Is the IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk Any Good? Our Review Guide

Quick Summary

The IKEA Standing Desk SKARSTA is one of the most reliable standing desks from the trusted brand. It boasts of adjustable height, making it as comfortable as possible to a wide range of users. As a full-size standing desk, you will enjoy most of the features of the SKARSTA.

With its somewhat affordable price tag, most users will surely enjoy investing in it. It has an extensive height range – from around 27 inches to 47 inches. This makes it more flexible and useful, especially for taller users who can greatly benefit from the additional inches provided by the desk.

You may like SKARSTA Standing Desk by IKEA if

  • You are looking for an affordable and easy-to-adjust standing desk
  • You want your adjustable desk to have an extensive height – This particular standing desk can be adjusted up to 47 inches.
  • You prefer one with a rock-solid and stability
  • You plan to invest in one with a user-friendly crank handle
  • You are on the taller side who wants to adjust the desk based on your height

You may not like SKARSTA Standing Desk by IKEA if

  • You want more options in terms of color – It is because this product only comes in white.
  • You want a more durable crank – One flaw of this standing desk is that its crank seems to wear out too soon.
  • You have plenty of things you want to put on the desk – If you are someone who prefers to put things, like dual monitors, heavy CPU, books, and paperwork among many other things on the desk, then this may not be right for you. It is because of its somewhat limited weight capacity of 110 lbs.

What the Customers are Saying

Most customers of the IKEA SKARSTA have positive praises for this adjustable standing desk. One of the things they like about it is its adjustability. It can accommodate different kinds of users due to the extensive height adjustments it offers.

Most of them also love the fact that adjusting the height is easy. All it takes is to turn its handle so they can get the perfect and the most comfortable standing and sitting position for them.

A lot of users also agree that its built-in crank handle is comfortable enough to use whether they are left-handed or right-handed. It is because the handle is made in a way that you can easily mount it on the right or left side.

The Complete Specs

The following features and specs are what you can expect from the IKEA SKARSTA:

  • The 63-inch length and 31 and ½ inches width
  • ABS plastic handle
  • Easy-to-adjust height from 27 and ½ to 47 and ½ inches – The only thing you have to do to make the necessary adjustments is to turn the handle as you deem fit.
  • Versatile and easy-to-mount crank handle – This handle works comfortably for both right-handed and left-handed users. It is because you can mount it conveniently either on the right or left side.
  • Adjustable feet – You can use this to ensure that the table stays level even when planted on uneven floors.
  • Can handle a load of up to 110 lbs.
  • Tabletop based on fiberboard, particleboard, ABS plastic, paper, and acrylic paint
  • Steel feet with polyester powder coating

How Does It Operate?

The clean and modern look of the IKEA SKARSTA is probably one of its most endearing qualities. It operates as an adjustable standing desk, making it truly valuable for those who want to alternate from sitting and standing from time to time to avoid the negative effects of prolonged sitting when at work.

It functions by giving you the chance to lower and lift it through the hand crank. It does not have an electric option, though. The good news is that it is not that hard to adjust the desk’s height using the hand crank handle.

Also, the crank is made in a way that mounting it on either right or left side is possible. This means you will never have issues using it no matter what your dominant hand is. You can also conveniently push this crank beneath the desk when unused to maintain its clean and nice look.

Stability and Desk Load

The stability of the IKEA SKARSTA is also decent. It underwent rigorous testing for domestic use and has been proven to meet all the standards and requirements for stability and strength that the governing agencies set for it. This proves that the desk is stable enough.

However, expect to experience a bit of wobbliness from this standing desk occasionally. This is something that you can expect from all standing desks that you can’t anchor to your wall, though, so you can rest assured that this is not a major issue.

As for the desk load, this standing desk features a 110-lb. weight capacity. This is lower than other higher-priced standing desks but you can rest assured knowing that this load is evenly distributed. This load is usually enough to handle a couple of flat screens.


