SzHahn 2.4G Silent Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Review

I’ve been using an Apple MacBook for about 7 years now, and my office set up consists of a Rain Design mStand (which I got from Amazon), and a 27″ IPS monitor from Monoprice – I wanted the experience of a 27″ iMac with the flexibility of moving my computer around.

In addition to this setup, because of the laptop stand, I had to use a separate keyboard and mouse which is the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse. The keyboard still works, but I for the mouse, its getting a little iffy. I feel my Magic Mouse not performing its very best like it used to. The issue is that my clicks don’t respond as well. There may be some dirt/dust stuck inside that may be causing this issue. Maybe one of these days I’ll attempt to open it up and clean it using this YouTube video:

One major reason for me to get a different mouse is because of the Apple Magic Mouse is just so loud to click! Which is why I got the SzHahn silent click mouse which I got from Amazon. I’ve been using this for a few days now, and I really do like how quiet it is. There’s still a small click noise, but no where near as loud as the Apple’s mouse.

front side of the szhahn mouse

back side of the szhahn mouse

Quick run down of what I like about SzHahn Silent Click Mouse

  • Rechargeable mouse – no need for batteries, it comes with a USB chord that you can plug in.
  • Super affordable.
  • It has sleep mode for inactivity – you’d have to click the mouse for it to work again.
  • Very light – lighter than the Magic Mouse (because of no batteries needed) – about the same weight if the Magic Mouse didn’t have batteries.
  • Pluggable chord, so if you run out of batteries, you still have a mouse to function.
  • Length of the micro USB chord is 20″ (in case if you’re wondering). Not too long and not too short for laptop users. This can be an issue if you’re using this for a desktop where your system is on the floor. You’ll probably need to get an external USB chord.

rechargeable mouse with magic mouse and chord

Some features that I wish the SzHahn mouse had:

  • Because I’m not using Bluetooth, it uses a USB receiver, I can’t tell what the battery level this mouse is on.
  • More features for Mac users.

What I don’t miss about the Magic Mouse:

  • Accidentally going back when I didn’t try to swipe my mouse.
  • Switching out new batteries.

What I do miss about the Magic Mouse:

  • The gesture features of course, but I can manage a lot of the features from the keyboard.

Final thoughts

For a Window users, this might be the perfect mouse you need. Its very simple, and easy to use. No need to fiddle with a lot of different buttons. However, if you’re a Mac user, there might be some things that you wish you had in your mouse. However, for me, I just needed something really simple, quiet, and going through batteries tons of batteries.

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