Jarvis vs Uplift Standing Desk: Which One is Better?

Standing desks are popular nowadays with the many benefits they carry. One of these is that a good standing desk prevents users from dealing with the negative consequences of prolonged sitting, like back pain. If you are interested in one then let’s take a look at this Jarvis vs. Uplift standing desk comparison so you will know which one is better.

Which One Has Better Height Adjustment?

One thing that makes the Jarvis and Uplift different is the height adjustment. While the Jarvis standing desk has an adjustment range of 23.125 inches to 48.75 inches, the Uplift boasts of 24.5 inches to 50 inches height adjustability.

With that in mind, Uplift seems to have a higher range in terms of height adjustability, making it slightly better than Jarvis in that specific area. The height adjustment range of Uplift offers an ergonomic and comfortable typing height for those who are up to 6’ and 6” tall.

It covers around 96% of the height ranges in America. Another edge of the Uplift is that it provides a 2-inch extra height by letting you add locking casters. Both are similar, though, in terms of the weight they can support. They can support a max weight of 350 lbs.

In terms of adjustment speed, both the standing desks are almost the same with the Jarvis having a speed of 1.32 inch per second and the Uplift boasting of a 1.33-inch per second speed.

Which is More Stable?

Both Jarvis and Uplift standing desks make use of a similar base – that is one based on JieCang technology, a manufacturer in China. Even with such similarity, take note that their overall stability is different. It is because each desk seems to be customized a bit.

In terms of stability, Jarvis seems to have an edge over the Uplift. It is because the former is manufactured in such a way that it comes with an L-shaped crossbar. This specific feature is extremely useful in making the desk even more stable.

Many also consider the Uplift as sturdy and stable. However, setting it at its maximum height, which is around 50 inches might cause it to wobble. This is slightly a disappointment, especially if you consider the fact that it has a C-shaped frame designed to improve its stability.

Because of its tendency to wobble, it is different from the rock-solid and stable Jarvis.

Which is More Customizable?

When it comes to customizability, most users give more points to the Uplift. Jarvis is also customizable, though, as you can customize it and make adjustments to it to fit the needs of different kinds of people.

It has a column, which goes into the foot, instead of mounting it on top, further enhancing its customizability. It is because it lets you customize it to as low as 23 inches even without using a top. Users will also feel comfortable with it.

Even with the Jarvis’ customizable nature, many still prefer the overall customizability of the Uplift. It is so customizable in the sense that you can perceive it as truly your desk. The key to this standing desk is customization.

In other words, even if you get a rectangular desk at a standard size, it is still possible for you to change it anytime you want based on your comfort level. The good thing about the Uplift is that you can customize it in various areas, not just size. You can set up its power supplies and electronics, among many others.

Which Has Better Warranty and Customer Service?

One of the features that you have to look for in a standing desk is the warranty. Fortunately, you can expect a decent warranty and customer service from both Jarvis and Uplift.

The two brands also seem to work similarly as far as warranty is concerned. It is because both offer a 7-year warranty for all parts and components of the standing desk. The warranty will cover the Jarvis and Uplift frame and their switch, control box, and electric motors.

Uplift, however, tends to go the extra mile by providing buyers with a 30-day trial period. Also, this brand covers desktops in case of shipping damage or manufacturer defects. It also covers accessories for defects in workmanship and other materials.

Both the Jarvis and Uplift do not have coverage for things like installation damage. They do not also cover consequential damage and signs of normal wear and tear.

Which Offers Better Value for Money?

If you have to pick one between the two then it would be a better idea to pick the Jarvis. This is especially true if you are planning to find out which one offers better value for the money. One reason behind this is the overall stability of the Jarvis.

Compared to Uplift, the stability of Jarvis is much better. It has a lower risk of wobbling, which ensures that you will peace of mind using it. Jarvis even boasts of a contoured front edge, which also has a nice-looking bevel, promoting comfort when working.

Another advantage of this contour is that it naturally and comfortably follows your body’s curves, so your comfort is surely its priority. Furthermore, it takes pride in its solid steel frame, providing three options namely white, silver, and black. It also has a nice and reasonable warranty under its belt.

Overall Winner Jarvis or Uplift?

Despite their differences, you have to remember that both the Jarvis and Uplift have their own set of benefits. It is all up to you to decide which one has all the features and benefits that meet your demands and expectations.

Consider researching the pros and cons of each one, so you will know exactly which one between the two can give you ultimate satisfaction. If you are after adjustability and customization then you will surely enjoy using the Uplift.

However, if what you want to prioritize is stability then Jarvis is a much better choice. Determine the specific qualities and features you want to focus on to make a sound and satisfying decision.

You will love Jarvis if

You are after a reasonably priced standing desk, which is durable and stable no matter what height you set it to. The fact that the Jarvis is well-designed is also one viable reason why you have a higher chance of loving it.

It is stable even if you adjust it at its maximum height. Furthermore, it can handle a max weight capacity of 350 lbs. It is more than enough to prove how sturdy and solid its construction is.

You will love Uplift if

You want to focus on having a customizable desk. The excellent customizability of Uplift is one of its most striking qualities. You can fully customize it in the sense that you can transform it as your desk.

Uplift also delivers a decent performance in terms of durability and strength. Furthermore, it has a reasonable 7-year warranty. You can even take advantage of its 30-day return policy, which somewhat proves that the brand is truly confident about its product.

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