Miller chair, you’re making a statement.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of other ergonomic office chairs out there that’s more affordable. And you might find one that you like more.

Herman Miller chair comparisons

We’ve compared a few chairs with Herman Miller, whether it’s with their own chairs or with another brand, we think that you’ll find it useful as well

Aeron vs Embody

Aeron vs Mirra 2

Aeron vs Steelcase Leap

We’ll be constantly updating this list, so come back periodically to see Herman Miller comparisons.

What Are The Alternatives?

If you want quality like these chairs, but can’t afford the price tag? You may also want to check out some of the alternative brands that are similar to Herman Miller in terms of comfort and ergonomics.


Just like our comparisons, we’re working on updating the list of Herman Miller alternatives. Stay tuned!

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