Office Inspo: 5 Offices That Capture What It Means To Be Successful

In today’s world the office space has greatly changed. We went from isolating cubicles that stifled connections in the workspace and made employees feel alone, to open floor plans that encourage collaboration. These trends in larger offices have had more of an impact than you might think. They’ve given us the inspiration to create offices of our own at home that emulate these same qualities.

In this article we’ll be showing you some of the most amazing offices that capture what it means to be successful. From various elements such as light, color, and spacing. We’ll also be providing you with tips you can take advantage of when it comes to introducing these design elements into your own space at home.

Offices now are more than just fancy designs that look nice, they are also functional in every way and they show is what success looks like on a design level. The elements of these spaces are more than just eye candy, they offer the employees a way to exist within a space that encourages innovative thinking and motivation towards their goals for work and their own personal goals as well.

Hopefully by reading through this article you’ll have a better idea of what you should change in your own work space so you can work towards your own version of success in your life. Are you ready to change your space for the better so you can exist better in your focused environment?

Let The Light In

open office space with large windows, natural light

This office is a prime example when it comes to one of the most important elements you can have in a successful office. Lighting.

When you have proper lighting elements in an office, more so natural lighting rather than artificial, you’ll find that the employees are much more focused, social, energized, and overall much more positive throughout the day. Because when you have an office space that is dim, it can cause problems over time.

Not only can dim workspaces make individuals much more tired and unfocused, it can also lead to accidents happening because you can’t clearly see the space, especially if your mind is foggy at the same time!

A work space should be bright and happy, not only will this encourage collaboration, but it will offer a sense of fresh air in the office that will motivate and keep individuals working hard for more than just half the day!

Full Of Color

minimalist office space inspiration

Adding some color and playing with the design of an open space is a great way to break up the area and also making sure you’re getting the most out of your space. You need to over-decorating an area, but this office is a great example of how you can have some fun in your workspace while still keeping it professional.

There is a ton of color and texture in this space that really will motivate individuals in a bright and positive way. Your environment when working has a lot to do with your success. If you’re not happy with how your workspace is, it can bring down your motivation and how you approach new problems that arise in your work. Which is why having a great space to work in is ideal for anyone, in the office or at home!

Classic & Traditional

open space, classic and traditional modern office

We love how this office keeps it very simple, but offers other alternatives to the space for when you want to get away from your desk. This space presented here is a great addition you can add to any workspace. When you provide a comfortable and more casual setting like this, people can easily come together to clear their mind or even collaborate on projects.

Even if you’re trying to include an element like this into your personal office it can be done very well. If you have a small seating area in your office where you can take a break and relax, it will help refresh your mind before you feel like you need to get back to work.

Plus the blue color in this space works quite well with the rustic design, it keeps it calm and relaxing throughout the space. These specific elements brings a more traditional vibe to the space, such as the wood accents, flooring, and mid century modern style.

Work & Play

large open space office

Not all hope is lost if you have a space that doesn’t have many windows for natural light. You can still bring a ton of industrial lighting to make a cozy atmosphere that is still bright and productive. Play with the artificial lights to see what works best for you.

Another element that this office provides similar to the element above, is the fact that it separates the work space and recreational space, without disconnecting the two spaces completely. This can greatly influence the work space in the office or in your home space. It can help bring comfort and stability into the space in a mental way because of the layout of this office.

Small But Perfect

Even if you have a small space, you can make it work. If you do have a small space we would suggest that you keep it simple. The more simple you go with classic warm colors and decor, you’ll open up the space more than ever. This is great if you have a tight space that you aren’t sure what to do with. Don’t let it hold back your office dreams, because you can still have a success rich office with limited resources.

Bottom Line

Success is different for everyone, but at the end of the day when there are examples of amazing office spaces that showcase all of the elements of design that will mentally and physically motivate individuals to work as hard as possible, why not give those elements a try in your own space to see if they work for you and what you want out of your work?

What will you be changing to your office space to make a difference in what you do? Will you take some of these tips into consideration? Are there any other tips you feel like should have been on this list? Let us know by commenting and sharing the work with your friends and coworkers!

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