In terms of ease of assembly, nothing seems to be easier compared to this standing desk offered by IKEA. Upon getting a hold of this adjustable standing desk, you can get a copy of its manual together with its other parts. Make sure to read the manual and understand everything before beginning the assembly or installation process.

The only thing that you have to do is to take note of the labels of each item. You also have to determine which among the parts should go together. Fortunately, it is not that hard to understand since the manual is created in simple and easily understandable diagrams and instructions.

Once you have assembled everything, check and assess the bolts of the frame. This will let you know whether you were able to attach all parts correctly and tightly.


IKEA offers customers with a 90-day return policy for the SKARSTA standing desk. The terms of the warranty can be expected to take effect on the exact day you bought the product. It also tends to last for a designated number of years.

You have to keep your original receipt as you will need to present it when making claims. In case you intend to return the standing desk, keep in mind that you can do so only within ninety days from the time you bought it.

If you are unsure of the specific warranty that applies to the standing desk then you can always ask the designated personnel of the company. In most cases, IKEA has the discretion of figuring out the best solution to a claim.

There are times when they will repair the standing desk while in other instances, they just choose to replace it with a comparable product.

Company Information

IKEA is one brand that usually comes across the minds of those who are hunting for durable and high-quality furniture. It is mainly because the brand has already earned a good reputation for offering a wide array of highly effective and reliable products. Many have also agreed that the brand offers the most stylish and functional pieces.

The company formally introduced itself to the public last 1967. The main goal of IKEA is to provide affordable innovation when it comes to home furnishings. With more than fifty years of being in the industry, IKEA seems to fulfill continuously the needs and demands of many DIY homeowners looking for high-quality furniture.

In terms of their standing desk, the IKEA brand offers two main options. The first one is the SKARSTA, a manually adjustable option currently discussed in this article. The other one is BEKANT, which is the brand’s motorized version of the standing desk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the SKARSTA crank get in the way?

No, you can rest assured that the crank does not get in your way too much. It is fairly easy to use, though it is still advisable to pay close attention to certain directions, like turning it counterclockwise to lower it or turning it clockwise to raise it. This is because turning it the wrong way might put it at risk of bending or getting disabled.

Once you get the hang of it, you will begin to enjoy its user-friendliness. Making adjustments is even easy because of the easy-to-access crank arm.

When unused, the crank will also automatically go back to its slot on top of the underside, so it will never interfere with you.

How easy it is to return the SKARSTA desk to IKEA?

Returning the SKARSTA desk to IKEA is fairly easy provided you still meet the requirements indicated in the policy. In most cases, you need to make sure that the return is done within 90 days from the moment you bought it.

It is because of the 90-day return policy offered by IKEA. It is also crucial for you to bring the original receipt when claiming the warranty. If they confirmed that your complaint is valid, they will most likely respond to the return by fixing it, replacing some spare parts when necessary, or replacing it with another similar unit.

Is using a manual adjusting standing desk like SKARSTA hard?

It is not that hard to use a standing desk that you can adjust manually, like the SKARSTA. You just have to make sure that it works similarly to SKARSTA wherein its hand-operated crank is easy to use and positioned at the right spot. Being located at the underside, you will never have problems pulling it out.

Upon pulling it out, you can expect it to detach from its mechanism, letting you spin it conveniently without too much resistance. While there are times when turning the crank is tedious, in most cases, users are satisfied with it. You will not even have problems turning it on regardless of the weight you put in the desk.

Bottom Line and Future Prevention

The IKEA SKARSTA Standing Desk is one of the most dependable adjustable standing desks you can find in the market today. It can help resolve the negative issues linked to prolonged sitting. It is because you can use it to alternate healthy periods of sitting and standing so you won’t end up getting harmed in the end.

This product is a great recommendation for anyone who is searching for a desk with an adjustable height that does not require them to spend a fortune. You can use it to finally change positions from sitting and standing, as doing so makes you work and feel better.

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