10 Best Tools and Gadgets for Better Productivity at Work

Have you ever been so burnout and just can’t seem to push yourself to work? We all get to a point where productivity seems to be so lost in our work system. If it’s getting hard to keep up with your deadlines, you’re feeling unmotivated, or simply feeling disorganized with your workstation, you’ve come to the perfect place!

We are here to help you with your dilemma by compiling some of the most trusted tools and gadgets for productivity. These genius items were backed by several tests and studies as they are being created to help you cope and excel with your work.

We also classified our top picks into four helpful categories to help you determine which gadgets you need most in your workplace. From multi-tasking aids to posture tools that will remind you through a mobile phone app, we’re sure to see you bounce back with better work performance in no time!
Are you ready to boost your work productivity with these smart office upgrades? Check them out!

For Meetings and Brainstorming

1. Fidgi Pen


Some of your best ideas may advance with the help of the Fidgi Pen. This handy tool was specially created to help you stay focused and relaxed when you are in the middle of stressful tasks. How? The Fidgi pen has different fidget points and is the perfect solution for minimal anxiety management.

For instance, if you are the type of person who usually clicks on their pens, moves with their hands, or bounce their legs to form their thoughts, this tool will undoubtedly help you keep focused without looking uninterested or distracting.

It has seven helpful features that you can choose from, such as its copper rolling ball, smooth dip, copper spin disk, click switch, textured grip, spring flip clip, and of course, a good working pen. Now when you’re in the middle of a boring meeting or a critical brainstorming session, try out this pen and see how it helps you keep your attention!

2. Window Solar Charger


Running late for a meeting and always on the go? A window solar charger that can be easily mounted at any window anytime is a new tech that will help you charge your mobile phones and other gadgets through solar power.

It has an efficient and easy-to-use system wherein all you need to do is hold it against the window, click the button for charging and detach it once it goes full. The internal solar panels allow you to capture solar power and store it in this 2500mAH Lithium-ion internal battery.

It has 1 USB-exit and 1 miniUSB-exit along with an LED indicator for its battery level. It takes 16 hours to fully charge the battery through direct sunlight and 5 hours if you charge it from the grid.

You won’t need to worry about emergency meetings anymore as long as you have this handy tool to keep you secured with battery juice anytime. It’s not only efficient to bring but environmentally friendly as well. Go for tools and gadgets for productivity that’s efficient and effective everywhere you go.

3. Ben Q InstaShow – Presentation System



Impress your boss and your clients with a sleek presentation system that’s ideal for conference room meetings. The Ben Q InstaShow will save you from worrisome technical difficulties during a big presentation with its independent system that doesn’t require complicated connections.

You can easily manage it by plugging it via USB or HDMI and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome. It’s also compatible with Airplay by iOS or Instashow mobile app. It has an impressive 4K resolution and 1080P quality that prevents any screen lags. These are surely helpful for presentations that require videos and graphics for your tasks.

Presentation systems also boost your confidence through visual aids and the professional vibe of presenting your data. The Ben Q InstaShow will not only benefit you personally but lift up your company’s standards in terms of tech upgrades.

For Focus and Motivation

4. Saent – Anti Distraction Gadget


If you tend to be easily distracted in your workplace because of your online apps or multi-tasking habits, the Saent gadget is your next go-to in pushing yourself to be more productive than ever. This tool has a physical button and mobile app that allows you to block specific sites and apps in a certain period of time.

Saent was developed to create a physical reminder to get a virtual lockout from unnecessary things unrelated to your tasks. This tool is especially helpful for people who have a short attention span and want to focus on their tasks better.

Moreover, it’s an excellent visual reminder for your coworkers when they see that your Saent is powered, meaning that you’re busy and should not be disturbed. A Saent also allows you to see your productivity levels and patterns through its reports and help you identify your best productivity triggers.

5. Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise-Cancelling Headphones



One of the best ways to drown out office chatter and noise is with noise-canceling headphones to the rescue. Boss QuietComfort is on our top picks given its Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in system, wherein you’ll have access to varied music or podcasts online. Plus, it comes with a voice assistant!

These headphones are equipped with a Bose AR, which you can command for entertainment and information by just using your voice. You no longer have to browse through endlessly and distract yourself with work further.

The Boss QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are ideal for increasing your productivity with its 20 hours of listening time that’s perfect for long hours of work that you need to accomplish. You can also maximize its features when you go out to work at coffee shops, or even at your home when you need a little peace and quiet.

