Our In-Depth noblechairs Epic Real Leather Gaming Review

Why would you want a gaming chair? There can be two reasons for it. Either you are a tech fan, or you are a gaming freak! There is no in-between. Either way, you want something that would improve your gaming performance, while providing you full comfort and prevention from aches.

Noblechairs epic real leather gaming chair is built for the gaming enthusiast. Not only does this provide a luxury feel to the room, but this chair is also a perfect centerpiece for any modern office.

Our in-depth review of the real leather epic noblechairs for gaming covers every aspect. This review helps you decide what sets this chair apart from other gaming chairs in the market and why is it worth a shot.

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You may love noblechairs epic real leather if you:

  • Need a luxurious, comfortable with an ergonomic design chair.
  • Want real leather finish feeling aiming to provide you with comfort.
  • Requires 4D armrests with adjustable height and a five-star base for easy maneuvering.
  • Are taller – this chair is great for tall people too!

You may hate the noblechairs epic real leather if you:

  • Are heavier than 400lbs.
  • Don’t want to take care of real leather, and prefer faux leather.
  • Don’t like the gaming design.

noblechairs epic real leather features

The noblechair brand purports that its epic leather gaming chair is the world’s most exquisite leather gaming chair one could find. Also, the company claims that their chair comes with the ultimate design, real first-class leather, excellent for gaming and impeccable upholstery.

So here’s a highlight on features of real leather epic noblechairs for gaming.


Comfort is the first thing that gamers want when looking for a gaming chair. You don’t want to hurt your butt during the long gaming sessions. Right? Fortunately, the gaming chair from noblechairs come with a firm seat and comfortable lumbar region support. The ergonomic design of this chair conforms to the shape of your spine as well as your back. It naturally improves the posture and saves you from backaches.

Also, the chair comes with adjustable support that allows you to modify the seat and height according to your comfortability. The lumbar pillow and headrest provide additional support and comfort for your gaming sessions.

noblechair epic real leather recliner

Not only this, but the chair also comes with an advanced locking mechanism that enables you to recline 135-degrees for comfort.


Design is something that is the strength of noblechairs and your weakness. The leather adds a beautiful aesthetic to the looks of the chair. If you have a gaming desk set up, then this chair will be a great addition to it.

What’s more is its timeless look with a dense upholstery, high-quality stitching, and steel frame. Moreover, the best part? The best part of this gaming chair is that its look is inspired by the interiors of the world’s best luxury racing cars – Subtle yet elegant!

Specifications, Size & Dimensions

Product Dimensions 21″ x 51″ – 55″ x 22″ (W x H x D)
Load Capacity (max) 265 lbs
Seat Height 19” – 23”
Seat Width 13.5”
Seat Depth 19.5”
Materials Real Leather
Colors Available Black, Red, White
Frame Steel
Foot Cross Aluminum
Armrests 4D/Polyurethane
Cushioning Cold Foam


The quality products come with a great warranty too. Noblechairs also grants a 2-year warranty for all of its products and gaming chairs starting from the day you have received it. However, the warranty doesn’t include natural wear through regular use. Be sure that the company offers premium materials and robust looks that are made to last longer than ever.


Since this chair comes in the premium leather upholstery, it is effortless to clean and maintain. You won’t have to worry about spilling beer on the chair in the heat of an exciting game. All you need is to have some clean water and a microfiber cloth. All the stains and dirt can be removed quickly.

Also, if you want to increase the life of this gaming chair, it is recommended to apply a reliable leather conditioner. This helps you protect your chair from wear and tear and also from cracking and moisture.
noblechair epic gaming real leather closeup

What people are saying

So here’s what the buyers are saying about the noblechairs epic real leather. The reviews are mixed. Have a look.

The Good

  • According to a buyer, this noblechairs’ epic real leather gaming chair is somewhat next level. The buyer added, from the build quality to its premium leather, from feels to looks, this gaming chair is timeless.
  • Another buyer claims that this chair is effortless to put together and assemble. He gives a thumbs up to the quality, comfort-ability and to its ultimate looks.
  • Another purchaser gives this chair full rating due to its ergonomic design, comfortable support, and super easy assembly.

The Bad

  • One buyer claims that this chair felt like rock hard after 3 hours of constant sitting.
  • Another buyer said that the armrests of this chair are very hard and uncomfortable.

Desk Advisor’s final thoughts

8.6 Total Score

Comfort & Ergonomic Support
Aesthetics & Design
User Rating: No Ratings Yet!

Overall, the ergonomic design, sporty look, and fantastic back support give this chair its beauty. However, the chair doesn’t do justice for the short and heavy gamers. It is quite a pricey chair as well, but the luxury feel and design is worth it. It would not be wrong to call this chair the Ferrari of the gaming chairs.

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