Safco Products – The Ergonomic Swivel and Zenergy Ball Chair Review

How much time do you spend in your office? Do you have time to workout properly after a long day at work? If the answer is no, then perhaps this ergonomic chair like this Safco Zenergy ball can be the perfect addition to your office.

Working out is crucial for your overall health, but often busy jobs leave us with very little time for anything else. Luckily, ball chairs allow you to include physical activity and provide comfort and relief.

If you work on your computer at least 8 hours, your back and neck are probably often in pain. Of course, a standing desk can improve the condition, but it would work that much better combined with a ball chair.

Safco Products ball chairs have been on the market for years and have many pleased customers behind them. Their ergonomic design and leading comfortability are the reason why most people opt for them to be a part of their office.

Take a look at the three most popular Safco Products ball chairs and all you need to know about them.

Benefits of using a Safco Products ball chair

A ball chair provides low-impact workout and relief during hours of sitting. Many people choose ball chairs for their many benefits and quality.

A ball chair is great for:

  • Core strength
  • Spinal health
  • Increased circulation
  • Balance
  • Back strength
  • Improved posture

Since it’s shaped like a ball, this kind of chair helps improve your balance and core strength. It makes you sit up straight, and by doing so, it promotes spinal health, posture and back muscles. Since it allows you to move, sitting on it will improve your circulation constantly.

The 4750GR Zenergy Ball Chair, Most Popular Safco Product

This ball chair’s covering is made of 100% polyester mesh fabric. Its seat height is 17½’’ when fully inflated, though its full height is 23’’. This anti-burst plastic ball chair lowers a little bit once you sit on it.

Its legs are made of steel with powder coat finish for durability and stability. Each leg has glides that protect your floor from scratching and provide easy movability. Also, the Zenergy ball comes with an air pump for easy inflating.

This ball chair is designed by Thomas Walser and comes in many different colors to match your office décor.

Safco Products 4750GR Zenergy Ball Chair

You will love Zenergy Ball Chair if:

  • You sit for more than 6 hours – sitting is maybe the worst position to be in for hours at the time. For this reason, the Zenergy ball chair is a good model to choose since it promotes circulation and posture.
  • You want easy assembly – all you need to put this chair together is a screwdriver. It comes with a pump and all the instructions that tell you how to put the chair together. The process shouldn’t take longer than maybe 5-6 minutes.

You might not like this if:

  • More people will use the chair – this model can’t be adjusted to height, which means that its 23’’ may not fit everyone. If you’d share the chair with multiple people, check if its height would work for everyone.
  • You want wheels – in most cases, wheels can damage your floor, but some people still prefer them. They make movability easier, but unfortunately, aren’t included with this chair.

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What We Think About 4755BL Runtz Ball Chair from Safco

Another ball designed by Thomas Walser, the Runtz Ball is somewhat different than the others. It’s a little lower in height, which makes it more suitable for kids and teenagers. It’s about 17’’ when fully inflated, though the height lowers once you sit on it.

The covering 100% polyester mesh fabric and anti-burst for durability and comfort. Its legs are made of steel and have stationary glides. These are durable, feature a powder coat finish and provide stability.

The ball chair comes with an air pump you can use to inflate or deflate the ball per your preference.

Safco Products 4755BL Runtz Ball Chair

You will love Runtz Ball Chair if:

  • Kids will use it – it’s ideal for classrooms, clinics, waiting rooms, or your home. Because of its height, the chair is a great sitting spot for teenagers and children. Plus, it’s bouncy and fun for kids to sit on for a long time.
  • You have kids will learning difficulties – all children struggle with sitting for a longer period because it tends to be very boring to them. If your kid struggles to focus while studying or finds so much sitting tiring, the Runtz chair can help greatly.

You might not like this if:

  • You need adult-size chair – the size of this chair makes it hard for adults to use it simply because it’s too small. Surely, you could sit on it, but the position wouldn’t be quite as comfortable for a long period.
  • You want a chair for your desk – again because it’s not a standard size, the chair will be too short for most to reach their desk.

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The 4760OR Swivel Ball Chair Review Perfect For Your Core

The design of this ball is unique and adds a lot to its form and playfulness. It enhances performance and active sitting that’s relaxing.

It’s a 360-degrees swivel chair that allows you to move while sitting continually. It’s about 17½’’ and anti-burst, so you can bounce freely at all times. Unlike the previous two ball chairs, the Swivel chair has no wheels nor legs. Because there are no legs or wheels, the chair won’t ever damage your floor in any way.

It has an anti-skid base that provides all the stability you’d need regardless your floor surface. It comes with an air pump, like all others Safco Products ball chairs, and it’s also designed by Thomas Walser.

Safco Products 4760OR Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair

You will love Swivel Ball Chair if:

  • You have a modern office – this ergonomically designed chair looks very chic and modern and will fit your modern-looking office. It’s covered in a leather-like material and comes in many different colors.
  • You don’t want legs – as I said, it has no legs, so it can’t damage your floor. It’s especially convenient if your kids will sometimes use it since they won’t be able to accidentally scratch your floor surface.

You might not like this ball chair:

  • Harder to move around – because its base is also made of the leather-like material, it tends to stick to hardwood floor making the chair hard to move around.

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Ergonomics and comfortability of Safco Ball Products

Replacing your old furniture with ergonomic one is one of the best things you can for yourself. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, an ergonomic chair is almost a must.

Safco Ball chairs are all ergonomically designed. Thanks to their design, they provide ultimate comfort and all the benefits a ball chair has.
The comfort, stability and health benefits are enough reason for you to choose one of the three chairs above.

Other considerations about brand and products

  • Warranty – all three models have manufacturer’s warranty, though you’d have to contact them directly for all the information. It’s important you keep all the purchase document if you ever need to use the warranty.
  • Mayline and Safco – the two companies have joined forces to deliver the ultimate quality of office furniture.
  • FSC and Smartwood certified – Safco’s brochures and catalogs are certified by Rainforest Alliance. Those are all printed from soy milk. The manufacturer also advocates efficient recycling.


Final Thoughts

Safco Products ball chairs are the ultimate way to improve your office space as well as your health.

It’s important you note their benefits and ways in which they improve your spinal health, core strength, focus and much more.

Not only ball chairs are beneficial and healthy for your everyday use, but they are also great for your children.

Pick the model you like the most and make sure it will fit your or your child’s height. Of course, don’t forget to pick from the many colors that these chairs come in.

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More info on Safco Products: Check Safco Website


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