6. Pip – Stress Management Device (https://thepip.com/)

A lot of factors may be causing your high levels of stress at work that tools and gadgets for productivity may just be the answer. The Pip is a well-acclaimed device for stress management, which will help you determine your body’s level of stress in your daily work setup. It works by detecting variations in your electrodermal activity (EDA) through your sensitive skin pores.

Once the Pip shows your data, you will be able to visualize your daily stressors and find ways to eliminate them. The varied results can be viewed through its companion apps, both in Android and iOS. The report has audio and visual feedback to virtualize the different stress levels that you encounter within a day.

The feedback can be a good aid with your work habits once you identify the hindrances that stress brings you. Getting to know your stress triggers will help you verify where you need to improve on. The Pip also comes with free campaigns that further explain your data.

For Better Posture

7. Upright Go



Proper work ergonomics has continuously proven its effectiveness when it comes to higher productivity. If you’re prone to sitting for long hours at work, it can be dangerous to your overall health. Upright Go is ideal for helping you cope in your desk-bound work environment.

Upright Go is a small smart device that you can attach in your upper back, aiming to remind you to sit straight. The device has a minimal vibration to alert you whenever you’re starting to slump through its advanced system. The design of this device is also commendable since it’s not very noticeable and you can wear it with any type of clothing.

It also comes with a mobile app to let you go over the statistics of your posture. You may also set goals from time to time to track your progress. Through this device, your body will eventually make it a habit to keep up with a better posture. Proper posture is beneficial to your health as it promotes good blood flow and enough oxygen to keep you focused on your work throughout the day.

8. Yo-yo Mini Standing Desk



Standing desks are the talk of the town in ergonomics with very understandable reasons. Several studies and research show that the use of standing desks promote higher productivity compared to regular sitting desks. The Yo-yo mini standing desk is a travel-friendly version that allows you to convert your space to a standing desk.

This pop-up desk can function at any solid surface and offers 15 adjustable heights to accommodate any location and height of the user. You can easily switch it from sitting to standing mode with its easy-to-use levers on each side. It’s 68cm wide, which is good for workspaces with single monitors. You can also adjust it easily with its removable keyboard system in case you are limited to the space you are going to use.

The special ergonomic design of the Yo-yo mini standing desk is perfect for those who want to revamp their old desks or freelancers who work at different spaces. It’s easy to install within 5 minutes, flexible, and sturdy for any type of laptop or desktop.

For Multi-Tasking Ease

9. Packed Pixel Multi-Laptop Windows


One of the best tools and gadgets for productivity is something that will allow you to scan over large amounts of text and data without switching tabs back and forth. The Packed Pixel Multi-Laptop Windows banks over the perks of productivity when you have additional screens to use.

The Packed Pixel Multi-Laptop highlights a lightweight and durable monitor that you can bring anytime and anywhere you go. It has a 4K resolution and a high-quality retina display that’s great for work related to photos, videos, and graphics. It’s also easy to mount and operate with its HDMI and USB-C connectivity.

Adding screens for your work significantly reduces the time you need to look for programs with one monitor screen only. Especially for laptop users, adding extra screens truly allows you to do more things quickly with a broader scope.

10. Skyroam Solis 4G LTE Hotspot



In the digital world today, how else can you multitask without a very good source of internet connection? The Skyroam Solis LTE Hotspot is a globally accepted Wi-Fi connection device that will allow you to avail plans depending on the work-related travels that you have.

The Skyroam Solis is a perfectly palm-sized Wi-Fi hotspot device that can connect up to five devices at once. They offer different GB packages that are reasonably priced, pay-as-you-go, and don’t require a contract.

Public Wi-Fi connections in most places are hazardous in terms of a privacy breach and hidden chargers that’s why we highly recommend you handy devices such as these, especially if your scope of work often requires traveling. You don’t only get to save costs but also get hassle-free from obtaining proper connection anywhere you go.

Skyroam Solis has over 300 partnerships with network carriers all over the world and can power you for 16 hours with a full charge.


Now that we have rounded up some of the most trusted tools and gadgets for productivity, we hope that we were able to help you choose which ones you need most to improve your overall work quality and perspective.

Often, we only need little helpers in our workplace to keep us grounded on our goals and improve our habits. Most offices take for granted the ease and effectiveness of good work tools and overlook its effects on how much work really gets done.

From helpful meeting tools, focus reminders, proper posture alerts, and multi-tasking devices, it’s truly a must to stay updated on the latest tech to enrich our working experience and make it more comfortable day by day.

We hope that you were able to pick up your favorites from our top ten list. What other products do you want us to review or topics do you want us to cover related to your workplace? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Have a productive week ahead!

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