Embody Chair by Herman Miller Complete & Unbiased Review

Have you ever wanted to sit down at your desk and be able to work the whole day, while still having energy by the time you get up from your chair? With an average desk chair on the market, you might actually find this simple request a bit hard to accomplish.

When you sit in a cheap desk chair that isn’t created to fit your body with customized adjustments, you might find that your joints are stiff, your back is in pain, and you’re overall fatigued by the end of your work day.

When you’re constantly tired simply because of a chair and your workspace setup, it really does change the rest of your life, bringing down your personal quality of life.

In this review we’ll be focusing on the Herman Miller Embody Chair. This is a full review that will help you figure out whether or not this is the right chair for you and your space. You shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Full Comfort

Herman Miller’s ergonomic Embody Chair

Top performing and comfortable chair made by Herman Miller, one of the top leading ergonomic companies in the country.

Even though this chair has a big price tag, the price just reflects the amount of care and compassion the creators of this brand have put into their products. They want their customers to feel like they can feel comfortable and energized, so they’ll be able to take care of themselves and put their all into their work.

Without further ado, let’s begin looking into this product and see if it’s the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

You Will Love the Herman Miller Embody chair If…

  • You Want To Improve Your Functionality: If you want to have a chair that actually helps aid in your comfort so you can work longer without feeling any kind of stiffness or joint pain, this is the best choice for you. This desk will allow you to work long hours without feeling any stiffness in your spine, so you’ll be able to focus longer.
  • You Want To Invest In Quality: This chair is made of the highest grade quality of materials, ideal for those who want to treat themselves to the highest quality product that will last for years to come. With a graphite base and frame, this chair will withstand anything.
  • You Want Back Support: If you want major back support so you can work long hours without feeling pain or stiffness, this is the chair for you. Because of how the chair is built and how it allows you to tilt your seat to match with your body, you’ll feel comfortable at any time.
  • You Want Seat Depth: This chair also comes with the ability to change the seat depth, further allowing the user of this product to customize how this chair works for you and your body.
  • You Want A Turnable Backrest: This chair comes with a very important function, the ability to have a turnable backrest. This way you will be able to align the backrest to match with your spine curve, an amplified version of a lumbar support system.
  • You Want To Have Positive Health: Overall, this chair will help boost your health and will get you focused on the work in front of you without any pain or stiffness at the end of the day.

You Might Not Like This Product If…

  • You Want More Padding: Many individuals who have used this chair for long periods of time have noticed that the seats are a bit too hard for them. This will make the seat irritate your tailbone and spine if you stay seated for too long according to many customers.
  • You Want To Sit Close To Your Desk: Because of the arm rests not being adjustable enough, this product has been known to make it a bit difficult for you to be able to sit close to your desk. This can be extremely annoying and for a chair this pricy, this shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever.
  • You Don’t Want To Slide Around: Depending on the certain type of clothing material you wear, individuals have found that they actually slide on the chair often because of the material it is made of, which can be extremely frustrating
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Enhancing Health

The Herman Miller brand has put their all into the Embody chair. It’s built to help your health and it can offer your body so much more than you would expect compared to a typical chair in the office.

When you use this office chair you’ll feel a difference right away, there are even six key functions that will be improved with this chair, which also include the ability to help calm your heart rate when you sit in this chair.

This chair is the perfect option for those who want something more comfortable and customized to their own body, but also want something that won’t help them fall asleep in the office, simply because it’s so comfortable. This chair is the ideal balance between comfort and firm support.

Most importantly, when you use this chair on a daily basis, you’ll have much more energy and focus towards whatever you happen to be working on. You’ll feel like you have a brand new lease on life.

The positive health design of this chair follows the quote that the main designer Jeff Weber really seemed to embody when creating this chair, “You can’t design without empathy.”

Overall, if you want a chair that can help guide you to a healthier and more aware lifestyle, this is a chair that will help do that. Not only will this chair help you minimize the many negative effects that can build up from sitting, but it will also promote your body to create a healthy movement and circulation, which will in turn encourage positive focus in the brain.

Check out our article on why having the right chair can be good for your posture.

Below we’ll be covering more of the highlighted features for you to review, so far let us know if you’d like this chair to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dynamic Matrix

There is a dynamic matrix on this chair made up of pixels that will respond to any movement the body makes when sitting in this chair. This not only will help encourage circulation, but it will also help to distribute the natural body weight and pressure you’re putting on the chair so you can better feel energized and fluid when in the chair.

This dynamic matrix will help those who often find themselves stiff after sitting for a long period of time. When sitting on this chair that feeling will no longer be experienced whatsoever.

Lumbar Support

This chair has great back support that can be offered when sitting on this product. Because this back support begins at the base of the spine, allowing you to take full advantage of the lumbar support which helps the natural curve of your spine, you’ll find that you’ll feel supported for the whole day without a problem.

Lumbar support is very important when looking for a chair, not only is it what keeps you upright and relieves your spine of unwanted stress, you’ll also find that it will help you focus as well since you won’t be feeling any pain in your back while trying to focus on what’s in front of you.

Many cheaper office chairs do not have the added lumbar curve for support which can really cause damage to your body if you don’t address it as soon as possible. With this kind of product you’ll be able to achieve correct posture.

Adjustable Qualities

This chair comes with many adjustable qualities, making it almost seem as if this chair was built for you and you only. You can change the tilt of the seat, the seat depth, the arms of the chair, and of course the height.

The tilt of the seat will allow you to lean the chair a bit forward which will also help you follow the form of your natural body positions, keeping your spine health in check and relieving some of the stress on your joints.

The other adjustments such as the seat depth and arms will allow you to find what works for you so you can match up your spine curves to the back of the seat, allowing this chair to work properly with your body and the lumbar support you need.

While it’s not always easy to find a chair online, hopefully these standout features gave you a well rounded idea of what this chair has to offer you.

Herman Miller Embody Chair Video

Final Thoughts about the Embody Chair

9.6 Total Score

User Rating: No Ratings Yet!

Overall, this high quality chair does quite well compared to many other options on the market. It’s a solid choice for those who want support. But comparing the positives and negatives, you might want to try out this chair in person before you purchase, simply because of the lack of padding this chair can offer you.

After reading through this review you’ll have all the necessary information to make the choice you see fit. You’ll have the tools to be able to make an informed purchase for the future. Will you be investing this quality chair for your home or office? You may also want to check out Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, another popular office chair.

Let us know your thoughts after reading through this research packed review!

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Embody Chair by Herman Miller Complete & Unbiased Review
Embody Chair by Herman Miller Complete & Unbiased Review

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