Is Stand Up Desk Good During Pregnancy While Working?

Have you found that sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair all day at work making you and your baby upset?  You’re not alone, many women have found that when they spend all day sitting, not only will their child be more active in the womb, but it can disrupt focus on an extreme level.

You might be wondering what options are there if you can’t sit at your desk at work, the only answer would be standing desks with a standing desk stool or chair.  We’re going to be sharing some recent studies and research with you so you can know what will be the best option for you and your baby.

Dangers of sitting long hours

When you sit for long hours at a desk while pregnant, you’ll feel sore and often very stiff, making it hard to move around once you get up from your seat. Sitting in the improper positions with a lack of posture can also lead to depression according to  They’ve also suggested that by the second trimester, if you continue to sit during work throughout the whole day it can also increase the risk of weight gain and gestational diabetes.

To avoid these risks that could harm you and your child, finding the balance between sitting and standing are the key to making sure you have a healthy and normal pregnancy without any high risk of altercations.

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Be active and move!

Make sure you get up and move around every hour, if you need to take power naps, or turn the lights off to ease a headache, just do it!  Keep your feet propped up when sitting and keep your back straight when standing. Just remember to keep your routine active and diverse.

Did you know that standing while working for long hours could also risk slowing down the baby’s growth?  While this does pose a risk, it’s hard to know what balance will be best for you.  Sitting and standing both can impose risks to the pregnancy if you don’t regularly alternate between the two.

Anti-fatigue mat can do wonders

If you’re going to be standing often, look into a anti-fatigue mat that will complement your stand up desk. These mats help your legs so you won’t be too tired, and keeps your blood flowing.

A standing desk in your workspace can offer different ways to make sure you’re staying active during your pregnancy. You’ll be able to easily choose between standing and sitting without any hassle or excessive distraction to your coworkers. When you find the healthy balance of what works for you between sitting and standing, you’ll find that you’ll have more energy, less joint pain, and your baby will be less aggressive in the womb.

Consider looking into a stand up desk during pregnancy

While you should cut back on work when you can, in today’s world it’s becoming harder and harder to actually find time to take off from an intense career.  Today’s world has been trying to cut back on time allowed off from work, even for pregnancy.  While this can lead to stress and unnecessary anxiety, it’s important that pregnant women put their health first, especially in the office.

A good way in the office is to help you stay active by engaging in correct posture, and by using a standing desk. Whether its a converter or a full stand up desk, this will help you move from a sitting positing to a standing position little to no effort. Using a standing desk can help train your posture and core, giving you the strength you need to carry your baby.

Will you be trying a standing desk during your pregnancy? Do you think alternating between sitting and standing will help your body feel more energized? Let us know in the comments below if this is something you’ll take part of. Or if this is something you’re already doing, we’d love to hear from you!

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