Theragun vs. Hypervolt Review: What Should You Get?

Are you feeling tired of all the work that you’ve done this week and badly need a massage? If you want to relieve yourself from the physical pain and stress you’re having, not to worry anymore! In this article, we will help you decide between the two of the most effective massage devices known in the market right now – Theragun vs Hyperice (or Hypervolt).

Both of these excellent options efficiently perform, wherein they have unique features that other massage devices rarely have. Each massage device has its own edge, unique attractiveness, and sleeping sensation. Here are the advantages and benefits of each massage device that you can weigh out for you to know what’s fit for your needs and lifestyle.

Quick overview of Theragun versus Hyperice for 2019

Theragun (G3Pro)

theragun g3pro product image

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  • Offers professional deep muscle treatment that activates muscles fast which is highly recommended by experts.
  • Has fully customizable features with several professionally designed attachments and swappable batteries that can be recharged for continuous use.
  • Features an ergonomic triangle handle from multiple grips for a comfortable use.

Hyperice Hypervolt

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  • Helps lessen muscle soreness and stiffness with several interchangeable head attachments.
  • Has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be used for 3 hours maximum per charge.
  • Has a lightweight and unique quiet glide technology that is easy and convenient to use.

Full feature comparisons



The Theragun G3PRO percussive therapy device is 50% quieter compared to its previous models. It is designed to lessen its overall sound and noise without weakening the power of its industrial-grade motor. Its improved function is to achieve smoother sounds for a more relaxing vibe.

It’s also supported with sound insulation to keep the user in a tranquil state without too much buzzing and whirring from the therapy device. The speed affects the sound of the device. With its two speeds though, the second speed has a louder buzzing compared to the softer speed.


Hypervolt is a well-acclaimed massage tool because of its unique quiet glide technology. It has three adjustable speeds. Given its three adjustable speed functions, it can also deliver up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

The good thing about it is that these features do not compromise the sound of the massage device. Its quiet glide technology can give a comfortable experience with its power, performance, and variability while being quiet.

Once you use it, the small buzzing sound is not noticeable as the speed goes higher. You can experience comfort with the device even on its 3rd most top speed without being too loud.



Theragun is equipped to target your body pain with its 2-speed functionality. It has a lighter speed and a standard speed option which you can customize. The lighter speed highlights 29 percussions per second and can be used for the softer parts of your body.

The standard speed has 40 percussions per second ideal for those who prefer hard and heavy pressure massages. Theragun has a 16mm amplitude that provides a deep muscle relief which reduces pain as the range of motion increases.

The lighter speed is perfect for sensitive and sore areas of the body, such as the neck and shoulders. What makes it stand out is that it can deliver up to 60 lbs of force depending on the speed of the device for an in-depth treatment experience.


The Hypervolt massage device is boosted through its 3-speed strength levels. This feature allows you to choose the right amount of pressure to relieve specific muscle pains. Hypervolt is more advantageous than Theragun in this aspect. Why?

woman using hyperice hyperbole on shoulder

The 3-speed setting varies for a customized experience for the user. Since everybody has different preferences, every body part may need different levels of speed and power from the device.

The first speed option is perfect for sore and soft parts of the body like the thigh part for a lighter and gentler vibration. As for the second one, it’s ideal with stiffer parts of the body like the shoulders.

The 3rd speed can be used for most profound percussion treatment like the back area for a more thorough and harder vibration.



The Theragun has a triangular shape and ergonomic handle with multiple grips for a more efficient massage experience. It can extend to your hard-to-reach areas such as the lower back. It also features an adjustable arm with four perfectly angled arm positions.

Its ergonomic structure and design make it easy to use for beginners and professionals in relieving their muscle pains. It also has three unique ergonomic grips around the device, making it more adjustable to suit the different parts of the body.

It has a 60 lbs of force at a maximum for a more thorough treatment but can be adjustable to a lower setting for a gentler effect.


This portable massage device weighs as low as 2.5 pounds so you can bring it anywhere. The third-speed level setting makes its level of force easy to adjust for a more suited massage for your body pain. Its hammer-like design makes it easy to use and grip as well.

You can use it for the feet too and personalize the amount of power you wish with its handle. Moreover, you can adjust and change its head attachment according to the body pain you are feeling. You won’t need to exert more effort because the massage device will do the massaging for your body.



This percussion device is designed for professionals. It is known to be the most powerful, fully customizable solution for deep muscle work and pain relief. It has an industrial-grade motor, sound insulation, and ergonomic design, which makes it a highly advanced percussive therapy device.

theragun design

It has four adjustable arm angles and three ergonomic grips. It has an industrial-grade motor that can deliver up to 60 lbs of force. Its unique multi-grip design is designed to maximize ease, comfort, and usability.

