Our Readydesk 2 vs Well Desk Wooden Standing Desk Comparison

We have an exciting comparison for you. We’re comparing two well known brands, Readydesk and Well Desk, made in the U.S.A., offering very similar products. These two products caught our attention, both made of wood, very similar in specifications, and do pretty much the same thing you’re looking for, standing while working.

I’m excited to share this battle with you, and we’ll see which one we believe holds up better. Let’s begin the showdown: Readydesk 2 vs Well Desk.

Comparing Dimensions of Readydesk and Well Desk

Monitor Shelf Dimension:

Some of us value surface space so we can have dual monitors, a place for a laptop, or some kind of extra device, while others prefer just using a single monitor — it all depends on your preference.

Readydesk 11.5″ Deep x 31″ Wide
Well Desk 9.5″ Deep x 23″ Wide

For me personally, I like to have a bigger space, so I can use a dual monitor. For this reason, we’re giving the win to Readydesk.

The Readydesk has an extra 2″ in depth and a whopping extra 8″ in width. Keep in mind, that you might not be able to put two 27″ monitors as it is already approximately 25″ wide (based on a 27″ iMac). The Readydesk can, however, accommodate a 27″ monitors plus a laptop.

Keyboard Shelf Dimension:

The keyboard dimension for the Readydesk is the same as monitor shelf dimension, 11.5″ x 31″. However, for Well Desk, it is 11.5″ Deep x 30″ Wide. In a table view perspective:

Readydesk 11.5″ Deep x 31″ Wide
Well Desk 11.5″ Deep x 30″ Wide

Ask you can see, the Well Desk has larger surface area for the keyboard, which is great because it has room for coffee or a notepad, however, it isn’t much bigger than Readydesk. In fact, Readydesk still has a bigger surface area with the 1″ width.

In this battle, we’re going with Readydesk.

Body Dimension Comparison

Now it all comes down to the body dimensions. Lets take a look at what we have:

Readydesk 24″ Deep x 28.5″ Wide x 22″ Height
Well Desk 20″ Deep x 24″ Wide x 26.5″ Height

The Readydesk has a larger square inch with 24″ in depth and 28.5″ in width. This may be a problem if you have a smaller working area. If this is the case, then it might be better to go with Well Desk Standing Desk Converter. However, if you don’t think you’ll have an issue, then we recommend the Readydesk.

The only major difference in height is that Well Desk is higher, only because of the extra rear monitor guard, which can be a nifty element of the product for some people. Even with Readydesk being shorter, it still claims that it will fit someone who is 6’3″, 2-inches higher than what Well Desk claims — and both claiming that it will fit for someone who’s height is 5’3″.

Based only on dimensions, we’re going with Readydesk.

Comparing Adjustability and Construction


These two products are made from birch plywood, however, is constructed the same. We like the construction of Well Desk because of the support of the back legs. This rectangular structure will give this product a more sturdier feel. But it does give it a little more bulkier look. If you want to make sure that your equipment is secured, then we recommend the Well Desk Riser. 


The adjustability on these two products are pretty simple, remove the shelves and place it in the slots that is to your liking. The main difference is that Well Desk has specific areas for only a monitor shelf, and only for keyboard and mouse shelf, while Readydesk has slots evenly spaced throughout the riser. Personally, I like the option of having it evenly spaced throughout the riser and not being limited.

Well Desk has 6 adjustable keyboard shelf heights starting from 7.5″ up to 14.5″ and 3 adjustable monitor shelf heights from 17.5″ to 21.5″.

Readydesk has 10 adjustable shelf heights (doesn’t matter if its keyboard or monitor) starting from 3.5″ to 21″.

We’re picking Readydesk for its adjustability.

Should I get Readydesk or Well Desk?

At a glimpse, it might look like both of these standing desk converters are equally as good, both with over a hundred reviews and 4+ stars. However, after closer and more thorough observation, you can see that the Readydesk Adjustable Standing Desk performs better across all of the channels.

We would recommend Well Desk to people who

  • Has a smaller working space – you may also just need something smaller, and don’t require the added extra work space.
  • Requires a rear guard – if you only have a smaller work area, there may be a chance you’ll bump into the desktop converter, and you’ll need to safe guard your monitor.
  • Sturdier feel – if you’re worried about your equipment, you may want something that has a more secured built.

We would recommend Readydesk to people who

  • Would like a larger surface area – you’ll be able to have dual monitor or a monitor and a laptop.
  • If you’re tall – Readydesk claims that it will fit someone who is no taller than 6’3″, but it also depends on the height of your table.
  • Design conscious – if you like your riser to be more minimalist.

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