The Sauder Pogo Desk Review, Perfect Desk for Kids Bedroom

The Sauder Pogo desk is a great desk for your kid’s bedroom. It has a fresh design with The Pogo collection’s signature large storage bin feature in a fun tilt-forward look for easy access to your children’s toys.

This desk is uniquely designed, that is 42.6″ W x 19.4″ D x 28.9″ H in dimensions. The product comes with a soft white finish.

It has an easy glide drawer with a solid wood knob, perfect for organizing and storing books, paper and pen.

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Saudor desk features, design and storage space

If you’re looking for a modern but chic design look for your child, then the Saudor Pogo desk has what it takes. It also comes with a great deal of storage space where you’ll be able to put anything from your child’s teddy bear to his or her books. The Saudor desk has been around for awhile and you can rest assure of the quality this desk has to offer.

One caveat, is that this desk doesn’t come with any chairs or any adjustable features.

The Saudor desk is simple, clean, and great if you need a large surface area. It has a 42″ by 19″ surface area, where you’ll be able to put a computer monitor, and perhaps any additional organizational furniture on there.

Creating an environment is important for your child to develop strong learning habits. We believe that the Saudor desk is perfect to get your child started.

saudor pogo desk dimensions

Pogo Desk for Kids Warranty, Customer Service and Replacement Parts

The CEO of Sauder claims, on their website, that their products are made of best-quality workmanship and materials.

So if there’s anything wrong with your Suder Pogo Desk for Children, the company has a 5-year limited warranty on the product, and you’ll be able to reach out to them to ask for a replacement part.

Sauder brand has pretty good customer service. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have on their website, by live chat, email, or phone.

saudor desk storage space

Customer review of Sauder Pogo Desk

This kids desk has been gaining a lot of positive reaction from other customers. A lot of the customers love the quality of this desk for the price.

Some customers complain about the time it took for them to assembled it, but personally, I think that a quality furniture should take time to assemble.

In addition, parents are loving the large storage space that the Pogo Desk offers.

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Ready to purchase? Check here for pricing of the Sauder desk


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