Theragun is useful for not putting any stress or pressure on the user’s forearms, hands, or wrists, so its design is highly recommended.


This percussion device is easy to carry around with a weight of 2.5 lbs. Its advantage is that you can keep easily keep it in your bag and use it anytime with its small size. Its ergonomic features are useful as well given the secure grip with its functional handle.
Hypervolt’s black and grey matte finish appears as a modern option to achieve your massage needs in style too. It’s recommended to be used even in public spaces since its design and material is suitable for daily use.



For $599, you can buy this percussive therapy device that’s guaranteed to serve you for a long time. With its improved design, longer continuous hours of use, you can opt to use this therapy device anytime and anywhere.

Given the customizable features of 2-speed levels with swapping batteries and six pro attachments, the price is reasonably worth it if you have enough allocated budget for it. Its powerful industrial-grade motor is made in Japan and offers an effective professional-grade percussive therapy.


For a more affordable price, you can experience excellent percussive therapy with Hypervolt for $375. It is built with unique quiet glide technology with a high torque motor, making it one of the most silent massage tools in the market now.

Compared to Theragun, it’s only almost half the price, so this is ideal for those who prefer lower costs. Hypervolt’s price is very commendable since you already get high-quality features for a lower price compared to other models.



This massage device comes with swappable and rechargeable batteries for continuous use. It comes with lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion battery charger so you can use it anywhere. Then, if ever the battery runs out, you can also charge it quickly.

It has two swappable batteries that have a 75-minute battery life each with a total of 150-minute battery life for both. For two and a half hours, you can enjoy the 2 level speed of this device with 29 PPS for sensitive speed and 40 PPS for a standard rate.


This percussive device comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can last up to three hours of continuous use. Only one lithium ion battery is required when using this percussive device. For almost three hours, you can benefit from the three level speed offered by this device.

You can also treat your muscles’ soreness and stiffness for as long as you need with its rechargeable batteries. You can even help yourself do a self-myofascial release which is an alternative medicine therapy but in a safe and affordable way.



theragun g3pro attachments included in box

This massage device has six professionally designed attachments that are suited for the different types of muscle pains in the body. Each pro attachment is designed to target the unique needs of every muscle group. There is the Dampener Attachment that is intended to use on tender areas or near the bones.

The large ball attachment can be used for large muscle groups like the glutes or quads. The standard ball attachment is made for general use. The wedge attachment is your go-to scraper for shoulder blades or IT bands.

The thumb attachment is excellent for lower back or trigger point therapy. Lastly, the cone attachment is unique for pinpointing muscle treatment.


hyperice hyperbole included attachments

The HyperIce Hypervolt has four interchangeable head attachments. They can be used for relieving muscle soreness and stiffness. Each head attachment is uniquely designed to ease the pain of the different parts of the body.

The ball head attachment is the softest one among the four head attachments and can be used in different parts of the body. The flat head is best for the denser parts of the body like the quads.

The bullet head is used for targeting specific areas in your body like the feet. The forkhead is mostly used to trap certain points of the body and target specific areas.

Should I buy Theragun or Hypervolt?

Both percussive therapy devices offer unique features which you can use to relieve body pain. Nevertheless, here is a summarized comparison of both percussive devices:

We recommend Theragun (G3Pro) if you are looking for:

  • A massage device which offers more attachments that can be used for specific areas of the body. Theragun stands out from Hypervolt when it comes to its customized attachments.
  • Good aesthetics and casing. Theragun will be useful for you if you prefer devices that run on an efficient design since it comes with a travel case upon purchase.
  • A device that has multiple grips for more comfortable use and can extend up to the hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  • Adjustable angles with your massage. Theragun is unique with the customizable angles to focus on your preferred body massage accurately.
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Get the Hyperice Hypervolt if you are looking for:

  • A percussive device with a more affordable price and equipped with reliable features. This is ideal for those who are on a tight budget but are looking for high-quality massages.
  • A massage device which has a quiet vibration feature for a relaxing experience. Hypervolt is popular among users because of its relaxing smooth vibration
  • A device which has a battery that can last with long and continuous uses. It also only requires one lithium-ion battery only per use. If you find yourself always on the move, this is perfect for you
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Final Thoughts

Each percussive therapy device really has something unique to offer for their users. They may develop and continue to improve these models to give outstanding satisfaction for the people. However, Theragun versus Hypervolt has noticeable strengths on the different aspects that we have discussed.

Choose whatever you think will work best in relieving your soreness and body pain according to its strengths and weaknesses. It’s best to assess the pros and cons of each percussive therapy device before getting yourself one.

We hope that we were able to help you decide on which model suits you better. What are other features that you consider when buying devices like these? Comment down below and share it with us!

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