10 Ways On How to Create a Zen Office Space

If you’re being stressed at work or wherever you normally do work, then more often than not, it could be the environment you’re at. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of reorganizing and you’ll create a relaxing office space. This article, we’ll give you 10 ways on how to create a zen office space.

In this list we’ll walk you through simple ways to bring an element of comfort into your workspace without distractions and keeping that fresh and motivational flow.

The purpose of this list is to help you feel motivated in your workspace, whether that’s at home or at the office, you should be able to embrace your sense of self even when faced with a professional environment. Keeping it tasteful, design worthy, and clean are the key aspects to remember, and it can help you with your stress levels.

Embrace green in your office for better mood and relaxation

green space for mood

Introduce some plants in your workspace. Anything from small succulents to an easy to care for air plant! They will breath a sense of freshness into your space that will calm you and help relieve stress. If you aren’t in an area that has windows or sunlight, try investing in some simple faux plants, they can still give you that sense of life, and you won’t have to worry about them dying!

Decluttering and Clearing the surface to help with stress

clean and minimal desk

Keep your desk space as clear as possible. Don’t try to decorate your desk space with a ton of personal items, they can often lead to distractions and clutter. Keep your space clean by investing in proper storage and also sticking to only introducing practical and useful items within the space. Click here to learn more about how organizing your desk will help with stress.

Warm lighting to help with your eyes

warm lighting for your eyes

Purchase a lamp that will compliment your space, it’s a great way to introduce some warm lighting into your space, especially when you’re always under the florescent bright lights of a typical office. When you use warm light you’ll feel more relaxed and at peace when working on the tasks at hand.

Check out our review list of great desk lamps that are have been highly rated on Amazon.

Think of a theme for your office

office theme green

We’re not telling you to go out a decorate your whole desk space, but sticking to a color theme is a great way to personalize your workspace, while also adding some design flair to the mix. Stick with a simple colors and accents of golds or rose golds for a chic and modern office workspace.

Get a simple throw blanket for comfort

throw blanket office chair comfort and warmth

Drape a simple throw blanket over the back of your office chair, by doing this you’ll obviously feel more comfortable but it can be a great a subtle decoration for your space without it causing distractions or being right in front of your face like most obnoxious office decorations, plus it’s actually useful!

Lift tour computer with a stand-up desk converter

stand up desk converter for laptopsKeep your computer at eye level so you won’t have soreness as often after a long full workday. Keeping your computer eye level will keep your spine straight which will help you retain focus without getting restless or sore throughout the day. Use a desktop riser to achieve the perfect height for you.

Bulletin board for better organization

bulletin board for office and organization

A great way to make sure that you’re not over decorating your small workspace is by including a bulletin board to help you organize your daily to-do list or even major office events during the week. You can also pin a few photos that inspire you as well, or a couple of quotes to keep you motivated.

Purchase quality supplies

supplies for your office

We agree, sometimes it’s hard to pass up a good bargain on cheap office supplies, but when you take the time to invest in products that look nice, match your office theme, and make you want to use them, you’ll feel motivated to put them to work. Not to mention this is another great way to get the most out of your supplies and you’re office space. Update all your supplies to brass or a chrome depending on your theme, make them part of the decor.

A new mug for inspiration

productivity mug with stand up desk

What do you head for every morning at work: the coffee machine. Instead of using wasteful styrofoam cups, try getting a new mug that you love! Whether you bring it from home or buy one to match the rest of your office, this simple upgrade will make you feel more comfortable when you work since you’ll feel like you’re right at home! Simple touches like this will make a major difference in the workday.

Snack station for your brain

snack station for productivity

Keeping some snacks in your drawer is always a plus in any office, perfect for when you need a little pick me up. But to take that concept to the next level, you can include a mini French press, healthy alternatives, and a water pitcher that heats up without a kitchen. Make a little corner in your office to set up a small snack corner and drinks and you’ll feel like you’re being pampered all day. It’s motivational and will make you more comfortable as well.

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