10 reasons why college students need a stand up desk

There are a lot of great benefits for college students to have a standing desk. A lot of parents or students might not realize it, but it can actually help with productivity, boost mood, and provide energy. Throughout this guide we’ll be showing you exactly why having a standing desk for students will be the best choice this upcoming semester or quarter.

Reducing Back Pain

Sitting all day will cause you to slouch, and can eventually lead to lower back pain problems. But when you get in the habit of using a standing desk you’ll stand straight and proper, keeping your body more ergonomic, causing less strain on your joints and spine.

A Positive Mood

When students use a standing desk, they’ll be more alert and naturally release endorphins, giving a natural feeling of happiness and feeling good. Similar to when you exercise and feel great right after.

Manage Your Weight

Not only will you strengthen your core when using a standing desk, you’ll also lose weight because of burning more calories compared to when you sit.

It’s More Comfortable

When new standers start making the switch, it can be quite a shocking change, but honestly, once an individual gets used to the routine it’s not even that noticeable once you begin working. Typically within the first month, your body will have fully adjusted to the change without any negative effects.

Better Energy Levels

Sometimes when we stop working to take a lunch break or grab some campus snacks around noon, we will shortly after began to feel drowsy and tired. When you sit back down after feeling like this around lunch, you’ll have a rough time focusing on the work you need to complete. When you stand at a standing desk, this feeling is completely non-existent. You might even feel more energy than ever before!

Makes You Feel Confident

When you stand the majority of the day when working in your dorm or in the library, you’ll feel more confident in yourself. Because of better focus, you’ll be able to make strong choices when it comes to whatever you’re working on.

Lower Risk Of High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar can lead to a whole list of problems and generally after you eat you want your blood sugar to stay as low as possible. But when you spend the day sitting, you will find that your body will become resistant to this process, which can be dangerous. But when you make the switch and stand, you’ll find that your body has a much lower risk of high blood sugar.

Boosting Your Focus

Standing will lead to a better focus when you apply yourself to whatever task you may need to complete. Because of your body is more active than when compared to sitting, you’re mind will be able to react more quickly.

Will Improve Circulation

Sitting can lead to blocked arteries and swollen veins, it can be a problem and hinder activity outside of college, including sports, the gym, or even walking. By standing you will no longer have to worry about this major risk!

Avoid A High Risk Of Heart Disease

Have you heard of sitting is the new smoking? When you incorporate more standing into your day, you’ll find that your body functions entirely more quickly. You won’t feel sluggish and you won’t feel restless. When you sit too much during the day you’ll be increasing your risk of heart disease because of a lack of circulation and activity.

Make the switch this next semester and you’ll notice just how much your life will change.

There are plenty of health benefits not, just for students, but for anyone who uses a standing desk.

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