Safco AlphaBetter is the ideal adjustable desk for your kids or students

The Safco AlphaBetter desk is a revolutionary way to getting your child to stay proactive and moving while they’re stil focused doing homework.

When you’re sending your child off to school, they’re sitting in their chairs for hours at a time, often without a real break. Sometimes kids that sit too long can develop attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (or ADHD), and other health related issues, such as child obesity, increase high blood pressure, and increase cholesterol levels.

Children need to move as much as possible. They need opportunities to move their bodies in all different directions. Getting a stand up desk for kids can also help with those that already have ADHD.

Studies has shown that being able to stand up while working is better than sitting down for long hours, and can help with productivity, focus, and has countless of benefits.
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You may want the Safco AlphaBetter desk if you:

  • Have kids in grades 3-12.
  • Want to encourage your kid to practice sit-to-stand to help prevent fatigue and other health issues.
  • Need storage for your child’s school supplies and books.

You may not want this desk if you:

  • Have kids younger than grade 3, if so, check out these other desks.
  • Need a bigger desk, that’s wider than 36″ and deeper than 24″.

Ergonomic features for your kid

This desk has two ergonomic features that can help with prolonged sedentary, which can ultimately lead to reducing a lot of the health issues that it comes with.

Footrest fidget bar

One of the features is the swinging pendulum footrest bar that features 5/8″ diameter tube and 20″ width footrest area. This footrest bar, fidget bar, is noise-free and encourages students to fidget without distracting others.

Having your feet placed on a bar allows for any discomfort that your child may have if both of their feet is on the floor for long periods of time. This also helps with the blood flow in their legs, so they won’t be tired or fatigued.

In addition to having a footrest, we suggest pairing it with an anti-fatigue mat that can also help with fatigue.

Safco AlphaBetter footrest bar

Adjustable height

The most important ergonomic feature to help your child from sitting too long throughout the day. The desk can be easily adjusted from 26″ to 42″ in height with 1.25″ increments.

You may also want to pair the desk with an adjustable stool, also from Safco. Or if you like, there are plenty of other adjustable chairs on the market, where we have reviewed some of the best ones out there. However, we recommend picking up the Safco one to match the desk.

Additional Desk features

The desk has two different sizes, the standard work surface dimension of 28″ width x 20″ depth, or 36″ width x 24″ depth. This size is great for any classroom or for your kids room.

Safco AlphaBetter desk has a durable top that is impact and chemical resistant, featuring either a 5/8″ thick MDF with thermoplastic laminate, or you can purchase a premium top that is 3/8″ thick phenolic.

The table top has pencil grooves to prevent the pens from rolling off the table.

The desk also comes with a book box storage that is dimensioned to be 22″ width x 15″ depth x 4 3/4″ height. This extra storage feature is perfect for your kids school supplies, pencil, paper, and books.

In addition to the book box storage, the desk also has a book shelf in the middle tier of the desk. This is great for any additional items that your kid needs, if it can’t fit in the book box.

Safco AlphaBetter perfect stand up desk for classroom


What parents and teachers are saying

The good:

  • Students love these desks because they can stand up and stretch.
  • More engaged in classroom and school work.
  • Love the pencil groove.
  • Swing bar/foot rest helps with fidgeting.
  • Lots of storage compartments.

The bad:

  • The quality is not the best, but can still hold up to everyday classroom or homework use.
  • The packaging that it comes with can damage the product.
  • Kids can accidentally put pressure on swing bar, causing damage and breaking it.
  • The table may not be as easily adjusted to some.

Our final thoughts

Having an adjustable desk with a footrest bar can help your child be more focused in their school work. It also helps with obesity and can burn more calories while standing, 15-25% more than sitting.

Studies have shown that small movements at standing desks, like fidgeting, can add up to make a big difference in the school work.

Standing can also prevent orthopedic degradation and dysfunction including back and neck pain, repetitive stress injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, and knee and hip disorders.

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