LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill Review and Thoughts

If you’re reading this article, then that means you already know the deal with under desk treadmills, as it has a lot of health benefits. But, of course you’ll need a stand up desk to go with this treadmill. We’ll go straight into our thoughts and review of this product. We’ll also compare with the Rebel Under Desk Treadmill and see how the LifeSpan can hold up.

For this particular model, we’ll be diving into the LifeSpan TR1200-DT3.

The first thing that I’m sure you’ll notice is the price difference. Why is the LifeSpan a lot more expensive than the Rebel? Lets dive in a little deeper and see if LifeSpan treadmills are really worth its price tag.

What are the dimensions?

Let’s start with the dimensions. LifeSpan treadmill has a length of 63 inches long, 28.5 inches wide, and 7.25 inches tall (63″ L x 28.5″ W x 7.25″ H), however, the step up height is 4.6″.

lifespan tr1200-dt3 dimensions

The Rebel’s treadmill is 63″ L x 24″ W x 8″ H, with a 4.5″ step up.

Based on the manufacturer’s dimensions, the LifeSpan is a bigger model.

If you have limited space, then you can already stop here and decide to get the Rebel because of the size, and the fact that its a lot more affordable than the LifeSpan.

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What is the speed of the LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill?

For the LifeSpan, you can control the speed from 0.4 to 4.0 mph, while the Rebel is 0.5 to 2.0 mph.

The LifeSpan under desk treadmill has a longer range where you’ll be able to go twice as fast as Rebel’s. For some people the Rebel has enough speed to get you mobile without breaking a sweat.

It comes down to how fast you want your under desk treadmill to be.

Maximum weight load?

LifeSpan’s maximum weight is 300 lbs while Rebel’s is 250 lbs.


These treadmills have interesting warranty layouts. For LifeSpan, they offer lifetime for the frame, three years for motor, two years for parts, and 1-year labor. While Rebel has 20 years for the frame, two years for motor, and one year for parts and labor.

LifeSpan features

There are some interesting features that come with LifeSpan that we would want to note:

  • Intelli-Step – LifeSpan’s innovative feature to track your step count
  • USB charging ports – charges your mobile devices
  • Automatic pause
  • Personal settings – the ability to set your maximum speed and resume to your speed if you leave and come back.
  • Audible safety beep – prevents accidental speed adjustments made without users aware.

These features are nice, and you’ll want to think about if this outweighs the price.

lifespan tr1200-dt3 controls

Final thoughts

There are some great features that the LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill offers, but there are also similar features that you can find on the Rebel, which is a lot affordable than the LifeSpan. Ultimately, it’s up to know your own lifestyle and whether you need more speed or the additional features it comes with. However, if your goal is just to be active and mobile while working, then the Rebel would be most suitable for you.

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for more info: LifeSpan Official Website

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