Comparison: VARIDESK 49900 Pro Plus 36″ vs VIVO Desk-V000B 36″ Review

Varidesk and Vivo are both excellent standing desk converters, ideal for people who spend hours on the computer. This Varidesk vs Vivo comparison article will go over which of the two is better regarding comfort, convenience, ergonomics, and quality.

One thing that you’ll notice between the two is the pricing. But let’s ignore this feature because, well, we can’t put a price on health, right?

We can’t deny that these two standing desk converters are a great addition to your workspace, providing numerous benefits to your health. Let’s have a look at how these two desks compare to one another, and we’ll start with its construction, then go forth to how it is stable.Vivo is a great alternative to the Varidesk and this will help you have a better insight and choosing the desk that works the best for you.

Side by Side Comparison of VariDesk 49900 Pro Plus 36″ vs VIVO Desk-V000B 36″

VariDesk 49900 Pro Plus 36″VIVO Desk-V000B 36″
Surface Dimension36" (W) x 24" (D)Top Tier: 36" (W) x 22" (D)
Second Tier: 28" (W) x 9" (D)
Total: 36" (W) x 24" (D)
Footprint Dimension36" (W) x 26.75" (D)36" (W) x 24" (D)
Color OptionsBlackBlack
Keyboard TrayNoYes
Lift MechanismManual Spring Assisted LiftDual Gas Spring Force
Lift Weightup to 35 lbsup to 37.5 lbs
Height Levels11 Different Height Settings up to 15.5"8 Different Height Settings up to 16"
Sit to Standing StyleTowards YouTowards You
Item Weight52 lbs52 lbs
Warranty5-Years Limited Warranty30-Days Limited Warranty
Check for AvailabilityClick here for price buttonClick here for price button

Comparing adjustability/stability

Varidesk Pro Plus 36″ is a two-tier that adjustable to 11 different positions. It features a lifting mechanism that can lift up to 35 lbs. This operation lasts less than 3 seconds which means you can change positions without actually having to stop what you’re doing. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. The desk is quite stable and sturdy, even when you fully extend it.

Vivo V000B, on another hand, switches from sitting to standing with dual gas spring force. The desk allows you to adjust its height on a range from 6.5’’ to 16’’, and then lock it with the height locking mechanism. It’s a two-tier and comes partially assembled, with the minimal left for you to do.

Comparing ergonomics/comfort


Varidesk standing desk offers an upper desk for your monitors and a lower one for your keyboard and mouse. It has a large workspace and allows you to switch from sitting to standing in no time. The display level is in line with your eye level, so you’re comfortable at all times.

  • Base Dimension: 24″ x 36″
  • Max Height: 17.5″
  • Depth of top level: 12.25″
  • Depth of bottom tray: 14.25″
varidesk pro plus 36 dimensions


vivo desk v000b 36" dimensions

Vivo measures 36’’ x 22’’ on its top surface, which is quite enough for two monitors, or a laptop + computer. Its lower desk is large enough to support your keyboard and mouse. What’s also great about it is that it raises along with the top surface. The entire desk can support about 37.5 lbs of weight.

  • Dimension: 22″ x 36″
  • There’s a 9″ depth of the keyboard tray
  • Width between the inside of the two base: 28″
  • Min height: 6.5″; Max height: 16″


Comparing price/warranty

You probably noticed a major difference in the cost of these two sit-stand converters. Vivo comes at a price of $185 while Varidesk costs $395. You might find this unusual since Vivo is bigger than Varidesk, but many other factors decide the price.

Vivo is also very strict regarding their warranty and the period usually varies by product category. In most cases, you have 30 days to return the product if you don’t like it or you find it damaged. Varidesk offers a similar deal with the 30-day trial but will cover your shipping costs if you keep the original box.


Should I buy Varidesk Pro Plus 36 or Vivo Desk-V000B 36?

It’s the most popular question – which one of the two should you buy? After testing both of these and considering all the pros and cons, it’s impossible to draw a winner of the two.

Both Vivo and Varidesk have their highlights and setbacks, but overall, both models offer quality, comfort, and convenience, which are all equally as important.

Still, it’s a matter of preference, and one desk may work for you, while the other one may be a better choice for someone else. For this reason, I’ve broken down a few points to help you make the final decision.

Why you may want to get the Varidesk

Varidesk is best for people who want a desk that can support more monitors but doesn’t take up much space overall. It’s smaller in size, so you can essentially place it on top of smaller desks, which is great if your office is not as big.

The desk offers enough space for a dual monitor setup or a combination of laptop and monitor. It’s ideal for taller people since it offers 11 height adjustment levels.

Varidesk pro plus 36 top view

Buy the Varidesk from Amazon

Vivo may be the better option for you

Vivo is somewhat bigger, so it might be the best choice if you think you’d need more space. It also has a small storage tray on the top, which is ideal for all small items you’d want near you. Its top easily supports two monitors with all other items such as your phone, coffee, notebook, etc.

It offers 8 points of height adjustment, so it’s great if you’re not as tall but still want to combine sitting and standing during your working hours.

vivo desk v000b 36 top view

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