Our In-Depth UPLIFT Desk Converter Review – Pros and Cons

Looking to take your stand up desk to the next level without sacrificing too much of your desk space? The UPLIFT Desk Riser or Clamp is a Z-Shaped desk riser converter that’ll stop you from having a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.

Having a more active work environment has a lot of health benefits, and once you start working while standing, chances are that you’ll never go back. Perhaps, you’ll find a very comfortable and ergonomic chair to go with the desk converter.

This desk is smaller than other stand up converters, but we believe the pros outweigh the cons. Our in-depth review of the UPLIFT desk will give you an overview of some of the features that you might like when looking for a converter.

You might like the UPLIFT Desk Riser or Clamp if:

  • You’re looking to save space on your existing desk.
  • You only work with one monitor.
  • You love the compact of the riser.
  • You require a palm rest when working on your keyboard.
  • You like to have a free range of heights, with an easy lift.

You might not like UPLIFT if:

  • Need two or more monitors to work with.
  • You require more task space.
  • You need to have monitor arms.
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Customer Service

If you’re not satisfied with the product, you’ll have 30 days after receipt of item for a full refund. UPLIFT always takes care of their customers, and they have a 2-year limited warranty on this product, so if anything goes wrong, it would be covered under warranty, assuming it is still under warranty.

easy lift with uplift desk riser

About the Desk Riser

The desk can rise from a range of 16.7″ in height, adjustable to any level you desire. The desk uses gas lift cylinder (pneumatic), making it super easy to adjust, using only one lever to lift. A lot of different stand up desk converts would require two levers to adjust, but with the Uplift desk, its only one.

The desk space is 23.6″ W x 15.7″ D, and the keyboard tray dimension is 27″ W x 10.5″ D. The desk can fit any tabletop with 23.5″ in depth and up. The surface area is perfect for a 27″ iMac computer.

The Uplift desk is not like the other standing desk converters where it has a larger platform. This type of desk is perfect for space saving. You’ll only be utilizing the surface area for your computer monitor. In addition, the Uplift has a unique keyboard tray designed for ergonomic reasons.

If you’re always working at your desk, you should consider looking into something like this to keep you switching from sitting down to standing up. The base of the Uplift desk is designed to hold your monitor and keyboard, and strong enough to hold up 28.6 lbs of equipment.

uplift desk riser vs clamp converter comparison

Want more options? Click here for our list of cheap alternatives with larger surface area.

What customers are saying about the UPLIFT Desk Riser

We try to help pinpoint some of the notable reviews customers are saying. We’ll bring up the good as well as the bad, to help you gauge what type of product this is.

The good:

  • The keyboard includes a wrist rest that can also be removed.
  • Easy to adjust the height of the riser.
  • Continuous adjustment, doesn’t require certain levels.
  • At the lowest position, is very close to your table, or if you purchase the “Clamp” version, you’ll be able to have your keyboard go below the table.
  • Comes with 2-year limited warranty

The bad:

  • There are some assembly required, could be difficult for some.
  • Only 30 days of window to return for full amount.

A Video Overview of the UPLIFT Desk Riser and Clamp


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a change in lifestyle, and want to improve your health, we think the UPLIFT Desk Riser or Clamp is a great addition to your work environment.

This converter is smaller than most risers, which gives you more space around your existing desk. If you’re looking to start your new lifestyle, then this might be a perfect introduction to getting into the active world.

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